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  1. I put him in the large container when I went to work this morning, when I got home tonight (12 hours later) he is not doing a head stand. He is sitting on the bottom a lot but is the right way up! I will feed him some more peas (he still spits out the beans) and see how he goes.
  2. Thank you, he seems fine except for the head standing, I have him in a large container as suggested earlier in this post. I will keep him in there over the weekend and see if he improves. I will watch to see how much he poops. Should I try adding some Epsom Salts in the large container? It seems sudden for swim bladder issues but who knows with these beautiful delicate fish! I am hopeful he will come good.
  3. Thanks for your help, I have put him in a large container today with duck weed and fed him a cooked pea for breakfast. If it is an infection, what sort of medication would be safe to use?
  4. Hi LisaCGold, sorry there is no brand name on the breeder box and I don't have the box it came in anymore. When I am at the local fish shop again, I will have a look to see if they have anymore and I will get the brand name for you. Fantailfan1 he has been like this since Monday August 24. He was fasted for three days and then I put him in a bucket with Epsom Salt and he did not poop. After I fed him some thinly sliced steamed beans he pooped but the poop was black so I think that was the Blood Worms I fed him. He will no longer eat the beans so I have fed him some steamed peas twice a day (one mouthful a meal) and he has pooped. This time green but not the usual big diameter poop. The poop is normal consistency but thinner than usual. I also have duckweed in the tank but he does not seem interested in eating duckweed. When he is not swimming around he does a head stand. I am worried he may be permanently affected now. I think this all started when I had the fish in a bucket during a regular water change and I fed them one defrosted cube of blood worms between the three of them. Something I have done many times before with no problems. This is now his default position when he is not swimming around
  5. Thanks everyone, he is back to doing head stands for long periods, he is still eating and can swim normally when he has to. I have put lots of duckweed into the tank but he is not eating it. The other two fish are though and there is an amazing amount of green poop I will vacuum out later tonight. I have been giving the sick fish peas as he spits out the beans now. Are peas just as good as beans? Is the head stand thing a sign he is still constipated? Should I put a 1% solution of Epsom Salts into a large container and leave him in it? He swims about a fair bit now if I am in the room but goes back to head stands if he thinks there is no change I might feed him. I only have two weeks to get him well enough to leave in my sister's care as I have a conference I have to attend.
  6. Thanks Kiro - I find it the only way to be sure of when I did something exactly and how I did it. The sick fish is more active but I am still only feeding peas and duckweed to keep the roughage going through him.
  7. I have tons of duckweed, it is on top of all my tropical fish tanks, i can put plenty in the tank. My sick fish is swimming about this morning but spent the night hiding under one of the ferns. He is still a bit heads down but not doing a head stand when still like before. I have fed him half a mushy pea heart this morning and he was very excited to get it. I will leave duckweed in the tank before I go to work. He is pooping, I will put him in the larger container tonight for few hours and feed him to make sure he is pooping well. I am glad you guys think the floating breeder box is a good idea - I thought to do it when another fish got sick before and had to go on a special diet. My fish will hand feed and are very tame. I never actually handle them, instead I use a bowl to gently remove them from the tank in the bowl of tank water to avoid damaging the protective mucus cover. Thanks again for the advice, much appreciated. I have written some notes in my goldfish diary about the shallow water and duckweed treatment for future reference. Yes I have a goldfish diary - stop laughing
  8. I am now so obsessed with helping this little fish, he is all i seem to think about. i decided to feed him a mushy pea and he ate it while still in the floating box. I took the opportunity to feed the other two fish some gel food while he was in the box. I will continue this way so I can make sure he is on a restricted high fibre diet. I will try some duckweed for breakfast unless someone thinks that is a bad idea. He is swimming a bit more and mainly doing head stands when not swimming. He still has an appetite which I take as a good sign. After he and the other two fish were fed I let him out of the breeder box. The box is really well designed, it has sliding doors at each end - when I pulled the sliding door up to open it, he simply swam out. He does not seem stressed in the box.
  9. I have a large plastic floating fish breeding box, it has perforation in the sides and is meant to isolate female fish from amorous males. It is large enough that my sick fish can turn around in it. I am thinking of putting him in this box when I feed the other fish. This will let me control what he eats and he gets to enjoy the filtered water of the main tank at other times. I will let him out of the box after the other fish have eaten. What do you think? Is this a good way to control what eats and give him the benefits of the large water volume of the main tank? He is back to headstands now and has been swimming around a bit.
