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  1. Springtime is best, then you can look forward to growing fish out in ponds etc. If you breed during winter, like i am now, you must rehome fry very early or think of some way to heat large quantities of water which will be very expensive. You can condition fish to spawn in spring, but not young fish in their first year. Those will have eggs when they reach maturity and need to be spawned then. Most breeders will not use these first eggs but will wait for them to be conditioned and spawning in springtime.
  2. Ahah, so you do know....... I have bred Koi and my father before me, many years tought me to see there is no way to cheat in this hobby of ours. If you ever want need my help be sure to ask.
  3. You will be in shock after you see this vid!! The same Oranda spawned again this afternoon!
  4. Thanks all for the interest! Much appreciated! Yes i can take a Nikon from work now, much better. My wife took most of the pictures though Dont know i i still have them in June, i doubt i can keep that many fish in the fishroom for that long. Youre welcome though! Probably many Sakura and some Calico. Some metallic aswell, i have finished the spawn crossing to a Thai RW male.
  5. Getting some goldfish eggs to grow out is a good place to start Its not a problem to fit breeding into a fulltime job routine, youll need to get up early and skip on watching TV in the evening untill the work is done. How much time youll need depends in how well you have set up and how big your spawn is. There is not much really costly about breeding in terms of gear, a few sponge filters, tubs and used tanks will go a long way. Only a better brineshrimp hatchery can be costly but using bottles does work if in a tight spot. A breeding setup can just be stored(stacking tubs!) untill you have time to breed again, so its a one time investment. The culling part is hard and very different when you have a large spawn or just a few fish. Probably everyone can imagine when facing hundreds of fry you know you need to cut the numbers to keep them healthy. I 'console' myself with the fact that nature does not provide this natural selection so i have to do it. The parents of the fry often get the culls like it should be. Ive read that in nature only about 1% of total eggs layed make it to adults. I'm saying i have to console myself with the idea because it is hard, some even say: Cull till it hurts, then cull more! The is a but i must say in all honesty, sometimes i see someone growing out really deformed fish and i realise it IS a must in goldfish breeding to cull those that are not good or even nice looking. I do understand that someone has a hard time culling older fry, so learning what to cull for and culling as early as possible is very important because its simply easier. Harsh as that all may sound it belongs to goldfish breeding, another part is that you should not expect too much. Many things can go wrong and there is a big chance you wont be able to get one nice looking and healthy fish from a spawn. You can increase chances of breeding decent fish if you up the scale of things, handspawn the eggs instead of scraping them from the bottom of the tank, all ways to increase numbers and therefore the chance your effort will give you beautyfull and healthy fish! This to me is the ultimate goal, if for some reason i do not think i will be able to reach that goal ill just clean out that spawn. That is what my task is as a hobby breeder, provide extremely good care for the fry and make sure i end up with healthy truely beautyfull fish to rehome!
  6. So lets start this thread about my Sakura Oranda spawn, they hatched yesterday and it is a big spawn, more than 1000 wee lill' wigglers It has been quite busy caring for the eggs, my other fish and getting all the supplies i will need this week. But all is done and the first batch of BE is cooking! Very exiting obviously, trying to keep it all manageable. Incubation took 4 days at 22C. I WC 50% 2 times per day. The eggs after 48 hours. Hatching on day 4, they are born on december 8th 2014. Digesting the eggsac. Day 5. Oranda headquarters! Hopefully all will go well and we all may enjoy seeing them grow up!
  7. I would personally pick more then one at least, so 2 or 3. It seems to me that those catching my eye most (seem most interesting to watch) also develop best. One thing i am sure of, small faults in small fish become bigger faults in bigger fish...... Its better for the fish to rehome them early, sooner or later youll run into trouble if you would keep them all. I'm glad youve read the warning signs, occasional floatyness is often a first sign of trouble.
  8. Ruinemans is an international importer, he is one of the very few who can deliver worldwide but only to petshops etc. Our importer Dino handpicks high quality goldfish in azia and imports those trough his channel. Very different approach and he also gets many fish from small breeders unlike the massive commercial channels and fishfarms. This small quality emphasizing way of working is something i really think works for the fish, note that my new oranda were allmost instantly spawning when i got them, a sure sign they are in perfect health and shipped with the utmost care for the fish!
