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  1. I need help to clarify what kind of fish these are. First up Marlin: So far I've just called him a Fantail - does he have some Oranda in him as well? Next up Fairydust: Same really. Is she just a short fantail?
  2. I bought 10 panda moors from the same shop with different colorations and patterns. Two died along the way due to poor genetics and of the remaining 8 only one has kept his pattern. All the others lost all/most of the black on the scales, many had fins becoming increasingly white and some turn a white/yellowish tint. So yes black is very unstable color. None of my other fish have turned color (red, orange, bronze and black) in the same manner af the pandas did. Some have become slightly more dark/lighter in their color. So i do believe that mixtures of colors (calico ect.) has a bigger chance to change than a full body color.
  3. Just finished the video on how much my fish have grown over the last 3 months (july to september). Biggest weight gain was 28 gr. from 11 to 39 gr. Least was 7 gr. from 11 to 18 gr. Biggest fish was split between my two big males (Black Moor and Oranda/Fantail) at 72 gr. No idea about the lenght and growth here. You can find all my videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC12wEPYFv55IDksHHf0aS_g
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