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  1. Oops I meant to say I vacuum meticulously at every water change and I remove all the plants from the tank too. So I can get to all corners of the tank with the vacuum
  2. Thanks again, this is where my ignorance of this sort of filter will really show but here goes: 1: is the #600 an internal filter? 2: the filter does not have its own motor; I will need a power-head to make it work? 3: if the filter is not powered I will not have a problem ordering the filter on line from America because not having a power supply of its own I won't need an adapter for Australian power outlets? 4: if point 3 is correct, I can then buy a local power-head that will work off Australian standard power outlets? Sorry if I my continued questions are becoming annoying, I am still forming a picture of how this type of filter works
  3. Wow thank you every one for your help. I would prefer to have just the one filter inside my tank. The tank is in my dining room and I am trying not to have things hanging outside the tank. I would put a large sponge on the intake to keep the inside material as clean as possible. I already do two 90% water changes a week because the internal power filters keep the water clean but do not filter out all the poop my three largish goldfish produce. I realise no filter could keep up with three active goldfish's output. Is someone able to direct me to a site that shows how to calculate the size of filter I would need for my 79 gallon tank? Thanks again everyone I appreciate you taking the time to help me and for your expert opinions
  4. Thanks for posting your videos, they were great viewing
  5. I would prefer to buy a system, but would consider DIY if I cannot get the filter I want here in Australia
  6. Wow, that viewing dome is such a cool idea, how on earth is it staying in place? Do you have a framework under the water that holds it in place?
  7. Hi Everyone, I have just learned of Fluidised Sand Filters. From what I have been reading they sound like a good idea and seem to be very efficient. I was wondering if this type of filter would be a good filtering system for my 300 liter (79 gallon) aquarium. I have two internal power filters in my goldfish tank at the moment but I am looking for a more efficient internal filter. Does anyone have any thoughts on the suitability of an internal fluidised sand filter for my tank? If this sort of filter in a good idea what sized filter would I need for my tank? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  8. Hi Helen, Thank you for your very kind offer to help me should I need it. I have emailed you via your Kokos profile email. I am not sure how this all works. Do you now get my personal email address? I am not discouraged, just feel a bit out of my depth. I am always very responsible when I take on the care of a pet or plant, etc. and it upsets me when something goes wrong. I feel I have failed in my duty of care to my goldfish, etc. Any way I will continue to enjoy my three beautiful goldfish and hope that they will prove to be hardy.
  9. Thanks Helen for the insights. I am stunned that your fish were so riddled with parasites. I was thinking it must be the breeding of these forms of goldfish (Butterfly Telescopes in my case) that was the big problem. I thought their genetics were just not up to scratch and they were succumbing because their bodies just didn't work properly. I am feeling a bit helpless - I know I cannot test my fish for these sorts of problems.
  10. I had no idea, I thought there was some special skill that I just did not have yet. It is hard when you get so attached to lose a fish you have cared for a and worried over.
  11. I thought it was just my bad luck but do most people lose fish after seeming to give them the best care? How common is it amongst goldfish keepers to lose fish? Do the most skilled keepers still lose fish?
  12. Thanks Jared, the fish seem more active now but one has become more prone to hiding under the leaves of the Anubias.
  13. The Prazi Treatment is finally done. It is a protracted process isn't it? How long will my fish be protected for before I have to treat them again? If I am only using treated tap water and don't introduce new fish into their tank will they remain protected?
  14. Thank you Arctic Mama - Buster is fine now, I have just finished the Prazi Treatment recommended on this website. It is a tedious process but I am assured a necessary one. I hope the fish will be even healthier now.
  15. I really like Jenny's sg.com page and her facebook page. I became one of Jenny's Patreon sponsors so she could keep making videos. It was watching her beautiful Telescope Eye Butterfly Tails that inspired me to get some of my own.
  16. I know what you mean but apparently they are pure goldfish bred from a Shubunkin line - beautiful aren't they?
  17. If I could have these fish I would be a very happy man - sadly I don't think we have them in Australia And finally a beauty with fantastic fins
  18. I am glad you like the tank. This is a recent photo: I only have two species of plants in the tank, a narrow leafed form of the Java Fern and an Anubias (I don't know the species of the Anubias neither did the people at the aquarium shop where I bought it) All the plants are on driftwood so I can easily remove them from the tank when I do my twice weekly water changes. The gravel is black and fairly small, I bought it at my LFS and it was just labelled goldfish gravel. I only have a very shallow layer of it so it is easy to keep clean.
  19. Thank you both for responding to my question. There is so much to learn about goldfish.
  20. Is hiding under plants common during Prazi treatments? Each of my fish seem to take turns at hiding for a part of each day. If I go near the tank they will come out in the hopes of a meal so I am not overly concerned. Just want to make sure this behaviour is nothing to worry about.
  21. I have just finished round one and the fish seem fine. Round two starts tomorrow. I will keep you posted
  22. Thanks again Jared, I cleaned the filters before starting this treatment so should be good for a month, The fish seem fine, a bit pouty every now and then but eating as usual and rush to the front of the tank when I approach. Ever hopeful for an extra feed There is some floating poop thats a bit stringy is that a side effect of the treatment? Not much just one or two small ones.
  23. Thanks Courtney - I am feeling a bit more philosophical about the loss now & I am doing something towards ensuring the other fish will have a better time of it - its a guy thing
  24. Hi Jared, Tomorrow is day 5 and the Prazi treatment programs say do a greater than 50% water change and add more salt. I will do a 90% water change and add enough salt to the tank to make a 0.1% solution. In the schedule I am following it says Day 6 to do another water change greater than 50%. Do I need to do this if I did a 90% water change the day before? Also should I be cleaning the filters at all during this treatment period? Thanks again for your help
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