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  1. Goldfish and koi are considered cold water fish when compared to tropical fish from the Amazon river and that area like the Pleco. This is not an opinion, it is a comparison of temperatures given by various guides on fish culture. The optimum temperature for a goldfish is between 68 and 72 F. The optimum temp for a pleco is 73 to 82 F. There is no overlap whatsoever. Another thing no one should do is stick a goldfish in with tropical fish. I am sure there are those who disagree.
  2. Just wanted to add a few things. About 5 species of pleco are carniverous, so don't buy fancy plecos that you don't know anything about. BN and Rubbernose are common, and well known to be vegetarians. Of the BNs There seems to be 4 color variations, normal (peppered, and looking like a rock), yellow, albino, and red. The reds are rare and have recently been genetically set. They are also bred in captivity. Most of the more unusual plecos are wild caught in Brazil, and no one kows how to breed them in captivity. The rubber lip pleco gets large, up to 7 inches, and requires a 50 gallon tank. Next, you generally buy a pleco for 6.99 at the pet shop. That pleco is one to one and a half inches long. That pleco has no bristles. The only way to actually sex the pleco is to wait for a year. (This is similar to many birds who must be dna tested because there is no sexual dimorphism.) The only way to find one is to get it as an older specimine. Good luck getting one of those!I am ignorent on the subject of cost, but if it is like many other fish an inch long fish will cosy 5 dollars, a 7 inch long fish will cost 79.99. Now, the last has to do with keeping and culture. Goldfish like cold water, plecos are from warm waters of South America. Their culture is more like discus and silver dollars. Although they are great in a community tank, that community does not include goldfish. I am all for plecos. Loaches and plecos and bichers are my favorites. Anything that looks like it came from jurrassic park. I just don't think plecos are suited for golfish tanks.
  3. Guppies are pretty adaptable, so I am sure any technical data you read from trusted sources will be adequate. My main experience is to not try a male only tank. I have had two overnight guppy murders by the gang of boy guppies. I talked to the pet store owner and she took them back because she had another complaint about violent guppies. To keep guppies, you need at least 2 females per every male guppy. This will keep them in line. I replaced my guppies with mollies. They are much more peaceful.
  4. Wow! Woodworking! I'm a sculptor who does lost wax casting. I could make bronze door knobs. I've been thinking about plecos or eels. Good custom woodworkers are hard to find.
  5. I can see it is your Zen spot. I love to sit and watch my pets to revive from a hard day at work. Wow, that clown fish. So they do not get huge! That is also a gorgeous stand! Arts and crafts style? I tried cutting purple heart once. That wood will destroy your saw blades!
  6. MissBubbles

    I got a Beta!

    This is my first fish ever. He is a plain veil tail, yellow, with pineapple scales. His name is Punkin. My set up is: 10 gallon tank HOB 10 -20 gallon filter. Large gravel ( natural color), 2 chunks mopani wood. ( the tannins are still releasing). About 5 kinds of aquatic plants. Here is perhaps the controversy:I put him in with 2 African miniature frogs. With the wood and plants, they have lots of places to hide. The Betta is intrested, and looks for the frogs, but when he gets about a half inch from them, backs off. I read this combination works. So far no violence or death in the tank, which is always a good thing.
  7. Bettas are shy fish who are mostly nocturnal, according to my reading. So yes, I would see that they would try to find a cave or plant to hang out in most of the day.
  8. Put a divider in the 10 gallon tank then it would be 5 gallons?
  9. This may seem odd but I had no idea that fish could be housed in a plywood tank. I am toying and playing wiyh the concept. Along these lines, a lightweight plexi(much cheaper) can be used as a laminate for the wood back and sides. The water is kept from leaking by using a rubberized paint. Also, I did not know that potting soil could be used at the bottom of the tank, and that it might eliminate the need for many chemcals. I remember when I visited a goldfish and koi place and saw the golfish had no pump at all. Algea provided the air that they breathed. Anyway. Is anyone else interested in these radical approaches to fish tank?
  10. Grey horses are born black and gradually turn white. Great apes become silver. What about deer? They are born with spots. What about wild pigs or peccaries? Dalmations. Many dogs are born one color and change colors. Discus fish have a completelt different pattern and colors. Birds and parrots have baby feathers, usually dull, and turn to their adult coats after many months. These are scales we are talking about, which are like hair or finger nails. I tend to see the goldfish coloring as similar to those of us humans who have blond hair as babies, brown hair as adults, grey or white hair as older people, because the color has to do with spots of cells within a transparant scale. The goldfish lives 5 to 7 years, so the color shifts just seem to be faster than with humans. They shed their scales and new ones grow in, but as you say, the color shift is predictable.
  11. amazing video! I love turtles too! Do turtles eat the fish? Why is the swimming pool better than the stock tank? My English is not so good. I try but I am ESL and do not get it all right. This whole thing started so I could build a beautiful indoors fountain and pool in a heated patio to keep my orchids humidity high. The fish were an after thought. Koi would be great but Not so much room. So goldfish. Not as big, and more indoors type fish. Slow, playful. My thought is a two foot deep pond, one area three feet. Maybe 5 foot wide. A cascading mini waterfall. Maybe an urn waterfall. Orchids all around. Moss. An indoors terrarium. Turtles would be cool. Everything must be miniature. The stock tank is only temporary home for fish.
  12. Get a gin rin chagoi butterfly for him. I really love those, and will never have one, so maybe you can get one and I could see it in videos!
  13. Hey thanks, Littlejoefish, that's what I was thinking. I love the home made filters too. I was at tractor supply today looking at the 75 dollar tank I think it was 110 gallons. You must have gotten a sale! I saw it, thought with some white stone on the bottom and a few water plants, I would have some happy fish. So I think I am being sold on stock tank indoor tubs rather than fish tanks.
  14. Hi. Yes the filter. I have seen the you tube. I was thinking about the aireator. Creating water current.I plan to get a large filter. I would like a little low water fountain over the surface of the tank. Now I am really interested in stock tanks. My interests change every day as I read more, unfortunately.
  15. I don't understand where you are, China? UK? USA? In the USA, we have Craigslist. In Canada, and Mexico too. I am not sure if you have it where you are. It is still not free. I might pick up a 125 gallon tank for 100 dollars. After cleaning thouroughly and re sealing, I might be able to get some decent filters, all the chemicals, areator or pump for another 100. So, I am also looking at stock tank ponds. Put a 20 dollar pond fountain in a 75 dollar 150 gallon black plastic stock tank, with a home made filter ( instructions on youtube) you start to get into cost effective land. It is ugly. You can't see the fish from the side. But, you get what you want until you get a good job. At a farm supply store you can also get large food safe feed buckets that hold more that 20 gallons. Looks more like 50. For less than 20 dollers. Very thick, sturdy plastic. With a 20 dollar submersible pond pump, home made filter, you may be able to bring a 3 fish habitat in for 50 dollars or less. Okay, it is still going to be ugly. I wish you luck on your job. Many people cannot find jobs after school. Try teaching. It is worth it.
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