  9. Ben also buys fish from the same importer i am buying fish from. Ben has a different taste in fish and also buys bigger size fish then i. So all these fish and many, MANY more are available trough this same contact. As far as legislation is consearned all i know is that you can take common pets(goldfish) into another EU member country without breaking the law. You should quarantine them once you are home. For the UK and Norway you would need proper documents to take the goldfish into your country, i think its called a cites permit or something like that. You can get it at the customs before getting the fish into your country. Since Denmark and Germany are full economical EU members there is no such customs procedure for goldfish afaik. If you want to commercially import and sell goldfish you buy or breed you need to have a business licence and proper permits. AFAIK It is not possible to send life animals trough the mail without dealing with all de (vertinary) custom checks and paper work, this is a very costly procedure. Having legislation preventing animal suffering is obviously a good thing, being able to get some amazing goldfish into your home and hobby is another.
  10. I will look and ask if my importer contact can see a way to export to other countries aswell.
  11. Just keep the portions small if you keep feeding, and crush the pellets into a crumble. You can also grind the pellets in a pepper mill, very convenient.....
  12. I understand the problem, i had the same problem at some point. I was lucky to be able to take them outside in a pond during summer so i could prolong difficult decisions about which to keep. For me the fish i found most interesting at about 2 months still are, those are the keepers. I am happy i made alot of pictures of the fish i let go. I think it is completely normal to have problems letting go of your fry. It belongs to breeding and i do hope my fry help other keepers to enjoy the hobby just as much as i have enjoyed them. Yes, it will take some time raising fry, but who wants to watch TV anywayz
  13. Why dont you ask Helen. Prazi 100% powder is very strong medication, you may not want everyone to be able to just order it once youve tried it.
  14. Please dont feel bad, it is clear you are doing your best! Please dont panic, it does not make any difference if you would stop feeding a couple of days or if you would slow down on feeding. Just do not increase water level suddenly and keep the daily WC's. One mistake i madewith my ranchu is that i didnt plan ahead enough, deslecting goldfish and working towards a solid housing for remaining fish is what you should be worrying about. At one point i even called any pet shop in my area to please take some of my fry for free and explained my kids didnt want to let them go but they were growing so fast i would have to put them down otherwise.
  15. Thanks you for the positive feedback! I must excuse myself for claiming the metallic fish are also japanese, they most likely are Thai after all, lovely none the less! 48hr update on the eggs: 80% smilies!
  16. Now in their new Q tank, two japanese RW Oranda, both male. Very different then the smaller sakura, but very beautyfull if you ask me
  17. Matsu and the lady's, seems like nothing has happened yesterday..... Is that a little smurk on his face?
  18. Eggs, handspawned them in those plastic tubs this afternoon, they were allready spawning in the tank. I put the egged tubs into a large tub now with alot of airation. Will decide tomorrow on what to do with them. The parents are doing great, Matsu(the male) looks a bit cheated though
  19. Thanks very much all, probably all those good vibes made them very happy. Or i acidentally brought home some waterBUNNIES!
  20. I am sorry if my response is out of place since this is a D&D thread. I 'must' however add to the possibility of overfeeding here, in my experience this is exactly what happens when fry are fed too much. The fasting will probably give a quick result, but will reappear when heavily fed. If this is the the case you probably should feed about half of what you are feeding now. When coming out of the summers season, so in fall, i allready start reducing the portions and now in winter, allthough the tanks are 20C degrees, i choose to feed little and of very high quality because goldfish do seem to slow down their digestive system during the change to winter season even is water temperature is ok.
  21. Thats a nice one! Hope it will keep the black for a long time!
  22. Thanks Mikey, The top two pictures are of the same little male with plenty attitude! The third pic is the second sakura and seems to become female but is not sexually mature yet. These sakuras have nearly no reflective scales.
  23. Hi all! I have new Oranda's! I estimate these are about 6 months now and getting sexually mature. I have a group of 5 of these, 3 are sakura like the two shown and 2 are RW metallic, but those are still in detox (very cloudy water). But will update on those once they are in main Q tank! I'm looking forward to grooming and keeping these in addition to my ranchu collection!
  24. [DNAlex removed.] Edit: But a friendly request to provide pics from said TVO parents may be accepted if such a claim is made?
  25. Whatever, let us trust our David to provide TV and SV of the parents. (< this is a dot, no further discussion possible by me) Ask Ichthius about Corrie, i hope you will get the truth out of him this time.......
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