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  1. Ohh sweet! I've been wondering how these felt goldfish are made! Do you have a video on it?
  2. Thanks !!! Thanks to you! We say thanks Teeny tiny little cutie! Hehe, thanks! Thank you !!!
  3. Thanks!! It is !! Lucky us !!! Thanks a lot !!! Can't wait to see how she/he uses this potential hehe Thank you
  4. Thank you !!! Calico is just the best of both worlds in my opinion In a pet store... Surprinsing find! They usually have the worse fish! Thanks!!!
  5. Thank you Surely is a little jewel Hehe for sure ! Thanks HAHAHA
  6. She said she was over the quarantine process and that whole prazi, salt, prime, water changes... But I was a freshly arrived newbie and she came for another spontaneous little trip to my new "home". I was confused, but I knew just what face to pull and what way to wiggle my little fins... She fell for it and I was brought home...she weighted me... 7 grams! Here I am. Am I as cute as she says I am? I am still unnamed
  7. I love the colors on your oranda! Wow
  8. I have a soft spot for orandas and yours are beautiful!
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