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  1. Here are some photos of the little cuties.

    Is anyone interested in taking them? They really are sweet little fish and I really want them to go somewhere they will be loved and looked after. I'm so sad to part with them but its with their best interests at heart. 

    They are seriously cute and have lovely little personalities.










  2. Hello everyone,


    It's with a heavy heart that I'm reaching out to see if anyone would be able to give a loving new home to my 2 fancies.

    We are moving house and it's just not possible to take them with us unfortunately.

    I'm desperate that they go to someone who will love them and take care of them - if that's you, please get in touch!


    One beautiful white Button Eye, slightly calico I guess as there is some orange and the odd bit of black. Big and healthy with a great appetite (spits water at me when I'm late with feeding!) Very sweet natured fish - I call 'him' Loki.


    One gorgeous little Blue Ranchu, absolutely beautiful little fish. Much smaller than the Button Eye but holds his own, I call him Blu. He hand feeds, has a great appetite and the most beautiful little face. He is a real little cutie and a stunning blue/gold colour.


    Both about 18 months old. 


    Both lovely and healthy, never had a problem with them. Can give you all the food I have for them too.


    I live in the East London area, collection only.


    Please get in touch if interested.





  3. Hi guys,

    Happy New Year to everyone - hope you all had a good time! I haven't been on here at all really after the trauma of losing my two beloved goldies (thread here: http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/118849-helpadvice-for-2-poorly-goldfish/page-12#)

    But the time has come and Id like to start keeping fish again so I'm asking for a little advice off the back of what happened at the end of last year. I hope I've picked a suitable area of the forum, please let me know if I need to move this thread elsewhere.

    Jared (amongst others) helped me loads last year and said at the end his recommendation would be to break the tank down, disinfect and start again. I was just wondering if someone could elaborate on how to go about doing that. Obviously drain the tank, then scrub it. Should I use bleach? And if so is just normal household bleach (with no added extras) ok to use? Should I dunk all ornaments and the substrate (pea gravel) in a bucket of diluted bleach and scrub them?

    With regards to the filter - I have a Fluval 405 external canister. How do I go about disinfecting that? Just shut it all down, bleach everything and dry it out? What about the intake and outflow hoses, could they house bacteria? Best way to clean those out?

    Sorry for alllll the questions!

    If someone has some advice on how to get this tank sparkling and ready for new inhabitants I would really appreciate it.



  4. Thanks guys, yes it took me a good two months to come to the decision for Norman, and for Squeesh there wasnt really much of a choice.


    Im still very sad about it, its only been a couple of days but feels much longer for some reason - the tank is empty and very sad to look at.

    Im actually probably going to get more fish this weekend. Its not a decision I've made lightly, I'm really not trying to replace them but I spent so long cycling my tank that Im reluctant to let it die when I know I will be ready for some more fishy friends at some point in the future - therefore even though Im still raw over losing my two it makes the most sense to restock before the cycle dies. I have been keeping it going with ammonia this week and it seems good and stable right now so on Saturday Im going to take my friend's 2 year old to the pet store and let her choose a fish that she can have as her pet which she keeps at my house. She always runs into my house shouting "ish, ish, ish!" and goes straight to the tank, not sure what she will think when Norm and Squeesh arent there on Saturday!! I think it'll be nice for her to have her own one, especially as her mum doesnt have time for pets right now. So that makes it seem a little less like Im replacing my two and more like Im doing something nice for a wee one.

    Ill post on here when I get them :)


    Thanks for your kind words, Norm and Squeesh will always have a special place in my heart.



  5. Thanks guys, it was definitely the right thing to do but doesn't make it any less painful.


    I love keeping fish and will definitely get some more at some point. I'm trying to keep my cycle alive with ammonia and fish food at the moment as I don't really want to start from scratch again. As both fish's illness seemed to be under-lying problems - tumour and kidney malfunction/disease (probably exacerbated and brought to the front by letting my water quality slip) I think my tank should be fine for some more fish. They lived a happy healthy 3.5 years in it until I got complacent. 


    I'm going to think on it this week and keep the cycle going, then I have one of my best friends and her 2 year old daughter coming to stay at the weekend so I thought I might take them to the fish shop and let the little one pick out a fish that she can have as a pet that stays at my house (her mum is too busy for pets even though she would love one)

    I think I could deal with that, its doing something nice for a little girl and doesnt feel like Im replacing Norman and Squeesh, They were special fish - none can replace them,


    Will see how I feel at the weekend. Might be nice to have a couple of new tiny wrigglers in there - the empty tank is so sad to look at.


    I'll prazi any newbies following the protocol you guys advise.

