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  1. Hi again! My poor fiancé has locked himself out of our flat so I need to go let him in, would it be at all possible for me to pick it up on Monday? Tuesday night is the dose Ill be missing so if I could come to East Finchley on Monday or Tuesday would that be ok? Let me know what suits you and Ill work around that Thank you again for your kind offer! Dawn
  2. Thank you so much Kat, Ill be in touch on Monday Have a wonderful weekend!!
  3. Thank you Kate! Ive just replied to your message in the other thread. You are so kind, thank you so much! Kat, would I be able to come and get some Metro from you on Monday after work? Would that suit you? I must stop stealing your meds!! Im going to put a big order in and reimburse you How much would I need Jared? 160litre tank. You guys are all so awesome, I really really appreciate all this help, cant believe how kind everyone is being. Ill be sure to pass the good Karma on once everything is settled Oh - another question Jared - when I dose the Kanaplex tonight - am I just dosing what I take out (50%) or the whole tank? I will try to take out more water if my back allows THANK YOU!
  4. Thank you so much! That is really kind of you! Would your boyfriend mind if I came to collect it after work tonight? My number is ########### if you want to pass it on to him. I work near Tottenham Court Road and just have a few things to finish off at work then could head to East Finchely? Thank you, thank you!! You guys are all so awesome
  5. Oh my goodness Kat you are so kind! You're right Jared I dont have that on order. Would I need to borrow that even if my kanamycin shows up in time?
  6. Thanks for the encouragement Jared Trying to stay positive Ok so tonight I will do 50% water change with a 100% dose of Prime. 0.1% salt Kanaplex Prazi And keep my fingers and toes crossed!
  7. Hi everyone, I have a thread on here about my 2 poorly goldfish who have popeye and suspected internal bacterial infection. I've just started Kanaplex but unfortunately I dont have enough for the full 10 days as recommended by the mods. As Im in the UK it is nigh on impossible to get hold of any quickly. I have some Kanamycin on order but I dont know if it will arrive in time. Does anyone have any spare I could borrow please? I'd be sure to replace it!! I feel like Im at the last chance saloon with my little guys so I really need this treatment to work and really dont want to stall it after only 3 doses. This is my thread: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118849-helpadvice-for-2-poorly-goldfish/ If anyone has any I would be eternally grateful! Thank you Dawn
  8. Oh I had no idea that forum was there! Fantastic, Ill pop in there and see if anyone can spare some and be sure to reimburse Thank you!
  9. , got my dates wrong, ideally I need it on Tuesday 30th. Really hope it arrives in time! Any advice on what to do if it doesnt arrive in time? Start the treatment again from scratch? I have 15 grams ordered. I tested the water this morning and the Nitrite was 0. It was 6:15am so still a bit dark and harder to tell the Ammonia colour but it was either 0 or 0.25 - it was a light colour. Ill test it again when I get home tonight and post on here what it is then you can let me know if you think I need to do 100% or 50% water change. Really hope its 50% as my fiancé wont be there to help! haha! I should be able to post the results about 18:30 GMT so if there is any chance you could check back then and let me know your thoughts that would be great as I dont want to go ahead and do anything before consulting you first. Should I be seeing any improvement in the fish yet? Because Im not They are both bottom sitting, Norman upside down alot and Squeesh's eye looks like it might burst again, its getting a pale mark on it like the skin is stretched and last time that happened it popped. Would love to see them getting a bit better. Time will tell I guess!
  10. Ok cool, it's scheduled for delivery between friday 26th and Wednesday 8th. Ideally I need it on Tuesday 7th so fingers crossed!!
  11. It's the other way round - I'd be switching from Kanaplex to straight kanamycin. So that should be ok?
  12. This was sent to me by a nice man who knows some aquatic vets here in the UK so it only took one day to arrive. I have some Kanamycin already on order - does it have to actually be Seachem Kanaplex that I carry on with or if the Kanamycin arrives can I swap to that? Not sure if there is anything extra in Kanaplex or is it just branded?
  13. Thanks guys 100% water change, 0.1% salt, Kanaplex = done last night Checked ammonia and nitrite this afternoon = both 0 I only have 5g of Kanaplex and my tank is 160litres. At 180mg per 20 Litres I make it that I only have enough for 3 whole doses. 4 doses would be 5.7grams. Are my maths correct? Will 3 doses be enough or shall I order some more from the US and hope it arrives in time? Both fish look great, but are miserable as sin and bottom sitting all day. No red patches and eye looking good though - so that's something!
  14. Great idea, I have a large plastic container, a spare HOB filter and some ammonia. I could take out some of the ceramic media from my canister and pop it in there for the 10 days then transfer back to my canister at the end of the treatment to jump start the cycle again. Mods is this ok? Or would that transfer harmful bacteria back to the tank? If it's ok is putting the media into the box loose ok, or would it need to be actually in the HOB? And should I remove only a small amount from the canister or a large chunk? Took me sooooo long to cycle this tank first time round, hopeful that won't happen again....!
  15. Sounds good! So I guess there is no way to save any of my BB? They'll just have to build up with water changes and the tank cycle again? The fish were perky this morning!
