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  1. I'm just throwing my 2 cents out there as of a way that you could probably protect them during the winter. I live in New England and the winters here are brutal. I once tried to grow a tiny garden in the winter so I built a small green house over my raised garden. I used pvc pipe and a thick clear plastic tarp. The pvc was bendable and I used it with some wing clamps and screwed that into the wood base of my garden. I then laid the plastic tarp over it keeping it tight over the pvc and laying cinder blocks on the remaining plastic on the ground. I was even able to go inside and check on the garden. It kept my garden warm at good 70*F temp in the winter because the clear plastic was acting like a greenhouse. I guess this could work pending on how cold it gets in your area Something like this https://tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.Elj61S%2f1ZnDZFGYrRzwHAg&w=140&h=100&c=7&rs=1&qlt=90&pid=3.1&rm=2
  2. I don't have this heater but maybe the heating elements inside got banged around idk much about heaters but when i store mine i wrap mine in bubble wrap because im afraid to break the glass and cushion any hard blows to the inside elements
  3. Wow awesome pond! Makes me want one. But living in New England winters are rough. Your fish are adorable too
  4. You can also just hold the intake tube up and pour some water down it to prime it if pressing the button down gives you trouble. That's a great idea Daniel Thanks
  5. I ordered another one as I am loving the 404B I have now. I went with the 304B because I think the big priming button will be easier on my hands than the newer version I have.(I have weakness in my hands) I just bought the AC110 not even a month ago so I'll just sell it
  6. Cdionne77

    New Betta Sparky

    Wow!! Sparky is beautiful!! Nice find
  7. When I was looking for a stand I was going to go with the first and second link you have because I heard good things about the stand. In the end I ended up with a metal stand because I got a good deal on it. As far as Walmart fish tank, My daughter has the 10 gal (generic name) one from Walmart for her betta fish, and we have not had one problem with it at all, as we have had it for over a year now. I can't think of anyone specific one to avoid
  8. Welcome to koko's Your ranchus are beautiful!
  9. I love his face in the 2nd to last pic.. too cute with his grumpy face lol
  10. This is so awesome. Im enjoying seeing the results. Thank you for sharing the making of this. Awesome job!
  11. Nice looking CF. as far as looks is concerned How's the performance? I never had issues with water clarity before. I used koi clay only because I wanted my water to be crystal clear. I stopped using the koi clay to see how this performs. So far the clarity is next to using the clay. Im going to give it some time to see. But im loving how quiet my tank is now. I also have an aqua clear 110 hob also running but eventually i want to replace with another Sunsun 404B
  12. Oh my goodness.. how adorable ... love it
  13. I have a coarse medium and fine filter pad on the bottom and nothing on the other trays but media. I thought I was doing it wrong. I guess I wasn't. Thank you for the clarification
  14. Nice looking CF. as far as looks is concerned How's the performance? Runs great. Extremely quiet and hold a ton of media
  15. Whenever you want to talk canisters just let me know... It's like my new thing lately
  16. Oh btw the other difference is the 404b now has a handle. So basically the added that and moved the switch and smaller primer button. lol
  17. Yes they do! I had to get more bio rings and I got 2L of Seachem Matrix (which is pretty much pumice I think)
  18. I'm going to attempt to cut the hose.. wish me luck. Hopefully I don't get water everywhere and I shut everything down correctly
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