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  1. Can you spare both Metro-Meds and Medi-Gold Kat? Please feel free to say no if you cant, I dont want to pressure you into giving away too much of your supplies.... Again, thank you for the advice Koko and Jared!!
  2. You are such a star! If there is anything I can ever do for you in return just say the word! Now its fingers crossed I get home and still have a live and kicking fish to weigh! I will check how long it will take me to get to you and confirm on here what time I can get there for. Koko, Jared - feel free to jump in if you dont think Metro-Meds is necessarily the best way to go.....Im still open to your suggestions and advice. D
  3. Ah ok I see, in that case I can go home after work and weigh him then head round to yours to pick them up? Is it ok to buy some Metro-Meds from you then if the mods agree with my suggested course of action above? I would love to get him started on medication tonight
  4. Hi Kat, just seen your message I havent weighed him and dont really have a clue how much he would weigh. He's fat and about the size of my clenched fist.......not that that really helps Im sure! Would I need to get home and weigh him first do you think? I can ask my fiancé to come round to collect whatever you can spare today. Just want to see what the mods think of my suggestion above as I dont want to take too much from you, rather just one thing and then I can get the rest on order as back up..... I will of course pay you for it and really really appreciate the offer! D
  5. Her eye is healing, although it has two white dots on that growth bit so I hope that isnt a fungal infection starting. Should I try the following and then can let you know how its going: If Kat could spare some Metro-Meds and I can get them tonight then start Norman on those. Carry on with Prazi and Salt. Carry on with Melafix?? In the meantime I have Kanaplex arriving tomorrow and I can order some Medi-Gold and Metronidazole Powder from the US (I dont want to clear Kat out of all meds!!) Then if Norman doesnt respond to the Metro-Meds we re-evaluate? I'm completely open to whatever you think is the best course of action regardless of how many water changes or cycle crashes it causes! Thanks Dawn
  6. Hi Jared, Norman hand feeds - does that make a difference? In that I can make sure he is eating the Metro-Meds for 14 days no problem. Squeesh doesnt hand feed though, although she isnt having the same problems as Norman. Would you recommend treating them both though in case she also has an infection? When doing a 100% water change (I havent done this apart from when moving house) do I remove the fish into a bucket and drain the tank completely then re-fill and acclimatise them to the fresh water? Do I continue to use salt? Sorry - millions more questions!! Thanks Dawn
  7. SO nice!! Would you be around tonight Kat if I were to come collect what Koko recommends? I don't want to take too much so what would be best Koko? Metro-Meds? As you say, sooner the better and I can't start Kanaplex until tomorrow evening. Overwhelmed by the kindness!
  8. Hi Kat_M, That is SO kind of you, thank you very much for your offer. Its so difficult to get any kind of antibiotic here in the UK, this is a life lessen to get some stocks in from the US so I have them on hand next time (hopefully there wont be a next time!) If the mods can let us know what they think I will need I would be eternally grateful to you My fiancé can come pick them up and pay you for them so you don't have to go out of your way at all. I had a very kind offer from someone I got in touch with who is sending me 5g of Kanaplex today so I should get that tomorrow, then I assume Metro-Meds would be good as I think Koko or Jared mentioned that before, but I'll wait and see what they advise. Thank you again for your kindness, I'm getting to the end of my options and feeling incredibly helpless, its heartbreaking to see him struggling around the tank and he seems to be getting more freaked out by it. My other fish has barely left his side, its very sweet if it wasn't such horrible circumstance! x
  9. Ok great, ill phone them first thing and if they have some I'll be able to get it after work. Hope Norman can hang on til then!!
  10. I can do that in the morning, it's 20:25 here so stores are all shut but I'll call them first thing. My fiancé has found 2 stores that stock Kanaplex - is that any good? Think that has kanamycin in it?
  11. It's so horrible to see him like that The Melafix worked on the red patches and Squeesh's open wound healed up although I've just noticed she has 2 white dots on it now. One tiny one like a grain of salt, very white, and one not quite as salt-like but still a white dot on the area that was open and has now closed. An infection? I think the kanamycin will be another week before it gets here, is there anything at all I can use to help him before then?
  12. Managed to load the video: http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/trim77C14233-0D4D-44A6-B180-DC7A86CDE5AD.mp4.html?o=0 What you see at the beginning is what he's mostly doing, just lying on his side. But then he gets up and swims around because he can see me at the tank. That red patch only appeared once he started bottom laying, it was there initially when I came to you guys for help but it went away with the numerous water changes and Melafix, now it's back I presume because he is always laying on that spot.
  13. Having trouble getting the video to load at the moment but will keep trying. He's lying on the bottom of the tank, always on his left hand side. He'll get up and swim around if I go to the tank, but he's a bit lopsided, tilts to the left, then he'll swim for a bit before sinking back down and lying on the bottom again.
  14. Ok will do, I gave him a pea to see if it would help him along but no poop yet. Squeesh seems absolutely fine on the meds, she's really active. Norman is spending the majority of his time laying on his side, not sure if it's a reaction to the meds or because of whatever is going on inside him. I tested the water just now: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 40 PH: 8.2 KH: 10 So sad seeing him struggling on his back, is he ok like that do you think? He's got a red patch on his back and dorsal - seems to be the very spot he rests on so it must be getting irritated.
