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  1. Well I have a 37 gallon x tall that I am in the 2 week point of cycling right now. I was hoping to have 2 Oranda's in there. Although I know I could do it but be a bit crammed I decided I wanted what ever fish I choose to be as happy and healthy as they could be on my budget and limited space I had for a tank..... So I went out and found a 40B . I am so much happier now. I still have to shop around for a stand but I have some time because correct me if I'm wrong I should keep going with the cycling process on the 37 gallon till it's finished correct ?
  2. Thanks for the info. The only thing they have in their tank is a couple of plants. They seem pretty active and happy. They have gotten used to me and feeding time, when I'm near the tank the go right to top and wait for their food. They are just to cute. I finally named them Lenny and Squiggy lol previous owner didn't name them
  3. Thank you, I just got them a heater today it's on 75 76.. I'll turn it up a bit more.
  4. My ipad wouldn't let me link so I just did a copy and paste of the article. Home - Information - Goldfish Health - Goldfish Care: Goldfish Aquarium My Shopping Cart | Contact Us | Help GOLDFISH CARE: GOLDFISH AQUARIUM Full Covers on your Goldfish Aquariums Good or Bad? I received a phone call from a very experience Goldfish Collector. She has six goldfish aquariums, five filled with healthy, happy goldfish. Her problem was, the goldfish in the sixth goldfish aquarium never acted healthy. All six goldfish aquariums had the same food, same water, no new goldfish or plants added. No matter what she did to help them nothing worked . After about twenty minutes talking with her she mentioned that the "sick goldfish aquarium" had a "full cover" the other five goldfish aquariums did not. To make matters worse the cover it was made of wood. I told her to remove the cover and do a 95% water change. Within three days her goldfish became very active and were just as healthy as all the goldfish in her other five goldfish aquariums. The problem was the condensation from the goldfish aquarium was collecting on the inside of the cover. As the condensation collected it formed toxic drops, caused by the treatment of the wood and the gases that were being released from her aquarium water. These toxic drops dripped back into her aquarium water causing a health problem to her goldfish. This is not the first case I've seen where a "full cover" on a goldfish aquarium has caused health problems. Regardless of what the "full top" is made of, it is not healthy for goldfish, because the "gases" must escape from the bottom of your goldfish aquarium water, not be trapped and returned to to your aquarium. Even if you open just half of the "full cover" would be a big help. Rick Rick - 10/25/08 - Viewed 17259 times.
  5. Sure. I'm going to look for it now. I guess bottom line was the lady in the article has a wooden hood, but article stated a situation could also happen with any hood, which is what freaked me out... I'll look for it and link it.
  6. Thanks for everyone's responses. I think I will keep cover on for now but will leave the lid part open. I found the article that I was reading regarding this on Goldfish connection. Thanks again everyone
  7. I see a lot of people on here that have hoods on their tanks. I myself have one, but I read some where that they don't allow gasses to escape causing the toxins to drip back in. I have a full hood with lights on mine, but was wondering if I left the cover section open would that be good enough to allow gasses to be released. I would take the whole thing off but I have a lot of splash up from running a 70 and a 30 aqua clear filter along with one of those 20 gallon rated corner filters that gives off some splash up as well. Any insight?
  8. They are adorable, they like hiding in the plants. Poor anubias plant is just floating lol, might try to tie it down to the fake plant.
  9. I have some pics up so hard to gets pics of these guys, they swim so fast
  10. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/Mobile%20Uploads/368ba945-fccd-4db7-b961-c65d49f34803_zps20f28b0f.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/Mobile%20Uploads/c4f4e7ba-9380-4123-bf5c-71f9eee0f629_zps440a8f11.jpg http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/cdionne77/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_20140920_205057_zpsspoomdvr.jpg
  11. I just adopted 2 male guppies from my neighbor who can no longer care for them. They are in a 10 gallon planted tank. 2 fake and one Anubis plants and gravel. Tank has been up and running for 4 months. Also like to mention there is also a mystery snail in there as well along with a Aqua clear 30 filter. Any way I drained the water then filled it to around 74 degrees added prime started the filter and adjusted the fish in their baggie to their new water. Water tests by a API liquid test kit after 24 hours show Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 5ppm and PH 7.4 I know I have to get them a heater as neighbor stated his broke. Anything I should be doing besides testing water daily to make sure this tank media is truly cycled. Also basic care, proper maintenance of their tank would be greatly appreciated. I did a Google search on Guppy care but trust this site. Some google info has been Very different in how to care for them as far as temp and PH Thanks in advanced
  12. I figured it was metro meds. because of being so new to this it kind of gets overwhelming what's good what is not. :0 I feel like a new mother to be freaking out lol I feel like that a lot of times too. New fish? OMG. Fry? Even bigger OMG. Don't worry though, you will get the hang of it. Being thorough in asking questions is the first step to getting the answers you're looking for. And you do an amazing job at that. Thanks, I just don't want to be a pain in the butt...and omg fry, even more little ones to be freaked out over...I think I would faint LOL
  13. I figured it was metro meds. because of being so new to this it kind of gets overwhelming what's good what is not. :0 I feel like a new mother to be freaking out lol
  14. I have plenty of food grade air tight containers I haven't used yet. Would that work better for food meds? I would keep them in their original unopened containers and put them in a cool, dry place. (You could put the bags or jars in an airtight container for an extra measure of protection) Just not the freezer. Good to know thanks!
  15. I have plenty of food grade air tight containers I haven't used yet. Would that work better for food meds?
  16. Thank you. I was trying to see if anything like this was posted but i'm on my phone which makes navigating difficult. Thank you for the link
  17. Wow! Thank you so much. I figured while I am waiting for the long process of cycling my tank I figured I should stock up on supplies. Thanks again
  18. I am curious on what I should have on hand, like aquarium salt? any medications just in case? And I don't have room for a QT or hospital tank, could I use a food grade plastic tub? These are the items I have so far. API master water test kit, seachem prime, API Stress Zyme. And I just purchased a python water changer syphon. I was thinking of getting battery powered air pumps in case of power outages. Anything else I should have readily available?? Thanks
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