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  1. Davids arent TVO, here is an example of TVO from SV and TV(untill 3:30). TVO are actually an older Japanese breeding form then TVR. The detail and balance in form will tell you alot about their quality as usual.
  2. Oh wow they look so great! You can move the fish entering the 2nd video from the left at 0:57 to my tank! I think i'm in love with those with the high dorsals! If the colour change will be anything like mine you will see differences in pigment on their pelvic fins and belly. The more black ones will have a yellow belly and those getting coulour more whitish, then there will be some orange on the pelvic fins and white edges. The black ones keep completely brownish pelvic fins. Really superb fish!
  3. There is nothing wrong with these fish, may be fed too little, vary foods, keep record of minerals!
  4. Raising seed fish to breed is also a very specialistic task, these are kept and fed in a completely different way. Yes, one may argue about the lifespan expectancy of those show fish, one could also imagine a fish put trough the stress of regular shows and how this would reflect on their health and lifespan. I do conclude out of extensive research that there is no limit to what will be done to ensure a good life for these fish, these keepers are very passionate about their fish. Even more so, sick fish will be dismissed from entering the competition so they must be in good health at all times! Note the surveillance camera on one of the ranchu in the vid....
  5. It might just seem a preoccupation with size, but it really has to do with showing off maximum potential of the fish AND the abilities of the breeder and/or keeper offcourse. Koi keeping is much more competitive in Azia then in our western world and winning shows with fish you own or breed is a big part of the hobby. Note that in koi judging a large part depends on the quality of the fish, size seems to reflect this to some degree. This actually is the exact same with the Fancy's we keep, the preoccupation with size also reflects on the shows for those in Azia. Not everywhere, but some categories also have a Jumbo competition. For example this video shows the jumbo svr Ranchu competing in aquarama show. These must be at least 8", seems daunting to try and raise such a big ranchu. I do however respect the skill and effort needed to reach this kind of results.
  6. Thanks so much for your kindness! Maybe some will find it interesting to see a vid of these aswell, the above pictured fish is number two to enter in the video. The fish is now 2.5 months older then in the vid.
  7. I created this cross myself, but the Ingot Oranda's look like they are oranda x ranchu aswell. Probably small differences because ingot Oranda's have been bred from different parent. The pictured fish is a she by the way
  8. Hi! My photo skills arent very good but i got a different camera and i seem to get a little better at it. I decided to practice some and make a session on one single fish each time, so i would have some lucky shots aswell Anyway hope you like, i cant stop staring at the last picture..... ITS SO CUTE!!
  9. Sorry to hear Speckle is gone. Sometimes this can be a tough hobby, but it is what it is i guess and we cant make fish live longer then us. Wish you and your fish all the best!
  10. What colour they will be eventually is very difficult to predict and also depends on the strain of the fish you bred. Fortunately the black moor colour strain is similar that the black in the thai black ranchu bloodline (kuro). So there is some indication to what you can expect. The pure RW redcap oranda x thai black ranchu mostly coloured black/orange at about 4 months and by now are allmost pure orange, other colour possible is an unstable black. The unstable black, or what some call blackgold, can turn to a pale orange or stabilize in a black on top and a pale yellow(or gold) colour below. My Orange ranchu x black thai seem to mostly turn orange via a chocolate colour. Some blackgold and some still green, but these appear to become white predominantly. Maybe some will become lilac temporarily. Orange can be a mix of many metallic colours. So i would personally expect (in deminishing %) Orange, Blackgold, Green/RW. The last i expect to change to RW or white, you can see 'red' patches under the green. To be clear, this is what i got from my own fish and i am just sharing what i have gotten from my spawn. I will also send you a PM with a link to more info(discussion) on the same colour breeding results from metallics.
  11. Yes, sometimes. She doesn't do it reliably, but now that she's upside down most of the time I think she does it more as a reflex? It is really saddening to read about your problems, especially since ive had them too obviously. I didnt realise the Ry had this problem for a long time, being new to the forum is limiting. I am glad Helen chimed in. I wish you and your fish the best and i hope there is still something you can do to help them.
  12. I would also be interested in reading the entire research, allthough it is not a new document i cant find its full content online. I must say the conclusion is rather evasive in the abstract and i would like to caution anyone reading only the abstract to jump to conclusions as it is allways possible a fish' ability to resist bacterial pathogens is compromised during medical treatments.
  13. Thanks! These are the stacked new(to me) tanks in the fishroom. These are all the fish fry i have left, i recently sold the ones in the blue tub exept the black one and one orange/brown one that wasnt very orange yet. This thread was about my big ranchu spawn from mixed Thai and Chinese ranchu, but in the video there are also some from much smaller spawns from summer(Thai genes). From the large spawn the quality is better but i culled much more in % from those, these also have a typically larger head. Interesting might be the different backcurve shapes, rounded ones, squared ones, ones with a hump and i also have 2 with a 'saddle' back. I will be keeping some specimen of either style because these all have different shapes of swimbladders. The saddleback will have 2(connected) and the hunchback has a more oranda style swimbladder. I find this extremely interesting especially because i want to be able and decide what swimbladdershape is best and select those from a spawn. Offcourse we all want a good proportionate wen shape, but especially in ranchu i would like a good and problem free swimbladder aswell! Can you imagine the hours spent examining fry's swimbladders?
