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  1. Hi Everyone, I am enjoying your feedback and comments.


    Butterfly I have the book by Dr Matsui but have not looked at it for a very long time. I will reread it again soon. I am feeling very old. I just went to check my bookcase to see if I did own the book: The Goldfish Guide, when I found it I checked what edition I had. It is a 1972 Edition and I bought it new!






    Arctic Mama I am very interested in the bucket to bucket method you describe, I thought I had discovered something new. When I did a Google search on the bucket to bucket aquarium method it is well known to saltwater & freshwater aquarium keepers.


    Distaff, I live in Sydney Australia and we have lots of beautiful fish we keep that do not need heated aquaria. The White Clouds (all three species and the gold form) are all common, as are fish like the beautiful Glowlight Danio (although it was recently banned as an import so I missed out on getting some of these) the other Danios are all common here. Leopard Danio, Pearl Danio & Zebra Danio. The Paradise Fish and the Rice Fish are also available.


    I wonder if these are popular here because our climate is fairly mild and even some 'tropical' species will survive in a well insulated house on the coast without aquarium heaters?


    I plan to re-landscape the large aquarium over the Christmas holidays. It has a school of 30 of the Golden Mountain Minnow already and I am not too concerned my tubby little Ranchu, no matter how big they get will ever catch a Golden Mountain Minnow. They are really fast. The goldfish and the Minnows have all gone through quarantine so that wont be an issue when I put the goldfish into the large aquarium. The large aquarium holds 300 litres or 79.25 US gallons. It was built to sit on the antique side board. I wanted it taller but did not want glass bracing across the top (it is an open top tank) and the expert designing the tank for me said I could not go taller without bracing.

  2. Hi Everyone, thank you for your comments. I agree the with the surface area concerns so I just measured the bowl. It is 450mm across and the water surface is 350mm across. This tank is on a book case in my bedroom and I monitor the fish all the time. They swim all around the bowl and never do the hanging around the top for air thing I have read about & seen photos of in books.


    I originally intended to only use this as a quarantine tank and then move them into the large tank. That is still my plan, I kept Telescope Butterfly Tails last time and nothing seemed to keep them happy. I became a nervous wreck just waiting for the next problem. Perhaps Ranchu are less problematic but what struck me was how well they were going on the constant water changes (which takes about 10 minutes to do & I am happy to do the work if the fish stay healthy) and the fresh foods only diet.


    This is the tank I will move them into when they get a bit bigger. They will be sharing it with a school of the Golden form of White Cloud Mountain Minnows. I don't heat any of my tanks because my house never gets below 22 degrees Celsius (that's about 72 degrees Fahrenheit) & White Clouds have an overlapping temperature range with Goldfish.




    Anyway I was a bit nervous about posting this here in case I incurred the wrath of someone, but this is not your typical tiny bowl aquarium. It is a good size for these two baby Ranchu and so far they are doing extremely well. A large plant nursery nearby has goldfish and White Clouds sharing a pond and after talking to the owner about this he assured me the goldfish (his are fantails) don't bother the Mountain Minnows and they have completely different diets so there is not competition there either.

  3. I have not posted for a long time. I lost heart when despite my best efforts with a huge tank, major filtration, regular huge water changes, and expensive menus of imported gel foods. I could not keep my goldfish healthy for long periods of time. I eventually lost all the fish and decided to give up and converted the tank into a tropical fish tank.


    After about 4 months I was at my favourite aquarium shop when I saw two baby Ranchu I just had to have. I bought them and kept them in a 55 litre bowl so I could quarantine them. I do a half water change everyday - easy to do as they are near a bathroom and I use a large gauge tube to take the water away to a floor drain, when I use a gravel cleaner to remove the waste and water.


    I also started feeding these fish on live Black Worms (these are cultured here in Australia so are a clean safe food source) I also feed them Duck Weed I cultivate in other aquariums and a garden pond. I mix this up with garden peas I have made into a gel food. The result is the two fish are incredibly healthy and I have kept them in the 55 litre bowl.


