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  1. I ended up getting mine on ebay. Prices were everywhere and I bought from this seller before so I just went for it. Mine also came with extra media but I had to get more because I was replacing a AC70 lol
  2. Did you just cut them with a pair of scissors? I also saw that you can get hoses fairly cheap in case you ever need to move it and need longer ones http://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Flexible-Tubing-SUNSUN-Canister/dp/B00NI4NMI2/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1440881004&sr=8-2&keywords=sunsun+canister+hoses
  3. Ok I know this looks bad but I am going to cut the hose today so nobody me lol and you can see it's like a light blue gray color instead of the normal white LOL
  4. The only thing that I saw different was that the UV switch was in a different spot and the priming button is smaller on mine. I read somewhere that claimed the difference between the two was a more efficient and quieter motor. I can't say for sure if that is true as I have never owned a canister or Sunsun before. The pain in the butt issue was attaching the hoses on. I had to run hot water on the tubes for them to soften up
  5. I know what you mean on the priming. I ended up taking some tank water and dumping it in the canister because I was priming so long I was sweating my butt off . I didn't cut my hose length and I should it's a little long for my liking and I am sure that will mess with the flow. I have to do a WC today and I was thinking about cutting the hose
  6. Is the skimmer supposed to be fully submerged? Mine is not fully in the water and was making a weird noise so I capped it off. Sorry for all the posts lol
  7. I think I was told that the UV 9 watt is great for such things as green water. I dont think it does much for killing parasites as its not strong enough. I have mine off as of now. I am intimidated to run it all the time lol
  8. I love it. I just got the 404b in last week. My first canister and installation was um a pain in the butt. I wanna get another one to replace my hob AC 110 Have u owed a canister before? Anything I should keep my eye on?
  9. Congrats!! and of course we need pics of this cute baby
  10. Everyone seems to be doing great. Mojo is out of QT and is as active as ever. No bottom sitting and red streaks are gone, so he's back with the gang in the 75 http://vid40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/20150828_230620_zps1yvjfzac.mp4 Sushi my son's new Oranda is still in QT and not quite ready for his 20g http://vid40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/20150829_002057_zpsp399azkl.mp4
  11. Hope her fish feels better soon. It's a good thing she has you to try to help
  12. I would try to get a video or a pic of the fish if you can. Without that it will be extremely hard for the moderators to diagnose or tell you how to proceed. Have you or your friend tested the water parameters of the tank? When was the last time there was a water change and how much?
  13. I have my tank in front of a window. I have a hood and fabric that I use as a backdrop for the back of my tank and it keeps light away. In the winter the window can sometimes be drafty so I use an insulated curtain and I also keep an aquarium heater on in the winter months. I have had no problem with any algae, hot spots, or green water. In front of a window is my only option as well but it is very doable. There are several people on here that have their tanks in front of windows with no problems. As long as you take the few steps mentioned you should be good to go
  14. Your fish and tank are gorgeous! I could watch them all day long. Sending healing thoughts her way! Oh thank you! The tank usually looks a lot better but had a recent ich problem so all my live plants came out and I have two other cutie fish in QT right now. It's been a little crazy here in fish land but I'm glad it still looks good
  15. This is good info. I was wondering the same as I just ordered some to see if it can help with my Oranda's floatiness
  16. Thank you.. One problem gone. Hopefully Mojo's and Citrus's problems go too
  17. My fish are really giving me a run for the money Caught Citrus doing this. Please forgive the loud background noise as my daughter is like a bull in a china shop putting dishes away. I suggest turning volume off ... The video is sideways I apologize. New phone and I can't work it right http://vid40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/20150826_125052_zpstidzrq6h.mp4
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