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  1. Thank you everyone for your feedback, I am really enjoying the vigour in my two goldfish. I removed one of the internal filters yesterday and I am playing around with a new layout. This is what my tank looks like now. I want a bit more height on the right but it is night time here & wet and storming outside right now so I will wait until tomorrow to look for an upright stone.  :blink:



  2. Thanks for your thoughts DieselPlower: I am guessing DO is dissolved oxygen? I think you are right the spray bar return is quite powerful, only this morning I aimed it almost horizontal just under the surface of the water to reduce the current in the tank. Evaporation has greatly increased too.


    I agree Dan the power board was meant to be mounted on its side on the wall of the cabinet but the carpenter left without doing that for me. I will see if i can get the screws lined up properly and put the board up a few inches from the floor.

  3. Interesting to hear about the current idea Colley614, it is only a gentle current but definitely more than the two internal power filters provided. I have also noticed much more evaporation than before with the external power filter running.


    Yes ChelseaM the two internal power filters are running, I wanted to give the new external power filter to mature before removing the internal filters. I hope the goldfish stay as active after I remove the internal power filters.  :D

  4. Hi Everyone, I decided last weekend to update from my two internal power filter to an over the top Ehiem Pro 3 2075. This filter has double the capacity needed for my 300 litre tank. I have left the two existing internal filters in place for now until the new filter develops its biological capacity.


    I am writing here because I noticed almost immediately that my fish were much more active when I installed the power filter. They would normally move around the tank langorously, now that are much more alert and spend a lot of time foraging. Has anyone else noticed this sort of behavioural change? Do you think it might be the spray bar making a very gentle current? Or is there now better oxygenation? Just curious to hear your thoughts.




    This is the tank, the internal filters are more noticeable than usual because I removed a large piece of driftwood and I cannot hide them as well as before and the cables are more visible because I now only have one power-board. I plan to remove these filters soon anyway so will put up with the ugly cables for now.




    This is the new power filter, I had a carpenter adapt the cabinet so it would fit. It is advertised as silent but it has a low hum when its on. I am going to experiment with a rubber mat under it soon to see if it is vibration making the noise.


    Cheers for now  :)

  5. I decided to get a large external power filter - Eheim Professional 3 - 2075. I got the carpenter to remove the shelf from the cabinet and drill two large holes at the back of the cabinet for the power cables and the hose pipes. I have left the two internal power filters going for now, I will remove one in a week or so and then test the water. Then the second one in another week or two after that. Unless someone advises me otherwise. Very happy with my purchase.



  6. Thank you DawnMichele I really felt the loss, I find I become very attached and I feel so helpless when I cannot help a sick fish. I think now I blew it when I fed a single cube of blood worms to the three fish. There seems to have been another problem though, one which nothing seemed to help. I will think about making an entry on the Obituary Page.


    To answer your question bodoba, I live in Sydney Australia which has a warm temperate to subtropical climate. In winter the central heating keeps the house around 24 degrees Celsius which is about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. In spring and summer the temperatures can get to the high 30's even over 40 degrees (104 F) but not in the house which is insulated and if I am home I will have the air-conditioning on. In summer I think the temperature in the house gets to the low 30's but not often most likely high 20's.


    Koko you are very wise, since I removed that large piece of driftwood the pH is stable. With only two fish in my tank I can now do once weekly 90% water changes instead of the twice weekly. I am also considering buying a large external power filter. I have avoided this in the past because I wanted to hide the filters in the tank. The tank is in my dining room and I wasn't willing to cut into the back of the antique sideboard the tank is sitting on to hide an external filter. I now think I will get a carpenter to make an opening in the back of the sideboard for the tubes, etc and put the filter in the cupboard part of the sideboard. This is assuming I can find a filter that fits under the shelf in the cupboard part. That will be one of my weekend tasks this weekend.