  14. I'm sorry to interfere, but does the Ry start sucking in air after being fed?
  15. I like and feed the Hikari line, mostly the purple. I also feed 3mm high quality koi pellets to my addult fish, the hikari pellets are just too small for them and they just swallow them whole. I use a sinking 3mm wheatgerm 'health' pellet as a staple in the adults diet, it has pre- and probiotics, beta-glucans added and extra vitamins and minerals and is extremely digestable.
  16. Wishing you well... from the NL!
  17. Change the liner, ask family or a good friend to help. A leaking liner could get worse in times you do not have the chance to change it anymore. It might also be an idea to just make a new pond if you have the space and think the old pond could be improved anyway. Alternatively you could consider parting with some of the fish and taking the ones you fancy most indoors. Maybe some nice and big tubs are on sale that would fit in a garage or so? Many pondkeepers in my country keep their pondfish in large tubs that are made for industrial storage during winter. These are about 150 gallons and can be stacked and also smaller pondfilter can be used in this. Probably a pondshop knows of or has an affordable alternative like this.
  18. The fish seem to be healing, i'm allmost sure it was a secondary bacterial issue(nothing found under microscope), next time ill be more carefull during prazi treatments. I think it could also be an oversensitivity to the salt. Anyway, i have brought down the saltlevel and keep them on clay to recover for now. Hope all will be ok soon, i was worried sick.....
  19. Petstores are just looking for fish that will sell quickly so they will want coloured fish without obvious flaws. It took me ages to have the fish colour up naturally because their mum is black and our cold climate isnt helping, but its getting there eventually. When my fish were much smaller i had to rehome a dozen or so before moving the fish to the pond. I just called some local petstores and asked if they were willing to take some of my wild coloured fry because i would get overstocking issues if i didnt rehome some of them. One of the smaller fishstores didnt mind allthough they clearly stated that people usually tend to leave the uncoloured ones. Two weeks later i went back and found all had been sold, so why do they make such a big deal out of it? Yes some fry will have issues with changes in their diet etc, taking it slow, crushing and presoaking helps and in the beginning just feed a tiny bit just to nibble on, see how they do, then increase at next pellet feed. I have also found feeding a probiotic food is highly beneficial as it increases digestability, but i suspect it could also be hard on the digestive system at first. Not sure about that though. My question/remark before about where you would want to be in a couple of months with the fry is probably much clearer now you decided which you want to keep, great! When reading about you waterquality i suspect you are relying heavily on WC's. Which is perfect, most ranchu keepers in Japan keep their fish that way. But if you want to keep the fish in a filtered and established aquarium eventually you need to switch to this at a suitable moment and in a setup that works for the expected number of fish you want to keep. I must say that i am totally doing the opposite of what i am saying here and i just keep adding tanks it seems, but i would not advise that because of the extra work and planning it involves. So that was it, just a reminder you will be needing more room unexpectedly as the fry will go into growing out fase soon. Crazy really, to start a spawn in a 15 gallon tub and needing to expand to a 400 gallon pond(nett volume) within 5 months with just 40 fry. All considering the pond actually was too small for growout looking back, maybe i will aim for 15gallons per fry for growout next time i have a big spawn. Ill stop nagging about this now, i just wanted to share what i had to deal with, luckily your spawn isnt that big and you can more easily predict which fish you want to keep. I would personally prefer the longtails that are well dressed in these, meaning if they stop swimming their tail opens up gracefully and they have a good body to tail ratio. The shorttails are wonderfull aswell though, would be hard not to keep them all!
  20. Ohhhhh.... i love seeing munching fry! If i am correct the fish are about 3.5 months now right? At that point my feeding routine was like soaked pellets in the morning and a quick siphon of the poo, either soaked pellets, bloodworm or gelfood at lunchtime and gelfood at dinnertime. Then WC around 10 when the kids were sleeping I had been building up the tank towards biological filtration aswell, at about this point i had 2 large sponges, a small internal filter and a giant HOB, i added another HOB before taking WC's down to once every 2 days. I think at about 4 months i got a filtrationrate at about 4 times the net content of the tank and i didnt need the daily WC's anymore. I typically did 50% WC's, but like said i did build up to nitrification at this point. Did you check for nitrites and nitrates aswell? I am personally not quickly worried about ammonia when the PH is in the save zone, but you might want to be carefull when nitrification hits a big ammonia load. Another tip could be to culture some green water, i have kept my fry in my backyard pond during summer and got green water spontaneously. I was very reluctant to keep them where i could not see them but i had no choise at that time. I was so scared when i cleaned out the pond after summer, but all fry i put in the pond were accounted for and had grown very well! The cool thing about green water is that it directly consumes all ammonia, so there also is no nitrification needed. Just WC's to reduce bioload from the algea. Maybe it would be a good time to look ahead to where you want to be in the next months and shift up towards that goal. I do think making changes slowly and observing how they do is important with goldfish fry, so starting working on a plan early on would make it easier on yourself to keep up with the fry's growing demands. Please do not take this as critisism, you are doing very well!
  21. I am really happy the fish are save in a container box, nitrite is very dangerous even with salt in the tank. You have very nice parents! I hope all will be back to normal soon.
  22. Haha! It used to be our guestroom, but i doubt friends or family would like to stay there with all those fish! Thank you, no all tanks are single tanks. A little more work to WC maybe, but i can treat each tank individually this way. Especially when caring for fry i would not want a system hookup. WC of multiple tanks is no biggy though, i just use a spare gardenhose so one can drain and another can fill. I actually have more work cleaning the filters, but generally i manage cleaning those during WC. As of now i think i'm on 3 hours per WC/cleaning round.
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