  10. I meant to mention he pooped this morning it was not green as i expected but dark brown or black (maybe the blood worms I fed him many days ago?) but normal consistency Not stringy or with air bubbles in it. Should I try peas, i can shell and steam the pulp?
  11. Things are not good now the sick fish is upside down (belly up) I put him back in the main tank because the bucket was too small, I can put him in a larger container of water. He took the beans this morning but spat them back out. I am getting confused, I was told I was overfeeding all my fish earlier on, that I should only be feeding them once a day or every second day. So I stopped the three feeds, then later on I was told three small feed are fine. Should I put the sick fish into a larger tub with the duckweed? I think I am going to lose him at this rate.
  12. Hi Koko, I am feeding the beans one mouthful as a meal 2 times a day. Are we all sure this is enough food? My sick fish is moving more and eating. I had to put him in a large bowl for the first feed as the other two goldfish kept trying to take his food. The second feeding he came to the top of the tank and I had fed him his bean slice. He is not back to normal yet, in fact he is doing a head stand as I type this but I feel more confident he will recover. I will do another 90% water change tomorrow. Thanks Heidi I am glad to see he seems to be improving too. I am still a little shocked at how quickly he got sick. I am going to follow Arctic Mama's advice and just feed one mouthful to each fish for a meal. If that is enough food then I was overfeeding. I am going to a conference at the end of the month and my sister and her husband will be house sitting to feed the fish and take care of my dogs for me. I am thinking of asking her to just put in half a teaspoon of duckweed into the tank twice a day. Does everyone think that would be OK or is that too much food per day for three largish goldfish? I will be away 6 days. Thanks again everyone it is a comfort to be able to talk to other people who understand how much my fish mean to me.
  13. Hi Again Arctic Mama, I just reread your advice about one mouthful each at a time and that goldfish are grazers. This did not register with me the first time read it. I will make this my mission now. One mouthful each two to three times a day. The sick fish is moving about a bit more, I am hopeful he / she? will recover.
  14. Update, my sick fish is moving about a bit more. I steamed one bean and sliced it into thin slices. The sick fish got one piece, the other fish about 3 pieces each. The sick fish is sitting on the bottom of the tank again but seems to be in a holding pattern. When should I offer the sick fish more food? Thanks to everyone for taking the time to give me advice.
  15. Thanks Arctic Mama, I really appreciate your kind words. I do get upset when one of my fish gets sick. I am doing everything I can to give them the best life. The sick fish is moving a little bit but still sitting on the bottom. I will buy the beans tomorrow and steam them (well only one it would seem) and then try feeding them to the fish. My other two fish are waving frantically at me trying to get my attention. I am ignoring them for the moment.
  16. In Australia green beans are in the pod and we steam the whole thing, do you want me to remove the beans inside the pod and just cook those?
  17. I posted this image to give you an idea of my tank setup. It is the fish on the right who is in trouble. This photo was taken from my dining table where I now do work from home instead of my study so I can watch my fish. The sick fish in question is moving about a bit now but still mostly on the bottom. I wish he would poop, I never thought I would actually ever write something like that!
  18. Hi Everyone, I did the six treatments of Prazi recommended on Koko's. He is back in the tank and not eating although he looked interested in soaked algae pellet food. He was sitting on the bottom of the tank most of the time. He did move around a bit while the other two ate the algae pellets though. He has not pooped in three days, I am concerned I over did it with the Blood Worms and I blocked him up. To be clear; I was feeding two to three small meals a day on the advice I got from this forum. The range of food I offer is to make sure the fish do not suffer a deficiency. A meal for these three fish would be two frozen gel food blocks that together would be the size of a pea. The gel food is cut into smaller blocks and fed to the fish after it has defrosted. If that was breakfast I would give them some soaked algae pellets for dinner (maybe 15 to 20 of the tiny soaked pellets between three big fish) if they got duck weed it would be many hours later and only half a teaspoon. I will now only feed once a day if you think what I have outlined above is two much. I will also stick with the duckweed for a while. The duckweed is not always available; it is growing in my tropical fish tanks and I always monitor the amount I give. I am starting to think that goldfish are too inbred for me to keep healthy. I am always checking on them, monitoring their behaviour and doing the 'keep the water perfect and you get healthy fish' thing. That is why I do two big water changes a week, I always slowly adjust the water in the bucket to the new tank water by adding the new clean tank water to the bucket, then using a bowl, I lift the fish one at a time out of the bucket and then gently put them back in the tank. I do this so I don't shock them with different water parameters. I check the temperature matches too. Despite my best efforts goldfish seem to go downhill so quickly if something goes wrong. I gave up keeping goldfish for many years before trying again and I am starting to loose heart here.
