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  1. Thanks! Almost went for black sand but chose this one for the brightness of it
  2. Thanks! I try to keep it that way
  3. Giving it a shot and I like it a lot so far! Before: After: Closeup of the sand I chose: Share your thoughts ?
  4. What method is used to clean sand? I'm thinking of going that way too I just hover the Python over top of the sand. On occasion I will "dig" into the sand (like you'd do with gravel) to move the sand around as my fish have a habit of moving the sand from the back of the tank to the middle, making the sand unevenly spread around. So I will pick up/push the sand back to where I want it . . . only to be moved again by the fish. What method is used to clean sand? I'm thinking of going that way too I use a spoon to mix the sand and a little cloud of "dust" puffs up and i put my tubing over to suck the dust out. I move from spot to next spot til I cover the entire tank. This is poop that's settled. Those snails and bn pleco make more poop than you think Ohh, I see! Sounds easier than I thought! Thanks to you both
  5. What method is used to clean sand? I'm thinking of going that way too
  6. Yes they do, I have both and had to change to sinking ones.
  7. I love the contrast of the colourful plants against the black gravel. A black background would look great too
  8. They're so cute! Can we please see a full tank shot?
  9. I need input to determine the sex of my new fishy friend Even though I'm conscious she/he might still be too young to tell / might be hard to tell from pictures... Thanks in advance !
  10. Thanks everyone for all the kind comments! I am also hoping to see it grow big and strong!
  11. I have the same problem with my fish, Fiona. She has tiny bubbles of air in her tail. I corrected the way I fill my tank but after 3-4 weeks I'm still waiting for it to go away! Good luck with your fishies!
  12. I know right? One of the reason I picked it aside from its coloring! Thanks!!
  13. I brought him/her home 2 days ago and that's how long I was able to wait before showing pictures ?
  14. Thanks for your kind words it means a lot!!
  15. Ohh WOW Good job! It looks amazing
  16. This is appreciated thank you!
  17. I am. On the last day before wc it got between 0 and .25 ppm but I am redosing the prime
  18. Thanks for your input. I will set up her Qt tank now and wait to see what a mod says!
  19. Thanks for the support ! I also hope this isn't too severe and she gets better soon
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