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  1. Yes - I have had fish turn multiple colors over time. I bought several pandamoors, where most turned completely white within weeks. One stayed a bit black, then turned a bit orange. And now she is mainly white with a bit of black, orange and red spots. She is very pretty now
  2. Oh you mean my pandamoor, that is slowly turning into a tri-color tele? hehe that is theodora, my oldest
  3. Thank you all very much for the kind words As you properly can tell, I'm very happy about it too
  4. Cant take credit for the idea, but I really like the look of it too. Will look better as time goes on and the plants gets nice and big. I have one old Anubias and it is HUGE! It was fairly simple to do, a bit hard with the java fern and the anubias nana, as they don't have the same root as the normal anubias, but made it work. Thanks man
  5. I really like both the "normal" anubias on the back and the smaller ones That is fairly new - added it to pretty much all the tanks
  6. I tried two different kinds - the ones that came with a heater, about an inch wide, and tiny ones that I think are about 1/2".I've had better luck with the small ones, but it could just be because they're new (but i think because they are more flexible). Here is what I made of this idea: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124676-video-of-my-floating-gardens-tank/
  7. So I stole this idea 100% this idea from this thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/124402-brainstorming-anubias-things-opinions-please/?hl=anubias I really like this idea a lot, so I bought 100 euros (110 dollars) worth of Anubias (bateria and nana) and java fern, spend the better part of an evening attaching them to suction cups and a few to rocks. Then came the fun part of adding them to my tank and really designing how my tank should look. I am very pleased with how it came out and very happy to share it with you all - I hope you like it as well Here is the 5 min video I made of the tank from different angles - hit the HD button! It is filmed in 1080i resolution, so it is best viewed in this Maybe I'll add some more plants later, but I'm giving the newly added plants a chance to grow a bit before I do it. I used a few plants for my snail tank, which looks pretty much the same as my goldfish tank (I have a certain style that I like apparently!) which I'll share a video of later, but it is not as cool as this.
  8. Oh that last one is Lio's "here comes Soren (thats me), he might have food - i'll warm up my jaws!" reaction. He does this most of the time that I approach the tank...
  9. Lio when I got him in December 2014 in a 54L tank: This was Lio i February 2015, a solid 3 months after I got him, in my 325L tank: And this is Lio now, Maj 2016 in my 660L tank:
  10. This is an very awesome tank. I would love a tank like that. Wife and I have been talking about getting a tank just like that, when we get a house of our own. This is very inspiring! Can't wait to see it all setup and filled with lovely fish. How many gallons is the tank?
  11. An idea to "train" your fish to your presence is to sit next to the tank, reading a book or such. Just being near them a lot makes them used to you. Mine are now so adapt, that they can tell the difference between me and my wife, when we approach the tank.
  12. Use your old fishwater to put in tanks where you would like plants to grow Lots of nutrients in fishpoop filled water
  13. Try adding more oxygen to the tank. Most people run a airpump on their tanks
  14. I really liked your story a lot, though it seems a tough time to go through but it just makes you like the tank even much better And that fish is amazing!
  15. I just did a cleaning of my hose (not a python, but similar) and while it did the job, it is very heavy in water usage. I put the warm water on running the hose, then squeezing the hose every 2 inch to make the water go faster in the hose and therefore cleaning off the algae inside the hose near the point where I squeezed. It used a lot of water, but my hose is clean as can be! Hope this makes sense
  16. Is there a difference between a Shukin and a Phoenix goldfish? They do look a lot alike Very beautiful fish. Very unique.
  17. Use Klorin (main ingredient in bleach) and then rinse and wipe the tank over several times with clean water. This is DEADLY to fish, so please take care in removing it. In terms of plants - yes plants will do well being potted in the tank. If they have soil and nutrients to grow, they will be fine When selecting plants, always look at their requirements in terms of light and Co2. It is a big waste of money buying beautiful plants that won't survive in your tank due to this. I'm sure there are others who can give you more names of plants than I can, that goldfish won't touch, but I have great success with keeping various Anubias plants. The main thing with them is that you need to let the bottom of the plant (not the roots) not be under gravel, but above gravel/sand. I have them tied to rocks and tree stumps - and they grow a lot. Some of them get quite big, while others stay small. A lot of variety in this type of plant alone. Not very floaty in the water (like some plants that get really long and float in length of the tank), but generally pretty and they can set a flower under water - which looks great Filters - yes that would not do at all for goldfish. Way too little! I would recommend that you have two filters, or a filter and a circulation pump. The main thing about the "out" end (water coming from the filter into the tank), is that it needs to be just under the surface of the water, so that you have movement in the water surface. This creates an exchange of oxygen to the water, making sure that your fish can breathe I run two filters on my 660L tank (its 2 meters long) and I have the two "out" in the middle of the tank, pointing towards both ends of the tank and then at each end of the tank I have a "in" (water going into the tank). This way I have movement in the entire surface and all the debris is pushed towards the intakes of the filters. You can also do an "out" and "in" in each end of the tank (on the short side of the tank), so that the "waves" meet in the middle. What kind of filter are you planning? A few things that you should get on: Get a fast way of getting water in and out of the tank. With such a big tank, you need to change a lot of water - and it takes forever with buckets! So get yourself a setup that allows for easy water changes. I use a pondpump (Eheim StreamOn 2000) with a Eheim hose attached, that runs to the sink. This can empty my 660L in about 1-1½ hour, if I have taken the fish out (they can get stuck to the pump and the flow is greatly reduced when putting a protection on it). To get water into the tank, I have attached an adapter on my kitchen sink faucet, which allows me to have a garden hose (not a garden hose, but similar in size. Don't use garden hoses, they contaminate the water that runs through it) attached to it, so my kitchen sink faucet is turned on and the water runs through the hose to the tank - I just use a clip to keep the hose in place on the tank while it is filling. I did this video a long time ago: It shows how I have done it before, I just changed the filter out and use a pondpump now Another thing that you need to get on, is maturing your filter. Getting and maintaining the good bacteria in your filter is key to keeping your fish healthy. There are a guide on this forum to the fish in, or fishless cycle of a tank/filter. Please use this to make sure that your filter can handle the fish you put in the tank
  18. Here in Denmark, all aquarium stores carry them. I think most petshops will have them. I would get 5, it will take them a bit to get rid of all the snails, but they will get there Ummm ... What do they eat after they have finished the snails? They can switch between being carnivore and herbivore. And after there isn't any more snails, they will find something else to eat
  19. Most pharmacy should have Hydrogen peroxide for human use, should be the same. I bought Fluke Solve from Plymouth Discus http://plymouthdiscus.com/ocretail/pd/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=220 did the trick for me.
  20. Here in Denmark, all aquarium stores carry them. I think most petshops will have them. I would get 5, it will take them a bit to get rid of all the snails, but they will get there
  21. So I hadn't done a YouTube video in over 8 months due to some technical problems and life getting in the way, but decided to make not just one - but a whopping two(!! I know right!) videos of my tank, and decided that two different views would be a bit more cool This also allows me to show off my new piece of wood in my tank that I tied a few different types of Anubias to - you can see it best in the first video, right in the middle of the tank. This is from the outside: And this is from the inside: I used my GoPro for both videos
  22. Assassin snails work great for getting rid of unwanted snails
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