    All those who are feeling judgemental about the bowl I realise my fish will outgrow this bowl and I plan to move them to a bigger aquarium - but I will keep the water changes going every second day and the same diet. It is working for me after about 4 months - with no sick or off days for either fish.


    An interesting aside: I have a book translated from Chinese on goldfish care and this is how goldfish are traditionally kept there. I am not against filtration, etc. I just thought some one might be interested in my chance discovery.




    The bowl has a magnifying effect the fish are much smaller than they appear here.

  4. Hi Everyone,


    I live in Sydney and have some expensive goldfish pellet food I am not going to use up. If anyone would like this food I would be happy to post it to you. I would prefer not to waste the food. I am happy to pay the postage to anyone who lives in NSW, Victoria or Qld.


    This is the food:

    2 x 100g Hikari Oranda Gold (one unopened)

    1 x 100g Hikari Goldfish Gold (unopened)

    1 x 350g Hikari Lionhead (opened)

    1 x 90g Hikari Seaweed Extreme - sinking pellets (opened)

  5. Thanks Helen, no one did anything wrong it seems the fish are just so delicate. Problems do seem to become serious very quickly. Would you like some high end goldfish food?


    I have:

    2 x 100g Hikari Oranda Gold (one unopened)

    1 x 100g Hikari Goldfish Gold (unopened)

    1 x 350g Hikari Lionhead (opened)

    1 x 90g Hikari Seaweed Extreme - inking pellets (opened)


    Free if you think you could use them? I would be happy to post them to you, I will never use them up with one fish. I also plan to continue with gel foods and some duckweed and peas for roughage. At least I will for the for a while, I am starting to lose heart with goldfish keeping. I will see how my last fish fairs and then decide if I want to try more goldfish.

  6. Thank you Helen, FishMandy & shakaho for your kind words and feedback. I do get very attached to my fish. I am buying Chinese imports I think, I will ask at the different fish shops I go to if they get Japanese Imports. I actually feel heart sick when I see the fish suffering and nothing I do helps it.


    I have had marine aquaria with fish & corals in the past and they were easier to keep healthy than goldfish. I have four small tanks of tropical fish as well as the goldfish now and I only ever lose a fish to old age in the tropical tanks. I actually have some Neon Tetras that are still going and have so far lived twice their usual life spans.


    I was wondering if Ranchu might be hardier than the butterfly telescope eyes, the Ranchu have longer bodies which I hope could mean less swim bladder issues.


    I now have hundreds of dollars of different high end gold fish foods and only one goldfish. I will have to find someone who can use them. 

  7. Sadly when I got up this morning and checked on Buster he was dead in his tank.   :no:


    I really don't understand what I am doing wrong here. I do an 80% weekly water change which includes thoroughly vacuuming of their tank (I actually remove all the plants which are growing on rocks and driftwood so I can do a thorough job) When i test the water the parameters are always good. The tank has double the filtering capacity it needs. I only feed them gel foods now to reduce the chance of constipation and I only feed them two or three very small meals a day.


    I started with 4 fish and now I am down to the last fish which has been sitting on the bottom of the tank this afternoon for short periods. I may be anthropomorphising here but I think he misses Buster they were always swimming around together.  He swims around a lot still and when i go near the tank. He still has a good appetite. How are the fish getting infections if I keep their environment clean?


    I am a rules guy and I have been diligently following all the things I have learned here but nothing seems to work. I want to keep goldfish, I think they are beautiful but I feel like I am condemning them to a sure death if I get any more.

  8. Thought I would give everyone an update: He has been eating the duckweed and I cleaned out a fair bit of poop just now. He is still upside down most of the time. I am keeping up the water changes and adding more Duckweed to the tank. Cheers Tony 

  9. D02C459C-AF8B-41D8-BA23-2425CA498094_zps


    This is the biggest tub I have, it is only used for the goldfish tank so it is safe. I have 6 inches of water in it and the Duckweed. The small internal power filter was too powerful for this small volume of water so I will make regular water changes to keep the water safe. Would someone please advise how much water to change and how often?

    Many thanks Tony

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