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  1. I would feed 3-4 times a day with a total of 1-2% of their body weight. Smaller portions really helps fish eat better and digest the food better.
  2. I have two FX6 running on my tank, which are much more powerful. Even my blind, very tiny ranchu manages not to get stuck to the two filter intakes. He even eats from them and swims away quite fine. So I wouldn't worry
  3. Get assassin snails (Helena snails) - they will eat them and don't populate in normal water.
  4. I am having some trouble with showing pictures from my Google account onto the forum - but I think these are from Photobucket hmmm
  5. Yeah they do take some time to get bigger. I have some snails that I want to get rid off, they breed a lot - and I'm still finding small snails in my tank and I remove them 2 weeks ago.
  6. They take a bit to grow big enough for you to see them
  7. Just giving my two cents here. I had two fish that reacted similar to yours to the salt baths - immediately going sideways and gasping for air. This was even only in a 1% salt bath. It turned out to be a bacterial infection, that had no outer visible signs other than being inactive and floating in the tank. Sadly I didn't catch this and both died. Salt baths can affect the kidneys, so I would be a bit careful with those. But glad that your fish are doing well
  8. Thank you all - it is a bit much to loose 3 fish so soon after each other. My giant tank seems so empty, but I'm resisting the urge to buy new fish as I want the tank to be healthy before even trying that.
  9. If you can find it you can get some Colloidal silver ... We could use that till the other stuff gets there. Don't think you saw it, but I had to put him down... he was very ill
  10. Yeah I talked it over with the wife (who has her own goldfish) and we deemed it too late to fix him. I will treat the main tank with the antibacterial powder to be on the safe side. Thank you for all the help.
  11. I went out after writing my last post for a few hours and came back to him being much worse, so I put him down. Just to show how bad it was: Part of his body was also "rodding" away and scales were raised and falling off. SIP Walter
  12. I spoke way too soon. Things have taken a turn for the worst possible outcome. After adding Walter back to the main tank, the cysts came back on Theodoras head, Lio has white/bloody spots on his wen again and was a bit inactive and generally the health of all my fish was worse. So I remove Walter to QT and added ParaGuard to the main tank - it seems to be going better. But Walter is in a very very very VERY bad state. His entire wen is falling apart! Big red areas and the wen is slowly coming out of these areas. He has scales coming loose too. Not moving, not eating and not doing well. I have him at 0,2% salt and with FishProtector in QT. I've ordered some antibacterial powder (called yellow powder) from Holland and hopefully he will hang in there until it arrives. But if he gets any worse, I think I have to put him down.
  13. Walter had a big red spot under his chin from being at the bottom so much that I set up an QT for him, giving him salt and Fish Protector with daily WC, after a few days, it has completely healed up and he is back to pooping normally. He will return soon to the main tank, but just giving him a few extra days to be in "perfect" health again. Rest of the fish are doing well, still a bit of red in Theodoras and Jackies tails, but slowly fading. There isn't any "zits" left and all are happy eating, pooping and swimming
  14. My anubias do SO well in my tank. One of them has grown 3 times in size and is sprouting new leaves like crazy, plus I almost always have a flower on one of them. They are just tied to rocks with fishing line and I'm looking to get more and some with long stilks so that they get a bit higher in the tank (I have a quite high tank)
  15. Generally speaking you are not allowed to sell antibiotika in Europe for fish. You need a doctor to proscribe it. There are stricter rules for aquarium fish than ponds, so often you will be able to find something similar medication for ponds. - Country of origin: Denmark - Medication label name/trade name: Fluke-Solve by Plymouth Discus - Active ingredients: ? - What condition did you successfully treat?: Flukes and gill flukes - Medication label name/trade name: Oase AntiParasite - Active ingredients: Per 100 ml there is: 250 mg methylthionium chlorite, 100 mg malachite green oxalate, 50 mg methylrosanilinium chlorite and 30 mg acriflavinium monochloride - What condition did you successfully treat?: Eye worm and parasites
  16. These are not in order, but I think they say it all.
  17. A little update on this thread, I was taking pictures to show the progress of the disease I'm currently dealing with and decided to take pictures of all the fish. Lio, male Lionhead, been with me 1 year 2 months: Theodora, female Pandamoor, been with me almost 2 years now. She is dealing with a wide variety of issues right now: Jackie, female Pandamoor, been with me almost 2 years now. Also dealing with a few issues: Walter, male Red/White ranchu, had him for 6 months: Waldo, male Kirin Ranchu, been with me 6 months: Monty, Male Black Thai Ranchu, been with me since November '15: Gert, Male Flateye Blackmoor, had him since November '15: Maxx, Male Red/White Lionchu, had him since November 15: These are the 8 fish in my tank, my wife (who I share this hobby with) has 6 fish in her two tanks - all of them being red butterfly tails. I'll provide some photos of them later on
  18. I found a way around the problems I was having with adding photos here. Theodora, my pandamoor and the issues that she is having. Her tail looks like this: In the last photo you can also see where her top fin broke a few weeks ago. Her head and the cysts looks like this, but there are less of them now. The day before I took these, there where more and they looked a lot worse: The ones that worry me the most are the ones on her body near the gills. They were very red and looked very bad. Jackie my other pandamoor has a lot of red streaks, plus a bit of redding near the tips of her tail and fins: She has a few cysts on her head: Plus a very red throat: My R/W ranchu Walter is very inactive still and he has a few signs that worries me: My kirin ranchu also has these: My lionchu Maxx still has one weird red spot on him: My lionhead Lio often gets black spots on his wen:
  19. Oh I hope he doesn't loose his red wen, that lightness underneath could spell for a change in color
  20. A few pictures: Can you try this link first? https://goo.gl/photos/CrhN1KwvRBUbmopk7
  21. Being a lionhead fan myself, this is just torture! Very very cute and very handsome!
  22. I would say that it is down a bit. Progress at least
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