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  1. Very awesome... So organized. I wish my plants where doing a better job with my nitrates... I'm changing a ton of water and have a shallow well!! Yikes!
  2. So this eye thing... I haven't seen it since I made this post - I was actually thinking it was debris... But I just saw it again yesterday... So weird.. Same location, same eye, it's inside the eye for sure. But the fish is completely normal so I guess I shouldn't worry. It was there for about 24 hours... I don't see it now.... Strange
  3. I have no idea what she could have injured it on... Just about nothing in the tank! haha oh well! I just hope there is not chance of a critter jumping out of her eye... Can't wait to move them into the main tank I'm really hoping there is no drama Thanks for your responses!!
  4. Well today I don't see the white thing... It really didn't look cloudy like a cataract but I am not a fish eye expert. So yeah... It disappeared!?!!?? I have been watching her swim around - she isn't still very often so it's hard to see... But it almost looked like there was a bit of clouding at the bottom of her eye... But yesterday the white thing was so super obvious... It is gone...
  5. As soon as I move this group into the main tank I'll start a photo thread.
  6. I hope it's nothing to worry about!!! ... I have had a lot of issues (luckily I've only lost 1 fish since I started keeping Goldie's) I think the issues all stem from poor water quality - coming from my old well - not due to my maintenance I hope. But I have to add coral (for ph) and have seen a large improvement since I started adding carbon/charcoal to all my aging water before water changes. I don't know what's in my well - but the fish don't like it. And I can't find anything in the testing I've done.
  7. Haha I forgot to attach it to the original post
  8. At first is thought it was coming out of the eye - but it is for sure inside ...
  9. New telescope from DO in QT for three weeks. Just noticed this white thing in its eye. All else is normal - fish is still looking a bit skinnier than the other telescope she came with. But I am still feeding very lightly - lots of algae in the tank to keep them busy. 4 fish in a well established 40 gallon QT - all from DO. 90% water changes once every 48 hours. Ammonia/nitrite 0 Nitrate between 5-15ppm Everyone is eating pooping and swimming normally ... No treatments since arrival - I plan to do 2 rounds of prazi before they move out of QT but haven't done anything else because they look great - even the super rotund pearscale!
  10. I have well water and have found it does fluctuate throughout the year (mainly ph - it's generally low here in Virginia) I constantly have to check it.. I age all my water for 24 hours before water changes with aeration and crushed coral. - this also gives time for everything to come to room temperature to match the tank temp. But I must say it's nice to know well water is more natural and hasn't been recycled and treated and had who knows what added to it. I am scared there might be some weird bugs living in my well as I have had some strange issues since keeping goldfish for the past 6 months... I have never had a problem with all my tropical fish (bettas and tetras) But I did have some goldfish with a microsporidia infection which I've come to find quite rare... Don't know where it came from and can't find anyone to test my well for it. :/ but they are all still alive..
  11. My tank of telescopes all gulp after feeding... 2 of them to the point of semi-floatyness on occasion. (One of them is truly having swim bladder issues... The other just sometimes floats towards the top when he is resting from time to time but doesn't seem to have any other issues. I have cut back the amount I feed and it has helped. Also why I'm trying to find more plants to feed them... As well as growing algae...
  12. He seems like he swims just fine... I gave him a boost to the surface today and he certainly got away from me without any issues! When he swims he swims upright but when he is resting he is slightly tipped forward. Staying towards the bottom of the tank but not bottom sitting. Maybe he just likes my water!?! Doesn't feel the need to go up.
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