  15. Yep, New Life Spectrum pellets. I was going to give them some veggies but they make such a mess with them I didn't want them to mess the water too much. Should I give him some courgette or some spinach maybe?
  16. Hi guys, I know Jared isn't available today and I'm not sure this is important enough to hit the Report button but I just wanted to put it out there in case anyone sees this and has an opinion. Norman has been flipping over now and then the past few days but it has been getting worse and since I put the meds in last night he is spending more time on his back than his front and is struggling to right himself (whereas before he was righting himself really easily) Last night I did a 50% water change, added 0.1% salt, 20mls Melafix and 2/3 of a gram of Fluke-Solve (my tank is 160 litres). Do you think this is because of the suspected bacterial infection? And is any of the treatment so far going to help with that or do I really need to find a way to get my hands on some Metro? He looks ten times better in terms of red patches etc, it's just so sad to see him lying on his back, do you think it'll pass as he gets better? Thanks Dawn
  17. Oki doki! Have a lovely time at the wedding X
  18. Ok great, Ill do a 50% water change tonight, add 0.1% salt, add Melafix and add the Prazi. Ill then stick to your schedule and complete the 4 rounds of Prazi. Ill keep you updated with how the fish react and with water parameters. Thanks again! D
  19. Thank you Jared! Im glad Ill have a good antibiotic on hand With the Fluke-Solve am I only doing one dose as detailed above and that is it? So Fluke-Solve and the 2nd dose of Melafix tonight, then just Melafix for the 5 days afterwards?
  20. No you didnt - you said Baktopur! Im losing my marbles Sorry - Ill stop pestering you soon - promise!! The Fluke-Solve arrived - phew! I've got 10g of it and the instructions say to use 4g for 1,000 litres of water. My tank is 160 litres. Should I use 2 thirds of a gram?? (1000/4 = 250litres/per gram. 2/3 of 250 is 166 - close enough?) Or can you recommend the dosage? Thanks! Dawn
  21. Ok no problem, just wasnt sure as you said Melafix is light sensitive - but I dont use a lamp in my tank so Im guessing natural light is ok then. I have a Bubble disk hooked up to a powerful air pump so there are lots of bubbles and good surface agitation. Ill test the water every day to make sure it is ok, I really want this to work out. When I do a water change do I just then add the normal dose of Melafix afterwards? Or do I need to make up for what is removed? Im still waiting for my Fluke-Solve to arrive. Did Amazon one-day-delivery and they are usually really good but it is 15:45 here and it still hasnt arrived! Fingers crossed it gets here soon! D
  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was so worried getting home last night thinking they might not have survived the day - but they were actually looking pretty good! I think being a worry wart is better than not caring though, so Ill continue to worry about them So the Melafix says a 7 day dose for open wounds and then a 25% water change. Ill continue dosing it for the next 6 days then do the water change. Ill follow the Fluke Solve instructions tonight and get that going. Is it worth throwing a blanket over the tank during the day for the Melafix treatment? Our lounge is nice and bright but the tank isnt in direct sunlight. Will a bright room be too much for it? I can cover it in the day and take it off in the evening if you think that is a good idea. Or is that over-cautious? My order of kanamycin has been dispatched Ill leave all the salt treatment, at least I have a good supply of it now though! Ill test the water tonight and let you know how it looks. Thanks again, fingers crossed things will start looking up for the wee guys This is them when they were fit and healthy, and a bit younger/smaller - I know Im biased, but how gorgeous?!?! http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/squeesh2.jpg.html?sort=3&o=35 http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/squeesh1.jpg.html?sort=3&o=38 http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/Normsingin.jpg.html?sort=3&o=17 http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/Norrmstars.jpg.html?sort=3&o=18
  23. Hey guys, Im logging off now as I have to get up at 6am I added 20mls to the tank without doing a water change as I figured I may have to do a water change tomorrow to get it out if Im to use the Prazi. Ill log on again tomorrow and chat to you then. Fingers crossed this helps them out a bit! Thanks for your help and advice, hopefully I'll sleep a bit easier tonight Dawn
  24. Or can I just add the Melafix to the tank now seeing as I did 50% water change yesterday? I tested the parameters of the tank this evening: Ammonia - 0 Nitrites - 0 Nitrates - 40 (they always are, even out of the tap) PH - 8.4 KH 9 Thanks Dawn
  25. I think I would like to try the Melafix tonight to stave off any possible infection - she is rooting around looking for food which means dragging that open wound around the bottom of the tank - Im worried something will get in there. Plus the store is closed now and I have no idea if they will have the correct Baktopur and will have wasted a day that could have been spent helping them. Do you think that is a good option? Do I do a 50% water change and add 5mls Melafix per 10gallons - so 20mls for my 160 litre (42 US gals) tank ? Or what is your recommended dosage/procedure. Thanks again for your help!!
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