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  1. Congrats, they are ADORABLE!!!! Im glad they are okay.
  2. Wow they are gorgeous. I saw them at a pet shop near me and wanted one sooooo bad but my goldfish tank is at its limit. Anyway they are adorable.
  3. Thanks a lot. I do my best to keep them happy. Ya I thought that song was cute for them, thank you.
  4. haha so cute. They are adorable, great video.
  5. Yeppers he is a living thing, don't care about labels when it comes to something living. Thanks Helen, I appreciate that.
  6. They are so beautiful, LOVE the video!!! They are all so cute. Very nice pond
  7. Yes his name is Flipper and I love him, I don't care one bit if he's a feeder fish, hes mine. Yes elegance and speed with some snails, lol \it seems to be working out fantastic.
  8. Aww he is cute, I had a cory with one eye, called him Winky. How did he loose it?
  9. Aww, they are so darn cute, very nice tank. Love the big guy.
  10. Im in Canada too, would love some, wonder how much shipping is.
  11. I love how you decorated the tank and the goldies looks so very happy, fantastic job.
  12. Gorgeous tank and goldies, love the video.
  13. Just watching them for me is really relaxing. Also when they all run up to me when they know its feeding time, its so cute, they do their wiggle dance.
  14. Oh wow they are gorgeous in comparison, great job. Beautiful goldies.
  15. Thanks guys. Yes they are little wigglers especially when its feeding time. I thought that song was perfect for them, looked like they were dancing, lol
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