    So if I do get any Ill post some photos on here for you to see.




  6. Hi Glitzy,


    Unfortunately I had to put them both to sleep last night :(

    Norman wasnt going to get better, and Squeesh would have required surgery to remove the tumour with no guarantee she would survive the operation or survive afterwards. I felt it was too much to put her through, but leaving her with the tumour wasnt an option as it would have continued to grow and she would eventually get an infection. I hope I did the right thing, I really didnt think it was fair to put her through the stress of substantial and invasive surgery, she was a skittish fish at the best of times.


    I'm beyond heartbroken right now but I'm taking a bit of comfort in knowing I tried my best and they are both at peace now and with eachother.


    I really hope your little guy gets better, if she's eating by herself then thats definitely a reason to keep her going :)


    Good luck,



  7. Hi guys, just thought Id let you know I put my lovely Norman and Squeesh both to sleep with clove oil last night.

    Needless to say it was heartbreaking and I’ve barely stopped crying since, but I know it was for the best so that gives me a tiny bit of comfort.

    I made the decision after speaking to Mr Wildgoose again. There had been no change in Norman for 2 months regardless of any treatment attempted and Mr Wildgoose felt we had done everything we could. I couldn’t leave him living like that, he couldn’t swim or eat by himself. Seeing him struggling to get up all the time and spending all day slumped in a corner was just too much, it was no life for him. I sent Mr Wildgoose photos of the growth on Squeesh’s face which had started to grow at an alarming rate, with the skin splitting all round it and her bottom sitting a lot and just generally looking miserable. He confirmed he was pretty sure it was a tumour and the only options are surgery or euthanasia. He said it couldn’t be left as it would continue to grow and it would only be a matter of time before she got an infection. Surgery would involve removing her eye and the surrounding tumour with the chance she would die on the operating table or even after the surgery. The growth was so big that taking it off would remove the majority of her face. She was always a shy, slightly skittish fish and I felt personally that putting her through the stress of an operation with no guarantee she would make it through was too much. Even if she did survive the surgery she would have missed Norman terribly, they were very close, and then she would be at massive risk of infection until everything healed. I just felt it was a lot to put her through and that it was grabbing at straws – so I made the hard decision to put her to sleep at the same time as Norman. So they went together and have been buried together. Just an empty tank now. Trying to keep reminding myself it was for the best, I hope I start to feel better about it all soon.


    Thanks again for all the help and advice you offered, you gave me hope when I thought there was none and Im grateful that I was able to give them both every chance possible.

    I had them for 3.5 years and I like to think they had a good, if rather short, life in a nice big tank with lots of care and attention. Just wish I could have kept them a bit longer.


    Thanks again


  8. Hi Glitzy,

    He's not been in quarantine as the other fish was sick too (popeye - which now seems to actually be an eye tumour - how's my luck?!) so they have stayed in the main tank together and I treated them both with various antibiotics before taking him to the vet. The vet also said it wasn't necessary to QT him. They are very close so I think it would be stressful to separate them.

    Unfortunately right now I'm just putting off the inevitable. I know I need to put him to sleep really, he has no quality of life. Perhaps if he was bottom sitting and the right way up and could shuffle around and still feed himself then I would look at it differently - but they way he is, on his side all day every day, unable to swim or sit upright or snuffle around for food - it's no life for him, he must be miserable. I think next week I will pick a day and have to euthanise him :( It will break my heart to do it but I love him too much to see him suffer any more. Sorry its not a more positive plan of action, I think you have to take every case on it's on merits so I can't really comment on what you should do for your little fish, but that is what I'm going to do for mine. Its making me cry just typing this :(

    I don't know how my other fish is going to cope, I will really need to get her another little friend as they have been together since they were babies, but with her eye in the state it is and the tank looking pretty shabby and only recently recycled after the antibiotics wiping out my cycle Im reluctant to introduce any new fish. Also no fish could ever replace Norman - he's one of a kind :)

    Will see how she does, she needs to go to the vet about her eye anyway so will see what he thinks.

    350 litre tank sounds amazing!! I would love a tank that size! (mine is only 160 litre)


  9. Hi Glitzy,

    I'm the member going through the same thing with my fantail at the moment and took him to see Mr Wildgoose in Leyton.

    Norman has been on his side for 2 months now, he seems healthy in every way other than his inability to sit upright or swim - its heartbreaking - I love him to bits and pieces, he's been with me since he was a baby so 3.5 years now - so I know exactly how you are feeling.

    Im not sure if this is any help but thought I would share my experience with you as it can be hard to find a vet to treat fish not to mention it is seriously expensive.

