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  1. At some point BBS just isnt enough anymore. Wet foods like FBW and Gelfood are preferrable, but i raise my fry on dry food. It is less expensive and lets you identify digestive problems early on. This sounds cruel to some maybe but i feed my adult fish pellets and i do think those fish raised on wet foods are prone to swimbladder issues when switching them to dry foods later on in life. I have fed gelfood during a full season, also to older fry. A disadvantage of gelfood is that the proteines in gelatin is not as essential to fish then say the proteines in fish meal. The fry i fed gelfood as a large part of their diet were very healthy but didnt grow as quickly then the fry i raised on pellets. Also in -my experience- body depth and mass can be groomed better with pellets versus a leaner and presumably healthier gelfood diet. In any case the quality of the foods provided, wet foods or dried, will be most important i think. I cant source good quality controlled fbw where i live so i have to make due with what i can get though......
  2. What are you feeding? If still feeding just BBS you should expand, at least they will be needing alot of energy at this point. Looking good though!
  3. Thanks Kath, missed all of you aswell, but RL has to take priority....... Still doing all i can for the Oranda and many allready found a home via a friendly shop, hope those sakura oranda also convince their keepers to dig into goldfish keeping more fanatically! Kind regards, Henk
  4. Just a few pics before the last are sold off and the keepers go into the ponds. Have had a VERY busy few months so sorry for not updating before! Greetings and love the fishies!
  5. I would add a little clay to the system to prevent mineral decomposition.
  6. Gathered from unscientific recources i assume personally that wen is a genetic inflammatory reaction or at least starts as such. And problems in this has alot to do with Dissolved Organic Carbon(DOC). So yes, IMHO wenhaving fancies are more fragile then more common ones.
  7. I think its allright to slow them down a bit after fry stage, it seems to me they adjust better to a 'normal' aquarium setup that way. What you could consider is trying to find a growth chart, just to get a general idea what their potential size would be like as an adult. After fry stage i also slow them down a bit, also to deselect those that develop intestinal problems. The final selection will need plenty of space in the growout fase. With last years ranchu i started growout with about 10 gallon per fish but i think i will try with much more this time with the oranda. The growout fase is what will produce the adult size you are aiming to accomplish. Just my thoughts though, Your fish look great and gratz on the colour change!
  8. It would be hard to discuss ethics of a hobby when it is a necessary evil? I have bred some of my fancies, probably the most ethical and sustainable alternative. But there is no platform to promote such an effort where i live and rehoming them becomes very hard with the massive commercial imports everywhere. I personally think the only thing you could do as a hobbyist is seriously consider buying fish that are bred locally, if this is not possible then just breed some yourself
  9. Just follow japanese method......
  10. Thanks Koko, I am trying to compose a routine in breeding/raising fry that i think will give similar results to anyone trying to raise fry in our 'western' way. Not foolproof but i will make an effort at least. Lets hope we can help eachother along in this timeconsuming but amazing hobby! Regards, Hinfin.
  11. Some more pics, colours and shape seem to get more consistent, very active aswell!
  12. Wenissues might be related to the spawning, released eggs can harm the waterquality very quickly and might cause wenissues. 1. 0.1% salt with the fry is fine, i also have a small amount of salt in the fry tanks. 2. Fertilized eggs allmost stick immediately, if they do not stick i doubt they are fertilized. 3. Depending on the climate and growtrate a healthy goldfish is fertile between 6 months and 1 year, so its fine to breed these.
  13. Thank you, very kind. Feeding in this stage is difficult, feed too little and you will get many runts, feed too much and some will overeat(causing SB issues). Also a big body and gut will promote growth in growout fase. In my experience (however limited), the fry that overeat will still have this SB issue when they get older. At this moment i'm losin 1-2 fry out of over 200 fry per week due to this overeating. A sad truth maybe, but if the tradeoff is having to cull many more stunted fish what would be the best option? I am trying to select the best and the strongest in these, but sometimes it isnt as easy as it may seem. I am happy though that i am able to do this without commercial intent and because of that i can choose to just set a standard in this that is very high. I have sold my surplus to a good LFS and final selections will have to be made in the next week or two, then growout fase..... #exited!