  16. Thanks guys, I'm happy to go down the Kanaplex route - I really need something that's going to sort them both out as this two pronged attack isn't working so far. Thanks for the advice on the garlic Kat, I'll keep that in mind if I need to treat them both, I'm worried about Squeesh eating it when she isn't supposed to. Norman is being so weird I think I could wait an eternity for him to eat something he's actually supposed to! I live in Hackney by the way FantailFan I tried to get a photo of Squeesh's eye but she completely freaked out when I put the tank light on (it's never usually on but need it for decent photos) and I was worried she was going to hurt herself so gave up. It looks pretty much the same as the previous photo - just a bit of white sticking out but there is red at the base. It almost looks like a hole with white fluff growing out if it. I think it is healing though, it looks better. I can start the Kanaplex tomorrow - could you advise on what I need to do? You mentioned 100% water change, so I guess ill pop them both in a holding box, drain their tank, refill and add 0.1% salt but NO Melafix. Then I'm assuming the Kanaplex will have instructions. I need to start the second round of Prazi on Friday, does Kanaplex stay in the tank? Do I need to re-dose after the 50% water change? Also, if it kills my cycle how is best to manage that? Check the water readings daily and do small water changes as needed and add the Kanaplex that's removed? And the Prazi too? Sorry for all the questions, this level of medicating is not something I've done before, appreciate your help! Thanks Dawn
  17. It's no use, he won't eat it I moved Squeesh into another container when I did the water change to get the first round of Prazi out. I refilled the tank and put a little pile of Metro-meds mixed with NLS pellets to try to disguise them but he ignored the whole lot. Not interested at all, although he will eat peas and NLS pellets so he just doesn't want the MM. I left him on his own for a bit but he didn't eat any of it so I sucked them up with my turkey baster (which is only for fishy use!! Haha!) to get them out before putting Squeesh back in. Maybe I should have done it the other way and tried to feed him before the fresh water but it's done now and my back is killing me, can't handle another water change tonight Incidentally when I was sucking up the pellets I noticed a fleshy white and red looking 'thing'. I scooped it out and binned it before thinking I should have photographed it for you to see. It was small, looked like the fuzzy white stuff off Squeesh's eye (which has dropped off) but with a bit of a blood red core? I managed to swab her eye with a wet Q-tip while she was in her holding pen too (no HP on it, the shop was out of it). The big white bit has gone and it looks much neater but does have a bit of red in it. Maybe red (flesh/blood) is better than white (fungus)? Not sure what to do about Norman, should I start Kanaplex tomorrow? Reluctant to wreck my cycle but if it's the only other option then I guess I have to unless I can get him eating these meds. He's just spitting them out as soon as I can get them in his mouth at the minute. Unhelpful little so-and-so!! Water params were ok just before water change: Ammonia: 0.25 Nitrite: 0 PH: 8.4 I think, so a bit raised Didn't do KH or Nitrate In the water now: 0.1% salt 20mls Melafix Both are enjoying the fresh water and swimming about, but Norman still spending a lot of time on his back or side.
  18. Ive had to come home to work today so just tried getting a second feeding in him but he has started to spit out every pellet. Is garlic juice just the juice squeezed out of some garlic? Or is it an actual product? I can get garlic in a tube which is already mushed up - could I soak it in that? If not it will have to be Kanaplex and unfortunately it will have to be tomorrow as I had to leave work before my parcel of it arrived today. Its just one thing after another, I was really hoping he would eat these meds - he seemed to do well with them last night. Any other bright ideas of how to get him to eat them? Thanks Dawn
  19. Ok thanks, I will get some HP today, I think if I transfer her to a smaller bucket she will calm down and Ill be able to wipe it. Am I trying to knock that white bit off? Or just swab it? Ill also try to get a divider for them. What would happen if Squeesh ate some crumbs or poop today while Im at work? It wont hurt her will it? Or is it just that its best not to give anything antibiotics unless they really need them? I managed to get pretty much the whole days dose into Norman last night - he maybe spat out one or two tiny pellets I got half of todays dose into him this morning and will get the rest in tonight. He isn't that keen on eating so its not all that easy but if I can crow bar food into a resistant 2 year old human, I can certainly get some pellets into a fish 50% water change, add back the 0.1% salt but no Prazi tonight. Plus day 6 of Melafix. Will keep you updated, As always - THANK YOU! x
  20. Unfortunately I don't have any HP in the house but can try to get some tomorrow. To be honest though she is very 'flippy' - just weighing her resulted in a complete soaking, I would worry about getting it in her eye? Could I try just wiping with a wet Q-tip with no HP on it? Should I dose Norman at 1% of his body weight on the Metro Meds now? And should I be carrying on with the rest of the Melafix treatment? I would love to get some Meds in him before I go to bed....?
  21. Here it is: http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-9.jpg.html?o=1 http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/dawnyb1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image-10.jpg.html?o=0
  22. Hi everyone! The amazing Kat has given me Metro Meds and Medi Gold - now I just need to know what to do with them! Norman is more upright today but still bottom sitting and with serious balance issues. Squeesh has a bit of cotton wool fluff on the area of her eye/face that burst now. Should I start her on the Medi Gold? Squeesh weighs 71g Norman weighs 168g Also I'm due to dose day 5 of Melafix today - should I continue with it? Feeling hopeful now I have proper meds thanks to Kat!
  23. Hi again Kat, Just dropping you a quick final message before I rush off home to weigh the fish. I've been in touch with my other half and he can meet you at 6:45 at the station if that is ok with you? It's quicker than me getting home, weighing them and then getting over to you. I can have the fish weighed and post their weights on here for you by 6:30 if you want to check back then? Or if you want to text me with your number my number is xxxxx, then I can text their weights to you. My fiancé's name is James, he's very nice He will be at the station waiting, he will be in his van which is white with an orange letter "i" on it. Please let me know how much you would like for the meds and James will be able to give it to you. If you can spare Medi-Gold as well as the Metro-Meds that would be fantastic, but if not then just the Metro-Meds would still be great Thank you again for your help, I really hope this works! Ill be back on here in about an hour, must dash and catch the tube now! Speak to you in a bit, Dawn
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