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  1. Hi Fancyblackgold, they are beautiful. I have never seen these before. I will have a look into it but I think that I will find them unavailable in Oz... They are pretty. Remind me of a bumble bee. They are very common here, but we can't have mysteria snails haha... the world is weird.
  2. This is what they look like. Anentome Helena is the scientific name
  3. As Denmark (where I live) has made a law that all medication for pets has to be approved by the goverment and live up to several rules (including Danish text on the box and describtion on how to use the medication), before it can be sold here - just about all the "normal" medication for fish has been taken off the shelfs. And the fish hobby in Denmark just isn't big enough for companies to spend all the money required to get approved. A few have changed it from medication to "water improvement", therefore Esha Exit and 202 can be bought here. But that is about it.
  4. Get Helena snails. Get 5 or so. They will get rid of the pest snails pretty fast and the eggs as well. Plus they are quite pretty snails and after there aren't more pest snails, they just eat algae and leftovers like any other snail.
  5. Thnx for this But that is German hahaha... sorry I couldn't help myself Bummer. Lufenuron (thanks QandD) is the other option if diflubenzuron is not available. Neither of those ingredients is in the medication you are using or any of the meds you posted. These ingredients are the ones we know that deal with anchor worm. There are probably others. You can google the ingredients listed on the med you are using to see if they deal with anchor worms. If you can't get those meds, I'd continue your 7 days treatment then observe for up to two weeks to make sure there are no more that hatch from eggs. The eggs may survive treatment. The QT needs to thoroughly be disinfected after treatment. Get rid of filter media. I can still order from there, and I understand German quite well but it is actually illegale to do. I will look into if the meds I use will treat the infection or not. The QT will be taken down after this, and cleaning. A good vinegar scrub will do the trick. Hmm... I will do that, but not really happy with getting rid of filter media.
  6. Already did that - well 98%. I'm keeping an eye on them to see if there is any more adult worms.
  7. An update on the fish and tank: Did a 98% WC and cleaning of the tank. Only the water in the filter remained. Added salt and Fish Protector to the water. I removed some 15 "worms" from the two fish. They do have red patches where the worms were, but no bleeding. And no viseable worms at this point. The R/W does have two white spots on his eye, which he didn't have when I first got him - are these worms too? Both fish are active, eating and pooping - which I take as a very good sign. Will still come up begging for food And could someone answer my questions in the original post? Thank you in advance.
  8. Thnx for this But that is German hahaha... sorry I couldn't help myself
  9. They are in great shape, all things considering. I removed roughly 15 worms from them today and despite a few red spots with blood and swelling, they are looking good. Pooping and eating, plus being active. I think it went well.
  10. So I got new fish 14 days ago and I was pretty happy with their time in QT. Heck we are even talking about adding them to the main tank and using the filter on the fry tank. BUT luckily my always vigilant girlfriend took a closer look last night - and the two new ranchus have a major anchor worm problem. The R/W is very badly infected and the Kirin has a few. Now I know from reading about it, that the damage is pretty much done when you see them attached to the body, and that there is only a few things you can do. I never had this before, so I know it comes from the seller where I bought them. I've just written to him, because I know a fair few people who have bought fish from the same batch and tank as mine. The QT tank is 112l tank with no light, a AM-top 3338 (rougly 600 litres per hour) and an airstone. There are only the two ranchu in the tank. I change water once a week and add AquaSafe. When I noticed the "worms", I added salt to the tank and the first dose of a Antiparasite medication (for pond fish) that I luckily have on hand. Now this has the following ingridients: methylroasnilinium chloride, malachite green oxalate, methrylthionium chlorite, acriflavinium monochlorite and propylene glycol. It is a 7 day treatment and I just added it yesterday. I'm going to remove the "worms" that I can see on the fish and deep clean the tank, plus do a waterchange and empty the filter for water. Then I'm going to continue the treatment and adding salt to the tank after the WC. So to my questions, as this is the first time experiencing this. How long till the eggs and worms are gone? What measures can I take, before adding the new fish to the main tank? How should I handle the filtermedia? (we need the filter for the fry tank) Any other treatments I can use? Remember that I'm in a country without any medication for fish, that you Americans can buy. The only other medication that I have is Maracyne, Fish Protector and Esha 202 and Exit. Is any of this worth using? Any other tips for treatment?
  11. Those are called Batik scales and is a gene that fish can have. A few breeders are famous for their Batik scales fish.
  12. Yes. They get a month in my 112l tank. So far they are active, spunky and very interested when I walk by They have already learned that I might feed them, hehe
  13. Okay okay...let us get the formal introduction in order. I present to you: Walter - Red&White Ranchu: I present to you: Waldo - Kirin Calico Ranchu: So my W's are now named!
  14. So the R/W will be named Walter! And I'm really torn with the Kirin one! Hmm any one know Chinese? heh
  15. I would go for a 25% of the tank size. You need quite a bit of volume for a sump system to function.
  16. My Blue oranda Marlin: And this is how he looked when I first got him in February 2014:
  17. Very nice tank and setup! Pretty fish and plants!
  18. I just wrote a long post on a Facebook site for all types of fishkeepers about how to make sure that the person you are talking to is not just a sales person, but a person with actual knowledge about fishkeeping. And it is as simple as asking questions. Ask 10 questions about very different fish in the store and if they can go together in a tank. Now if the person answers yes more than 5 times, chances are pretty high that they know absolutely nothing about fishkeeping. That to me is a very good way of getting rid of "well the guy at the petstore told me it would work" people and helping them to become good fishkeepers. I just had the worst luck in LFS. We have two shops in this town that carry live fish. We have two chainstores that only carry supplies for fish and it's a very limit amount too. The worst of the two shops, I was just told today that they are closing and trying to sell the shop - now might get new people running it, but chances are slim. It was not a very good shop (and the two guys working there said yes to every question!), but still fun to go in and look at fish and get some different supplies. Now the other shop is by far the best and biggest. They have a garden center, rodents, birds, snakes, lizzards and a very good fish department. Now the guy working there was awesome. He knew a lot and was very kind and fun to talk too. We got Marlin and Wilhelm from him and he was amazed to see their growth! Sadly he quit the job in July! So in a matter of 3 months, we have gone from 2 shops to really ½ shop! And believe me, that is not fun to go through!
  19. Thnx The LED light really brings out the best in them And image that I only have had Wilhelm and Marlin for 1½ year! They have grown up I tell you Which is why I love it so much. It's my Dads and I get to use it once in a while. The key is to take a few pictures right after each other without changing direction or anything. And then just hope for the fish to stay relativ still Thank you Well it should be clear! I spend a good 10 minutes cleaning the tank before taking the photos and I have two FX6s running on the tank. So it better be clear...
  20. So along with the two new arrivals (see here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/122689-finally-new-fish/ ) and the spawns (see here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/122418-big-spawn/page-2 ) I also did a photoshot with the 8 Goldfish in my 660 liter tank. And just to keep this thread going strong, here is a few snaps from that: And don't worry about the red butterfly with the bloody eye. It has been much worse and is much much better than he was - his popeye has gone down.
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