    I took Norman to see Mr Wildgoose and after asking his full back story to rule out any obvious causes he then x-rayed him.

    The x-ray showed that his swimbladder was being pushed to his left hand side by something going on in his right hand side. He tried an ultrasound but couldnt see what the problem in his right hand side was. As an experienced aquatic vet who has carried out numerous autopsies on fish with the same problem - his best guess was disease/deformity in his kidneys, causing inflammation/swelling and therefore pushing his swimbladder across to one side. He said it is quite common for fancy goldfish to be pre-disposed to kidney issues and this type of thing can come out of the blue. Im inclined to think it is because I let my water quality slip (I know I did, and my other fish got sick at the same time) and this left him vulnerable to a pre-disposed condition. From what Mr Wildgoose has said this would probably have happened to Norman no matter what, so Im trying not to blame myself but its really hard.

    I was given Baytril to bathe him in with the hope it would kill anything bacterial and allow his swimbladder to move back across. Unfortunately this hasnt happened. Any damage is either too far gone and irreversible, or it isnt bacterial at all.

    Not sure if that helps, but I thought I would share it with you.

    Let me know if you have any questions I could help with, I hope you manage to find a remedy for your little guy, I know how horrible it is seeing them so helpless :(

    Take care


  10. Hi guys,

    Hope you are all doing well.

    Just thought I'd give you a quick update on how things are this end while I still have two fish to talk about.

    Yep - still got both of them, but I'll be honest I'm not sure for how much longer.

    This is what has been going on:

    Norman was on Baytril baths for 5 hours a day for a total of 10 days. On Mr Wildgoose's advice I bathed Squeesh in the water for 5 hours after Norman to help with her facial wound. Needless to say it was a long 10 days!

    After the 10 days I was to leave it another 4 days and then phone Mr Wildgoose with an update.

    I did that - the update being there was absolutely no change in Norman other than cosmetic - his skin, scales and fins looked lovely from the baths, but he is still unable to sit upright or swim. Squeesh's face remained un-infected and looked 'neat'

    After updating Mr Wildgoose he advised me to give him another 2 weeks on the basis that the Baytril would kill only bacteria - so if it was bacteria causing the problems and the Baytril killed it, it may take a couple more weeks for the healing process to complete and for his swim bladder to be able to move back to its normal position.

    Unfortunately the 2 weeks is up on Thursday and there is still no change.

    He has been like this for 2 months now and I have tried everything at my disposal and spent a ridiculous amount of money. I've cried more tears than I can remember over this little guy and his plight, I love him with all my heart - but it is absolutely breaking my heart to see him lying on the bottom of the tank every day, unable even to get up and eat by himself. Whereas I just wasnt ready to say goodbye to him a couple of weeks ago, I now think that I can handle it and I think it would be cruel to leave him living like this any longer.

    I'll give it til Thursday as there is no point giving up at the very last hurdle, and then Ill phone Mr Wildgoose and see what he thinks. He hadnt mentioned euthanasia until the phone call 2 weeks ago, but I think that is the suggestion he will be offering on Thursday. I'm so sad, but at the same time it's not fair to leave him like this. Ill let you know what happens either way. If there is any hope for a miracle between now and Thursday then keep everything crossed for him!

    With regards to Squeesh - not such great news there either. Mr Wildgoose mentioned Black Moors are susceptible to eye tumours and now that I look at it and see how much it is growing, the extra flesh, the refusal to go down I'm almost certain that's what it must be. The wound has never closed but it is now just a mush of pink tissue. The entire lump is getting bigger and bigger, its quite grotesque. I'm sure she is now blind in that eye too. Once I have closure with Norman one way or another I will take her to the vet too to see what Mr Wildgoose says and if it is a tumour see what our options are. She is usually happy in herself, although she spends alot of time hovering around Norman, I think she knows he is very sick. Im hopeful there is something we can do for her to make her more comfortable or stop it growing.

    Anyway - I just thought I'd update you so you didnt think I had taken all your help and advice and then just disappeared!!

    I'll let you know what happens over the next couple of days.

    Hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying your little fishies, Im going to go home and do a water change and sit Norman upright for a bit the poor boy.


  11. Super expensive! But it's only money, you can't take it with you, I can work hard and earn more - Norman is part of our family, can't put a price on that.

