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  1. Omg! Hope the mods will help you soon. Please do not give up yet, it looks like a beautyfull oranda!
  2. Thank you for the interest. Important in my way of handling these large spawns is a seperate incubation tub, 90% daily WC's and letting each tank cycle with the fry in(so also with new sponge filters). Something i discovered this morning is that my third batch (which is not doing as well as expected) has a diatom bloom going on. In the other two batches i have had such a bloom much earlier and i know this is an important stage in the cycle. The bloom disappears after the next 90% WC. I hope this did not damage the #3 batch too much, note to self how strictly one should keep their records and maintain a certain balance trough WC and feeding. I do remember having overfed the #3 batch at one time and had increased WC's after cleaning up the mess, probably this had interrupted the cycle.
  3. Thanks! Its really amazing to see them grow, much more so in RL offcourse. Having so many fry it is hard to keep having everything ready when they need it. I really need to keep planning ahead and keep making room for them to grow out. I have enough room for another month or so, but then i need to have some large growout pond ready or i have to sell them young. Maybe even do both....... Some tough decisions coming up, best to decide early and not let things get out of hand!
  4. And another week passed!
  5. I am with Shakaho, embrace the green water if it appears in your pond. Green water will teach you alot about goldfish and how to keep them outdoors.
  6. Why not just hatch some brineshrimp? I have tried to get some daphnia culture going some time ago and thought about feeding earthworms since ive read these are very nutricious and easy to get in my yard. But simply hatching some BBS seems the easiest and savest way to feed life foods to me at least. The adults enjoy the tiny critters just as much by the way! I would personally not feed storebought life food for fish, i had many bacterial related problems when feeding those.
  7. Underfeeding would definately mess up a spawn, only the faster swimming fry would be getting a good portion of BBS. Possibly leaving you with single tails and runts. Overfeeding BBS is hardly possible i think, you only need to siphon what is left over when you fed too much, but a daily siphon and WC is needed anyway. But anyway, it has been christmas and santa was not too busy to hatch plenty of BBS Batch #1 is from 8 december, #2 from 15 december and #3 from 23 december. So roughly they are a week apart. The tanks are 125cmLx50cmDx30cmH for size reference.
  8. Update on the fry, you can see by now batch #1 would have bursted out of the tank if i would not have culled this drastically. The remaining fry are so increadibly beautyfull though, fills my heart.....
  9. Ive tried to make pictures of the double swimbladder but ended up with enlarging some general shots i'm afraid. They just won't sit still! It should be clearly visible what i mean with the double swimbladder though.
  10. A double or lobed swimbladder is a long swimbladder which has a front and a back lobe. I personally think fry that have this kind of swimbladder have a better buoyancy control and balance out better. Shorter swimbladders can be fine, but there are also fish with an egg shape swimbladder which seem to get a spinal deformity later on. As these are still very small you can see right trough them. You can also see which have a crooked spine or an internal deformation at this stage in their development. It is of the utmost importance to cull fry, not only to reduce numbers but also to keep deformaties out of future breeding stock or if this is the case out of the later fish you are going to rehome or sell. This is also the reason why i do not grow out accidental or small spawns. Especially the Fancier Goldfish genetics carry alot of defects which makes breeding them more complicated.
  11. I have culled Batch #1, there were soooo many. These are selected for a nice tail and double(lobed) swimbladder, i have about 250 in this batch now out of about 2000 i thing. Not an easy task, but seeing these beautyfull fry having all the space and food they need makes up for the loss of the others a bit.
  12. It will be the most enjoyable vacation for me koko! So much work i can just keep going and make things better! I do understand this may seem daunting to some, but i do know what to do!
  13. The tapwater is running at its lowest speed and does not affect the fry, it looks to be very strong but the actual flow from siphoning in water trough an airline is also pretty strong current for fry. One problem you might want to prevent is having unhatched eggs or eggshells from the BBS in your tank. Fry that eat those in their first few feeds will die. This is because these are not digestible to fry and the fry do need to put energy into eating these and passing it trough their digestive tract. So BBS needs to be as shell/eggfree as possible. Once the fry have accepted the BBS as their food they will leave the unhatched brineshrimp eggs alone and you can siphon them off. I seem to have sorted this BBS first feeds, only had a couple that died because they were unable to eat at all. But i think this is a genetic thing and will allways occur.