  19. Thanks Heidi030, things have been going along very well for a long time now. Then suddenly this! Test Results for the Following: · * Ammonia Level 0ppm · * Nitrite Level 0ppm · * Nitrate level 0ppm now but up to 5pmm before water change · * Ammonia Level 0ppm · * Nitrite Level(Tap) 0ppm · * Nitrate level(Tap) 0ppm · * Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.2 · * Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) 7.2 I cant test for KH, GH and Chloramines Other Required Info: · * Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API Freshwater Master Test Kit · * Water temperature? 24 degrees Celsius · * Tank size (how many gals. 79 US gallons) and how long has it been running? 14 months · * What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Two internal power filters Aquatopia 1000 litres per hour (each filter) · * How often do you change the water and how much? 90% twice a week · * How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? The problem occurred after a water change (I fed them blood worms while they were in the bucket. Something I have done in the past without a problem) · * How many fish in the tank and their size? 3 telescope butterfly tails, bodies about 4-5 inches long · * What kind of water additives or conditioners? Prime water conditioner · * What do you feed your fish and how often? Twice to three times a day, duckweed, Hikari Lionhead sinking pellets, New Life Spectrum Algae Max, New Life Spectrum Algae Gel food and the Protein New Life Spectrum Gel food mixed together, Steamed peas occasionally, blood worms occassionally · * Any new fish added to the tank? No · * Any medications added to the tank? No · * List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment. Did the Prazi treatment recommended on Kokos website in April this year. For the fish I think is Constipated I used 1.5 – 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salts in 3.7 US gallons of tank water · * Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? This fish looks fine but sits on the bottom of the tank * Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? I have not fed him for three days now, should i try and feed him?
  20. Hi Everyone, I did a 90% water change on Monday and while my three telescope butterfly tails were in the bucket during the water change I fed them one defrosted cube of blood worms. Everything seemed fine when I returned them to their cleaned tank. After a little while I noticed one fish sitting on the bottom of the tanked moving his mouth a lot like he was panting. I left him in the tank and did not feed the fish for 24 hours. He did not improve so I put him in a large bucket of water 3.7 US gallons and put in 1.25 teaspoons of Epson Salts. He did not improve after 24 hours so i replaced half the water in the bucket with fresh treated water and added another teaspoon of Epson Salts. He is still sitting on the bottom moving his mouth a lot but has not pooped. Should I continue this treatment or am I mistaken and it is not constipation? Before any one asks the tank water did not show any Ammonia or Nitrite but maybe 5-10ppm of Nitrate - hard to tell. I am about to do another water change in the main tank tonight and will refresh the water in the bucket with more Epson Salts unless I hear otherwise from this forum. Thanks for reading my post - Tony
  21. It is very new technology, I am still considering it as an option but have now thoroughly confused myself as to which filter is the best option for my particular situation. Maybe I should just accept the two hoses of the external power filter and go that way. I have been thinking about getting a carpenter to neatly cut an opening in the back of the sideboard the tank is sitting on and running the hoses up the back in one of the corners. Then rearranging the plants and driftwood to hide the pipes as has been suggested here. I am in the thinking stage still
  22. Hi Again, I went to my favourite aquarium shop today and had a look at the Fluidised Sand Filters they have for sale. While there the owner of the shop suggested I take a look at a new filter technology. I have never heard of this sort of filtration before so I wondered if you would please give me your thoughts? The filter destroys ammonia which stops the nitrogen cycle in its tracks. This link is to the model I was shown today: http://www.thetechden.com.au/OF_Hydra_40_Internal_Aquarium_Filter_p/qhu26.htm
  23. Fantastic, thanks Arctic Mama. I know internal filters can be unsightly but I can rearrange my plants and drift wood to hide even a moderately large filter. If the tank wasn't in the dining room or the cabinet an antique I would look at external systems. But I just find the tubes unsightly. I even find the power cords annoying.
  24. Thank you both for all your patience, advice and help. I get it now, I will look around for a commercial internal filter and if I cannot get one here in Australia or on the internet I will have a go at making one myself. I like the idea of using a glass spaghetti container. It will look better than a plastic bottle. I was wondering what K1 was until I saw the video and now I get what rahnrahan meant when comparing K1 with sand. Thanks again, I will let you know how I get on with this new project
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