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  1. Get a battery driven airpump with two outlets. One for the filtermedia, the other for the fish
  2. Sulawsi snails will not climb around the tank much. They are more on the bottom of the tank, and only once in a while will climb up the tank, but they don't really climb rocks or roots
  3. Keeping fish that has byouance problems in shallow water is often a good thing.
  4. Very very cute and lovely fish! And yes - get on that thread immideatly!
  5. You can add really any plants you want, you could just use the water from the pond to water any nearby plants
  6. Get some silicone (fit for aquarium use) to cover it up. It just needs 12-18 hours to set, so lower the water levels just enough so it doesn't get water on the new silicone. Let it set and it will be fixed
  7. Adding some snails or shrimps could help - they will eat stuff like this
  8. The turning of the gills, can be reversed gills - which is a trait some fish have, so that wouldn't worry me that much. The other - no idea what that could be.
  9. If you have a strong filter, I wouldn't use smaller pellets like the 1mm type. I can't use it in two of my tanks, because the filter will "eat" them before the fish can. Then you are pretty much just feeding the filter, rather than the fish. I run Fluval FX6 on these two tanks and it is pretty strong. At this point, with all my fish being 5cm+, I only use the 1mm for fry and in case of food sortage. I rather use a bigger pellet that isn't being sucked into the filter.
  10. So they are now over 2 months old and we are down to about 50. We have culled quite a few and we lost 10-15 to filters. Somehow they got inside the internal filters we added, it was not pretty. Several of them had a bubble on their chin - anyone know what that could be? A few has like a white fuss on their head, which we can't figure out what is. This is very much our first spawn and we have realised just how much work they are if you really want them to grow fast. We didn't feed them enough and we didn't change the water enough, which means they are a bit behind on growth. We pumped up the feeding and doing WC twice a week, so lets hope that helps! A few pictures
  11. It could also be from more oxygen in the tank from more water movement, especially in the surface.
  12. Salted water, but very low amount of salt. I'll try to get a shot in the weekend, as I'm away from home all of Friday
  13. I have a follow up question, that I need your help with. My RW ranchu had one anchorworm that I didn't catch in the first removing process. Now it was just under the tail, between the tail and the anal fins, and I spotted it a week after removing the others. And it was very hard to remove and I didn't do the best of job to tell you the truth. Now he has a wound where the worm was/is. I'm a bit worried about it and how bad it is healing compared to the other wounds that healed quite fast and well. He has had it for a week now (roughly) and it is not going away. I can't see anything in the wound that I can remove to clear it and I was wondering what I can do? Thank you in advance.
  14. Gee thank you all. Really enjoying the fish at this point
  15. Just want to show off a bit Didn't get any pictures of the new guys, as they are getting medication and are dealing with a anchor worm infection. Also the spawn didn't get a photo shot, I will get to that later
  16. Looks like some protein buildup. But someone else with more knowlegde will stop by soon
  17. You would LOVE the water here, or rather your fish would. Very little difference in the parameters, very clean, no ammonia or anything of that sort. We have some of the cleanest water in the world
  18. Thank you bododa and shakaho for all the suggestions. I'm on day 4 of the treatment and all is looking quite good. I haven't spotted any new adult worms on the fish, their wounds are healing VERY nicely and they are just cute awesome fish I'm pretty hopeful that even without additional medication it will work out.
  19. I have had a fair few snails being eaten by my goldfish. I just find the house with half a snail still in it, and the other part is nowhere to be found. So I'm guessing that the snails were eaten by a fish, I do think that my two biggest fish are the culprit, but have never caught them in the act.
  20. I suppose if Australian waters are similar or supportive of assassin population then it could mean the end to our indigenous snails. Very good point Sharon! Thankyou for confirming that it is the assassin snail. It is definitely not available in Australia. So the cup/trap method it is I guess and I will learn to live with the babies till they are big enough to be fished out. Thanks so much Sharon! The Mysteria Snail on the other hand is considered an invasive speices in Denmark. It gets very confusing indeed
  21. my fish are split into to accounts, as my girlfriend posts about her fish and i do mine I'm @fancyblackgold and the girlfriend is @reiffanna
  22. As Denmark (where I live) has made a law that all medication for pets has to be approved by the goverment and live up to several rules (including Danish text on the box and describtion on how to use the medication), before it can be sold here - just about all the "normal" medication for fish has been taken off the shelfs. And the fish hobby in Denmark just isn't big enough for companies to spend all the money required to get approved. A few have changed it from medication to "water improvement", therefore Esha Exit and 202 can be bought here. But that is about it. I think Taryl mentioned this, but have you considered contacting a dog/cat veterinarian to ask about dimilin and some of the other medications suggested here? Where people can sometimes think of fish as dispensable , they'll usually make exceptions for larger mammals. Perhaps some of these meds are available via prescription if they are strictly regulated for over-the-counter dispensation. So far I've only heard of one vet in Denmark (the entire country) that even treats fish. It is not a big subject here and it can be very hard to even get them in dialog or get treatment from them. Plus their knowledge is minimal
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