  14. The third batch hatched today Yafashelli! Total about 5000 fry! Probably this would seem worrying to some, but i need to spend hours of culling then move them to indoor ponds(which i have) and i'm working on a plan to rent a 200m2 outdoors pond after that. Planning ahead is a good thing. Have a great christmas and change of year everyone, i'm doing all i can for the little ones
  15. Thank you for the kind responses, The other two Sakura's seem to be OK again, even more so they even contributed a third spawn! Now to figure out how to stop their spawning spree, enough is enough! Anyone have any ideas, maybe a cold shower??? The second spawn is eating their first BBS at this moment and the first spawn is growing fast! After the other sakura died i replaced all filtermedia and cleaned everything as thorough as i could. I really hope this will be ok and whatever caused the death of the other sakura female is under controll now. Ill make a video next weekend, lots to do for christmas aswell!
  16. Great recovery! If this was a petstore video i would take the one at 0:30. I think he's really nice, and with that HUGE dorsal he could easily sail over the herringpond to my tank!
  17. Lots of fry, lots of work! Good thing i have the hollidays coming..... Anyway i had some time to make a small vid of the Oranda fry this morning, hope you enjoy! Allthough overjoyed with the fry, i feel sad because i lost one of the sakura females, the prettier not spawning one. She just went in a matter of hours, i found she had some gilldamage but i think the whole import and spawning stress may just have been too much for her. Doing my best to keep the other two sakura on the road to recovery, they at least stopped actively chasing so i hope they will get better soon! The BBS hatchery is running smoothly now, and the second batch of fry has finished hatching today, so second batch is from 15 december 2014. Ill try to update more often, next couple of weeks ill spend alot of time in the fishroom!
  18. I'm sorry to say it's neither a butterfly nor a Moor. This might seem disrespectfull but it is a cull in either standard. Cute, yes very cute, if cute was a standard it would definately be a keeper
  19. I was too, someone i know and trust, who runs a koi breeding farm, says you can use them once the fry have eaten BBS for a week. But he personally prefers to switch fry over to some special formulated artemia replacement dried food(allmost ground to dust) from week 3 and fully on dried food at 4 weeks. He does have an automated filter system though.... i want one too, under the christmas tree please dear Santa!
  20. Decapsulated BS are not suitable for GF baby fry i have read, the eggs are larger then BBS and still have a membrane which does not dissolve easily. Also they mess up the waterquality much more then BBS. Yes i will need to have a big hatchery or many literbottles. But not right away, they can only eat 1 or 2 BBS at their first feed
  21. Yes, I keep meaning to get new pictures taken! It's much easier to appreciate each one individually this way, and I'm really enjoying that. I had raised the water the last few inches over the course of one day (the day of my D&D thread) so that I could run the HOB without too much water disturbance. They seem to be doing well, except for last night when apparently I did my water change too quickly. Two were hanging out at the top - not belly up, but not too happy with me either. I will have to go even more slowly I guess. I would really like to feed them more... I've just been doing once a day, I wonder if I can try adding a second feeding back in? It's also amazing how fast I feel myself going from 'never again' and exhausted by it, to 'hmm, what would it take to get a better setup for this?' Ugh.... how about thousands of fry But anyway, i managed to scratch together a first BBS feed today, trying different ways to get the BBS as clean as possible, i really think there should be an easy way to get that done much quicker! You should wait with feeding more, let the biological filtration do the work first. Then you can ease a bit on the WC's also. Quick seeding from an established system will give you a basic nitrification in 1-2 weeks depending on temperature mostly. Go with the flow
  22. Looking forward on a full report on the ones youve kept. Are you slowly increasing water depth?
  23. It would be a great idea to if you started a thread on this ranchu spawn of yours, its allways interesting to learn about how others breed and keep their fish.
  24. I need to either sell them early, so have them colour up early aswell, or find more room indoors to grow them out. Probably have to do both..... We will have to see how they grow and what the quality is, but i do need to cull alot of these. They are getting free swimming now, so i have still some time to plan ahead and prepare.
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