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  1. Hi Everyone, I think I know there is probably no treatment for what I am about to describe but in the interest of leaving no stone unturned here goes. My favourite butterfly telescope eye 'Buster' started occasionally floating upside down for a few seconds when I turned off the power filter in his tank or when he was in the bucket while I cleaned his tank.


    He did this only if the water was still for a fairly long time and he did not do this every day. This started about two weeks ago. I then noticed it was happening any time I turned off the the power filter to feed the fish if the filter was off for more than 10 minutes. When I turned the filter back on he would right himself and swim about normally.


    Then yesterday morning I looked into the tank as usual to check my two fish were ok and he was doing a head stand. When he saw me he righted himself and swam around as usual.


    Today he is doing a lot more head standing. I just took this pic of him doing the headstand.




    When he saw me he righted himself again and swam about for a little while then went back to the head standing.




    I did an 80% water change three days ago.


    I just did a water test:


    pH 7.6

    Ammonia 0ppm

    Nitrite 0ppm

    Nitrate 3ppm


    It is a 300 litre tank, it has 1 x internal power filter rated 600-1000 litres per hour and 1 x external power filter, an Eheim Professional 3


    I only feed gel foods, Repashy Soilent Green, New Life Spectrum Nutri Gel and Algae Gel


    I would appreciate anyone's thoughts here.


    While I have your attention can anyone tell me if Ranchu easier to keep? Are they less prone to swim bladder issues?

  2. Hi Lisa, I was sorry to read about Whale, you did the brave and kind thing. You gave him the best care and then did the best for him at the end too. Look after yourself, we all know how exhausting it is to have to go through this long drawn out process. Rest up so you can continue to give your love and attention Jack and any new fish to come into your life.

  3. Thanks Daniel, I got the idea from an aquarium I saw on Pinterest. I got my builder to cut the bottom of the river stones flat so I could get the tall ones to stand up. After I put the stones in I felt it needed some plants to soften the hardscape. I decided to stick to super hardy plants like the Anubus and the fine leaf Java Fern. All the plants are on driftwood or rocks so I can easily remove them from the tank to clean the gravel.


    This is the tank I saw on Pinterest:



  4. Hi Again, I have noticed my fish are much more active if I feed them Repashy Soilent Green. I have been cutting the cubes into tiny pieces and the scattering them in the front of the aquarium. This gets my fish actively hunting for the food. I do have to use a net to keep them in opposite ends of the aquarium so I can monitor what amount of food each gets. After they have found the food I gave them they still actively hunt for more. It was worth the trouble it took to get them this food.


    This is them hunting for more food



  5. It is good to see I am not alone in caring deeply for my goldfish. I really needed this more realistic view of life expectancy and related hardiness. I think I have finally got the feeding right. I am following ArcticMama's advice and feeding two sometimes three tiny meals a day. It seems to be working the fish are active and seem healthy. Her explanation that goldfish are grazers, only taking in small amounts at a time really made sense to me.  :D  I am even considering getting one or two more fish, perhaps a butterfly tail moor?

  6. Hi Koko, Thank you for your comments. I am hoping to keep my two goldfish for many years, I am only now coming to the realisation that a lot of what I thought about their longevity does not really apply to the fancies. I look at the beautiful fish people have on this site and assumed they were all able to keep their fish healthy until a great old age. I now see that only some goldfish will grow to be many years old. I am just readjusting my view so I will continue to keep goldfish and not go into a depression if I lose one.  :no:

  7. So I was talking to one of my students today about my goldfish (I lecture in landscape design theory & practice at a College) and how I was not great at keeping them alive. He told me he is a trained Veterinary technician and and that from the experiences he had working in a large vet practice that includes fish care, the fancy goldfish are commonly very short lived. Often less than five years, due to the intensive breeding to produce the exotic shapes. He advised me to enjoy them while I have them but not to get too upset if they die as I am probably expecting too much if I expect them to live many years. Your thoughts anyone?

  8. I think my goldfish are Contrarians (yes its a thing!) when I first put in the power filter they were really energetic and swimming around happily. Now they still do a bit of this but spend a large part of the day at the end of the tank under the return sprays - I think to avoid the gentle current they seemed to love so much when the filter first went in!


    I have adjusted the return spray bar so the water spray is just under the surface of the water to make sure there is as little current as possible but they still hang about in the still spot. When I turn the filter off to feed them they start swimming around the tank actively looking for food. And will stay active for a while longer after the filter goes back on.

  9. Hi FishMandy, I am sorry you lost your fish, thank you for telling me though. It is slowly getting through my thick head that keeping these beautiful fish has its down side, being so highly bred they are prone to problems and are very delicate. Until recently I had the idea that every one else was keeping their fish happy and healthy and I was failing my fish despite my best efforts to give them a good environment and good food.


    I am back to enjoying my fish again though, after my last fish died I was ready to give up but they are so beautiful and graceful that I want go keep them again.  :)

  10. Thanks FishyMandy, on a tangent; I was reading an interview in the latest Practical Fishkeeping magazine today. An aquarium keeper, John Tyler, was being interviewed for an article on his tank of rare fish. One of the standard questions all these interviews have is what are the most difficult fish you have ever kept. His answer was Fancy Goldfish. To quote him: "They always developed problems eventually, no matter how much care I put into them"


    This has been my experience too, I am now counting how many mouthfuls of food my fish get and keeping them at opposite ends of the tank when I feed them to make sure no one gets more than a mouthful or two. I love these fish but did not realise how delicate they were when I decided to keep butterfly telescope eyes!  :blink:

  11. Thanks LisaCGold. I noticed that the fish would 'hide' in the protected area near the large planting at the left hand end of the tank and I wondered if there was a bit too much current. So I have the return tube jets running almost horizontal across the tank now to reduce the current. They are still active but the larger fish does spend a lot more time in the most protected part of the tank than Buster the smaller fish.


    This is the tank with a bit more rocks and plants on the right hand end of the tank.



  12. Thanks again everyone, I am learning more and more all the time. I thought I was providing the best environment before, but now I see the external filter with the return bar agitating the surface water is really improving the conditions for my fish. I was feeling ready to give  up when I recently lost a fish but now I feel more hopeful that one more piece of the keeping goldfish puzzle has fitted into place.  :)

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