  14. And some more pics this sunday! Nice wen development this week, more pictures from batch #2 this time.
  15. Thanks Mr. Hyde. This sunday's update!
  16. Would be fun to see some ending up all over the map! No, the hobby for me is to breed GF and selling/shipping them would just distract from this part of my hobby. I do hope i can find a seller who will buy my surplus and is able to ship them internationally. Probably you do understand how time consuming it is to care for fry right? Oh definitely! In some ways I would love to do what you are doing, but feel my small-town location would hurt me at re-homing time. I would feel the need to school everyone on proper care, or have a stringent adoption process... Please do let us know if you find someone to partner with for that part. Very understandable and i do agree, i still have the backup plan to just rent a big pond somewhere if i cant get these fish rehomed properly. I will let you know if international shipping becomes possible, but i doubt ill be able to for this spawn. Hahaha, overwhelming for sure. In earlier posts i said i am allways planning ahead, this is vital to breeding because if you dont plan ahead you will end up being caught up in your usual husbandry routine so much you cannot keep up with the extra tasks like culling, changing/adding your setup, making arrangements for rehoming etcetera.
  17. No, the hobby for me is to breed GF and selling/shipping them would just distract from this part of my hobby. I do hope i can find a seller who will buy my surplus and is able to ship them internationally. Probably you do understand how time consuming it is to care for fry right? Oh no, it is very much a zen thing, if a fry accidentally gets too much (dry) food it bottoms out for a while so i'm allways keeping an eye out for that. Feeding too little is very bad aswell, most defects in fry are caused by bad water quality or the wrong quality in food so youre allways trying to keep up with demand without ruining your waterquality. Very rewarding to see it working ok though and i love those cute sakura!
  18. Time for some pictures, most have a little wen by now, very cute fishies if i may say so myself. Excuse the dirty glass, i forgot to clean the outside of the tanks....
  19. The flukes issue is a mayor one no doubt about that. Ive had them in my ranchu fry last spring and saw alot of locked open or deformed yaws. This time with my Oranda fry i followed a very strict protocol to prevent investations of any kind by other established systems i have running, relying heavily on WC's and cycle with 'fry in' and new sponges/filters. Ive had no issues whatsoever, no locked yaws, no fungus or bacterial infections. The only issue i have is fry that overeat, just a few though. Food for thought i would say.
  20. Thank you for the positive feedback! Yes it is a dounting task to care for so many fish, might even be a fulltime job if i would count the hours. Probably my lack of interest for watching TV helps The vid was taken with an extreme wideangle actioncamera, so when i'm walking around all the straight lines bend because the camera is not leveled. When i place the camera against the glass this does not happen. Excuse the confusion, they are not bowfront tanks. The oranda fry are 5 to 7 weeks now. The matte/sakura/calico start as white and gain respective colours as they grow. The metallics are still in their baby greens and will probably stay like that for some time. About 20% are metallic RW.
  21. Thanks for the positive feedback! There are just so many fry i need to keep planning ahead. Untill now they have done very well, maybe they are a bit behind in growth but they are all very lively and eating well. I now feed BBS and a fry crumble, for the BBS i was using 2x 5liter bottles which wasnt enough anymore. There are about 250 fry left after culling them all 2 times. I still havent culled for colour yet, still undecisive about that. In this vid you can see the fry rack as i run it now. I have added a 200-400l/hr adjustable internal filter and slowly raised the tank level to 30 cm water hight. The tanks and tub contain the folowing spawns(from bottom to top): tub = batch #3; lowest tank= batch #2; middle tank is batch #1b; top tank is batch #1a. Batch 1a and 1b are just devided between the two tanks, needless to say this was the largest batch of eggs but also the best quality fry. Probably this first spawn got the most benefit from not having to share BBS and such, i'm not exactly sure. Anyway, thanks again and enjoy the vid!
  22. I tought i should do a short update tour on the fishroom, showing many of the oranda fry i have at this moment. Hope you enjoy!
  23. Pic update! My God what insane amount of work i have gotten myself into But finally things are getting manageable. Ive culled alot this weekend, you can see much more by now and i'm pretty sure is have a nice selection ready for growout in a month or so!
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