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  1. Congrats and happy birthday! Sounds like a fantastic sale! Enjoy the new filter! (I've told my husband before to please not get me flowers for my bday, mother's day, etc and I would just get some plants for my tank instead. ) Silly me, I broke the quote box by fiddling.
  2. Now that was an awesome idea! Thank you. I got a lovely Anubis on driftwood, which even had flowers on it. Thanks fantail1 (and hubby for actually buying it
  3. This is Randy, only small, but big on personality!
  4. This is Chessie, just a baby but growing fast.
  5. Thanks shakaho, I'll check this out! Thanks diesel power, I'll make sure to find a professional tester that checks that, and the bacteria. Great advice everyone. Thank you
  6. Thanks everyone! Love the support. Most of my family just rolls their eyes though hubby is coming over to the 'gold' side rather quickly Will keep y'all posted on the new goodies. And some new water piggies coming my way too! I'm only 6 months into goldfish and I've got 3 tanks and with another on the way, and 12 fishies, with another fish at LFS on hold for collection tomorrow! I'm also making plans for an 1000L outdoor pond to be built in the summer. Kokos is an amazing wealth of information, you are all so giving with your support and knowledge. I'm not proud to say that I had 3 comets in 3 gallons of water not long ago, but it's all being rectified thanks to Kokonuts! I'm thinking about making a blog here to document my journey from fishy torture (thankfully I had no deaths) to fish paradise
  7. Thank you for the advice. I didn't think of asking in terms of aquaculture. I also didn't consider bacteria, great point. I will search around for somewhen to do a comprehensive test. I'm sure there is someone/government, I just need to hunt /ask around a bit more. Hopefully it's safe to use as I would love to set up an aquaponics system over the summer as well as making WC easier. Thank you again
  8. Oh, they were half price... Did I forget to mention that! HALF OFF with free shipping - I love a deal, and goldfish! Ha
  9. Ok, so I have the 'GOLDFISH FEVER' really bad. And I've been wanting to upgrade my filters for a while now, but everything has been $$$ and the bank account has been low. Well it's my birthday next week (30! OMG!) and long behold, the big online pet store I frequent is having a SALE! So I told hubby not to buy me anything and went ahead and spoilt myself (or spoilt the goldfish!) So I just got a aquaclear 110 HOB For my comet tank, AND a Aquaone clearview 800 for my fancy tank! Just had to share! I do feel like a dag when I'd prefer tank equipment over jewellery though LOL
  10. I always check the wattage too, I was comparing some cheap filters to some dearer ones and they can be 60w on the cheapies, and only 5w on the dear ones!!!you'll notice it on your power bill as it's running 24hours a day. A hardware saving today might cost you a bomb in overall running costs. Of course if you live somewhere where you get cheap electricity GO NUTS!
  11. Thanks for the speedy reply! I was worried about ag run off and mineral, chemical build up as I am surrounded by dairy farms. The bore pump is only connected to toilets and garden taps, so I'm unsure if it is safe for drinking. As I rent, I don't know how deep the bore is or anything much about it TBH. I'll ask around the neighbours and see what they use. I've checked the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites with API liquid test and everything is at nil. The gh/kh were good too, but I only checked that with API strips.... Not the liquid kit. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid hey , my chooks do fine on the water I'll retest with the home tests, and might chat with the long term neighbours about their water, and the LFS and if all clear then start adding 10% into WC and raise from there..... Thanks for the fast responses.
  12. Hi everyone I live in rural Victoria Australia where we don't have access to town water. I have rain water tanks and access to bore water. I'd love to be able to use the bore water instead of the tank, not only because we get droughts here and it costs a lot to get the tank refilled by tanker, but also for convenience of refilling the tanks. There is a local company that I can use to test the water. They give a reading for: Nitrogen Calcium Boron Chloride Copper Iron Magnesium Manganese Phosphorus Sodium Zinc Sulphur Conductivity PH Is there anything missing from this test that I should consider? It's $120 for the test, so I don't want to have to get it done by someone else if this company is missing something that I need to be aware of for fishies. They test water for farmers and crops watering - I doubt they have tests specific for goldfish hoarders Thanks
  13. Or should I say, how long were they? I'm just trying to work out how old some small ones I bought are in comparison.
  14. Great babies I'm just curious, how long are they?
  15. All mine are in cm's and grams, excluding and including tail listed. Sex listed where certain. Carrot - Sarasas Comet - 8.9cm - 15.5cm - 27grams - Male Pirate - Golden Common - 8.3 - 10.0 - 24 - male Bubbles - Matte/Pinkie Comet - 7.0 - 11.0 - 24 - female Lucy - Comet - 10.2 - 14.3 - 48 - female Vader - Butterfly Black Moor - 4.4 - 7.3 - 17 Chub Chub - Red Cap Oranda - 3.8 - 6.5 - 9 Po - Panda Telescope - 4.0 - 4.6 - 5 Chessie - Fantail - 3.9 - 4.7 - 5 Cosmo - Calico Ryukin - 3.0 - 5.3 - 4 Randy - Ranchu - 3.9 - 4.9 -7
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