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  1. I had the same experience when I first set up my current tank, I was putting expensive aquarium salts into the tank at every water change and almost took the advice of one shop owner that I should continuously medicate the tank because to quote him "fancy goldfish are just so delicate that they get everything"


    Thankfully I did not follow his advice but started reading and getting advice here at Kokos. Sadly I did lose two goldfish before I worked out what needed to be done to properly care for my fish. A big decisions was to make large water changes, no one at any of the lfs agreed with this, I was sternly told only to do 25% once a week at the most. I now to two 50% water changes a week (one on the weekend and one midweek) and the fish are doing brilliantly. I should also note that Lis gave me some good information about feeding and foods that also turned things around for me.


    I am really happy that I found this website, it is great to talk to like minded people (my friends & family are great but they really don't understand my devotion to goldfish!) and be able to ask for help and advice when it is needed. :D

  2. Thanks Dan & Tithra,

    I made a complete botch of your gel food recipe Tithra - twice, :blink: I missed the bit about removing the skin from the Peppers so it was too bitter for the fish. I will get through the hectic Christmas period and have another go - third time lucky I hope?  :D

  3. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. To answer the questions some of you asked:


    I had the tank custom made for the antique sideboard it is sitting on. The tank is all class and completely open at the top. I thought I wanted a glass box of water with beautiful goldfish but it was totally wrong when I had the tank installed on the sideboard. All glass looked too modern with the sideboard and in my 120 year old house. So I got a carpenter to make the moulded top that now sits on the glass top edge of the tank.


    The tank was set up in June and the fish were introduced in late July after the tank had cycled. It has an internal power filter that is hidden behind the large Anubias at the left hand end of the tank. The tank is in my dining room and I did not want hoses hanging out of the tank and I did not want to cut holes into the sideboard so the hoses could attach to an external filter inside the sideboard.


    I find as the plants are maturing and filling in more that I need less of them in the tank. I also replaced some of the larger rocks with smaller ones to make the tank feel less crowded. I always disliked the gravel that I bought sight unseen and was very happy when I found the finer black grave I have now.


    I love these four little fish (well not so little now they are growing quickly) and want them to have a beautiful and healthy environment to live in.

  4. I was sorting through some of the images I have taken of my tank and thought it might be interesting to see how the tank layout have evolved. A secondary thing of interest is how much bigger the goldfish are now




    Set Up 01




    Set Up 02




    Set Up 03




    Set Up 04




    Set Up 05




    Set Up 06




    Set Up 07




    Set Up 08




    Set Up 09 - I always hated the gravel that came with the tank it was sold to me as black. I finally tracked down some real black gravel and like it so much better




    Set Up 10




    Set Up 11




    Set Up 12

  5. Hi Again,

    I bought a large 200 litre drum that was used to store processed apples to hold the prepared water, it is spotless now and I rinse it before I use it every time. I watched more carefully the last time I did a water change and it might be fine sediment after all. The gravel seems to make fine particles even though I rinsed it thoroughly to remove fines before I used it in the tank; it still has fines in it when I vacuum. The pool pump I bought does return the water too fast I was thinking of putting an inline valve on it to throttle back the speed of the water entering the thank. Thank you both for your help.

  6. Hi Again, thank you for your kind comments on my tank. To answer the new questions, the filter is only cleaned once a month with tank water and never the same day as a water change. The parameters are all good, zero for everything except nitrates which are somewhere between zero and 5ppm. I really think it is bubbles or gas in the water. It completely disappears after about 10 minutes.

    I will post some more pictures of the tank later today - thanks again for your help everyone

  7. Thank you both for your response. To answer your questions, yes I do check the pH but only every other time. It has always been the same in the tank as in the tap water. The pump I bought is rated 7000 litres per hour and does move the water into the tank incredibly quickly. I did not think of the sediment as causing the clouding. I do use a bowl in the tank to direct the return tube into so I don't disturb the gravel. The cloudiness looks white though rather than like fine particles. I do have the return tube under water so I can aim it into the bowl but can hold it out of the water if you think this is the problem.

    The last water change I left the fish in the bucket a bit longer to give the cloudiness time to clear and the sensitive fish was ok when I returned him. I was more curious as to what was going on rather than worrying about the fish now. This fish (Buster) is the most sensitive fish I have he was very prone to constipation too. The new foods don't cause him any problems now.

    Thank again

  8. 6762B49E-8DE1-4BB2-A80B-065FFA318F4F_zps

    I am hoping someone can tell me why my tank is cloudy after I do a 50% water change. I recently bought a 200 litre plastic drum with a screw on lid. Now I can prepare all the water before the water change then replace it using the pool pump I bought after the water change.

    I have been leaving the fish in the tank while I siphon out the waste and when I put the new water back in. Leaving the fish in the tank was not a problem when I replaced the water with a jug from a bucket but I now have one fish that seems to float at the top of the tank (right way up) after the water change. Do you think that this behaviour is linked to the quick reintroduction of the aged water. I am checking the temperature is the same in the new water and the tank? This same fish always seems fine an hour later.

    More recently I removed the fish from the tank before removing and replacing the water and it made the whole process so much easier and faster. The new pump returned the aged water to the tank in about a minute and a half. I have noticed the tank has a slight haze when I have finished making the water change. Does anyone know if this is extra dissolved oxygen or tiny bubbles and is it dangerous for the fish?

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