    Thanks to everyone who has commented and helped me. I was ready to give up on goldfish for a while there but I am now thinking I might hang in there a while longer.  :)

  7. Thanks Koko - I will take the wood out and see it that stops the pH drop. My fish are under 2 years old I think but if you think two small meals a day is enough for them I will continue this feeding pattern. I must say they do seem more active on less food. I will put in duck weed twice a week probably just before a water change so they can eat up and poop till their hearts content and I can take out the poop before it has time to cause any problems.  :)

  8. Hi Koko - Four days after a water change the pH is 7, I will be doing a water change tonight and the tap water is 7.2. I bought the buffer for goldfish but have not tried it out yet as the pH has been above neutral. While I have your attention may I run over the feeding of goldfish? I am not certain I am doing the right thing. I was feeding three times a day but have cut back to twice a day (morning & night). I am careful only to feed a mouthful or two to each fish at each meal. Is this enough food for my goldfish?


    I want to hand feed them so I can control how much each fish gets but Buster is a moron who comes close to my hand holding the food then dashes away. He has always been like this, Bella on the other hand loves being hand fed. At the moment I hand feed Bella then use a net to keep Bella at one end of the tank while Buster takes his sweet time to locate and eat the food on the bottom of the tank! Buster is a moron but he is my moron so I will continue to do this until I can work out a way to get him to hand feed.


    Buster is the top fish in both these photos, both fish are about 3.5 to 4 inches in the body.





  9. I am two days late doing my 90% water change, I usually do two 90% water changes a week. Anyway when i tested the pH of the tank water it was 6.8; the tap water is 7.2. I hope this is not too big a difference for the fish to handle. To try to reduce any risk of shock I have slowly added the new higher pH tank water to the bucket the fish are in. I have added a 2 litre jug of water to the bucket every 15 minutes for about an hour. I am about to put the fish back into the tank. Is this pH difference a problem? It usually doesn't change much.

  10. Thank you both for your kind words. I feel so bad that I failed to help this little fish. I love the look of the butterfly telescope eyes and I love the intelligence of goldfish too. I get very attached. I find it a struggle to accept that doing everything right to keep these fish does not mean you wont lose them anyway.


    I did an internet search to see what other intelligent fish I could keep instead of goldfish but I don't like any of the other recognised intelligent fish; except perhaps the Siamese Fighting Fish but I think they are a very short lived species. I will continue to care for the remaining two fish and hope for the best.


    It seems this happens to all goldfish keepers and it is part of the facts of life of keeping goldfish. I'm just not sure I can cope with the loss of something I have become so attached to. I'll stop mopping soon, it just gets me down when I can't help the fish recover.  :no:

  11. Thanks Kiro - I seem attracted to the most highly bred shapes and they are delicate, but other people seem to keep their fish alive and healthy. I never seem to be able to get them to recover if something goes wrong. I feel emotionally wrecked after failing the save this little fish. I get pleasure out of looking at my fish but the stress when they get ill is now more than the pleasure of keeping them. I wondered if Ranchus are tougher but their rounded bodies probably make them just as delicate?

  12. Thanks LisaCGold, he was alive when I left for Father's Day lunch at my sister's house but was dead when I got home about 5 hours later. I did everything that everyone suggested but nothing worked. I can't take the heartache of loosing such intelligent friendly fish.


    When I decided to try goldfish again about 18 months ago; I had a huge tank built and then set about keeping the best water quality and a wide range of food to keep them healthy. I will do what I can to maintain the last two but when they go I am going to change the tank over to a tropical tank setup. I will have to be content with reading my many goldfish books to get my goldfish fix.


    I have to wonder how often other fish keepers lose fish, I cannot seem to keep them healthy, if regularly losing fish is part of the hobby I can't live with that. I get too attached  :no:

  13. I am losing him, he has been eating and pooping normally but this morning he is lying on his side and is not interested in food. I don't  think the problem is constipation now, or at least it isnt just constipation. He has been pooping normally for a while now but he sits a lot. Yesterday I thought he was on the mend he was swimming about normally between sitting on the bottom.


    But today he is lying on his side. I put clean, treated, temperature matched water into the large tub he is in last night and he seemed fine. There was no poop this morning though. I think this will be my final attempt at keeping goldfish. I cannot do more for them than I am doing but it seems what I am doing is not enough to keep them healthy. I will do my best to care for the last two fish I have but when they go I will not get any more goldfish.


    Thanks everyone for your advice and help

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