    Between all your advice and help and the vets injection and treatment he has really been given the best chance - it's down to him to pull through now. At least I know we've done everything we can. I have faith in him, GO NORMAN!! :)

  12. Hi guys,

    So I took Norman to see Mr Wildgoose today and the good news is he didn't suggest euthanasia just yet. Norman is still with us for now :)

    He took some x-rays and it looks like his swim bladder is being pushed over to the right hand side by something that's going on in his left hand side - hence him always lying on his left. Mr Wildgoose's opinion was it might be something kidney related, possibly something he's always had which had just flared up. It's impossible to know for sure and also impossible to know if he'll ever get better but we are giving it one last shot. He had an injection of Baytril and I have a 10 day course of it to bathe him in for 5 hours a day. Also going to bathe Squeesh in it as he was concerned about fish TB for her and said it may help heal the hole in her face.

    So there we are, Norman is currently in a bucket of 10litres of treated water with an air stone. I'll take him out at midnight and put Squeesh in then I have an alarm set to get up at 5am and take her out and that's my evening/early mornings for the next 10 days :)

    There's no guarantee he'll recover but we may as well try everything at our disposal and the fact Mr Wildgoose suggested this rather than euthanasia makes me happy that it's worth a go.

    I'll keep you all updated and let you know the final outcome if you like? This really is the last chance saloon so keep your fingers crossed! :)

  13. I know, so sad, I'm hoping for a miracle now.

    Taking him to Mr Wildgoose at the Midlands Vetinary Practice in Leyton. He gave me advice on a poorly Platy a few years ago and he was recommended by the guy who gave me the first load of Kanaplex I used. He wants to x-ray him and see what's happening in there. I'm nervous but don't think there are any other options.

  14. We have an appointment at the vets on Friday morning for an x-ray to see what's going on inside his belly. It's expensive and I have to lie to work (told them it's the dentist for me) and James also has to take time off to help me get Norman to the vets practice seeing as im still one-handed - so I'm constantly second guessing whether I should go through with it when the vet made it very clear there may be nothing he can do for him. But I figure I have to try right? After everything he's been through I don't think I can give up at the last hurdle, there's a very small chance something will show up in the x-ray that can be fixed and if we don't try then we'll never know.

    If it's bad news and he's never going to get better then at least ill know I did everything for him and can make a properly informed decision on what's best for him.

    Thanks again for all your help guys, you made a very stressful situation easier to bear and your advice definitely saved Squeesh at least :)

    Kat if you're reading this, once I'm sorted I'll arrange to meet you and return the Kanaplex and Metro I borrowed from you :)

    I'll let you all know what happens at the vets.


  15. It's the last day of MMs today and so far he has refused 2 attempts to feed him, after eating them all with gusto yesterday! So frustrating.

    Will keep trying but if he doesn't eat any today should I try again tomorrow?

    I'm going to phone a vet tomorrow who is a very experienced aquatic specialist. He's performed surgery etc on goldfish, and really cares about fish. After everything we've tried and all your help and advice with no improvement I just want to get one last opinion by someone who can see him and then decide what to do. I can't bear to let him go but I also can't bear to see him struggle any more.

    I so appreciate everything you have done to help, I really feel we've given him the best possible chances so far but there's been no change in him and it's been about a month now. Fingers crossed for a miracle? I'm not giving up just yet!!

    So....a last dose of MMs tomorrow if he continues I refuse today? Or is that it now?

  16. I try to spread it out but have been working long hours so hasnt been possible. Didnt manage to get any in him yesterday :( id run out of garlic juice in the morning so intended to give him a few small doses to make up the full dose of the day when i got home from work with more garlic juice, but i didnt get home til gone 9pm and then he refused every attempt to feed him.

    i got a half dose in him this morning. He'll only eat them when they have gone mushy in the garlic juice, any hardness at all and he spits them right out. I hope hes still getting all the goodness when they are mushy? i know its not ideal as it mucks the water and Squeesh is probably hoovering up crumbs (i know she is) but its the only way i can get him to eat them, and while id love to isolate him, or remove him to feed him its just not practical - or even possible - with my broken wrist :(

    Im doing my best but im just not sure its good enough.

    Will try to stay positive until he's finished the course. Still no improvement though.

    Round 4 of Prazi ends tonight, is that it now?

    Could i up the salt to 0.2%? Squeesh's facial wound is still not closing. It looks nice and clean but is wide open. Would that help?

    My cycle has taken a battering and the Nitrites are bad, we are doing regular water changes to try to keep on top of it, just dont want to put them under any more stress from bad water after everything they have been through!

    So frustrated. Cant wait to get this cast off my arm!!

  17. Thanks Kat, so glad your little ones are getting better, must be such a relief! I hope the continue to recover well :)

    Lisa I have Kanaplex (plus some straight up kanamycin) and Metronidazole. They've had a 10 day course of kana already and I started the metro powder but then stopped it after he started eating the MMs.


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