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  1. You know what, now that I look at it more closely with my glasses on, the lines are just a little bit off.
  2. I love how they all have their own personality, whatever makes her happy I guess
  3. Ok Lisa here we go again I did a 100% WC dosed with prime, and ammonia back to 1ppm. I took these tests about 3 or so hours after. Ammonia .50 nitrites .25 nitrates 20 PH 7.4 temp 78 Before the WC reading where ammonia 0 nitrites 5 nitrates looked around 10-20 PH 7.4 temp 78 Now here is my dilemma lol. I am using the API freshwater master test kit. The tubes show a line of 5ml but if I fill a syringe with 5ml it goes above the line... Should I be using their line on the tube or the syringe?
  4. Wow I wish I had LFS like that around me. Awesome pics thanks for sharing!
  5. When this tank is finished I'm having a hard time deciding if I would like 2 Oranda's or an oranda and a ranchu. I have my eye on some cute little girls from rain garden. I can only have two in this 40 so I'm torn
  6. I can't wait to .....should I still do the 100% WC or just wait
  7. The nitrite has been spiking for a little over a week now, every time I do huge or 100% WC it comes back the following day that I check
  8. Ok. So Thursday I ended up switching over to the 40B. I didn't touch the filters at all just added water with Prime and dosed ammonia to 1ppm. On Friday I checked everything and nitrites where off the charts again and ammonia was between .25-.50 and nitrates where 20ppm. I put ammonia back to 1 ppm. Ok so now it's Saturday ammonia back down to .25-.50 nitrites are still off the charts and nitrates are close to 40ppm. It's darker than 20 on the test but not the color red. Should I just leave it alone and wait for ammonia to go to almost 0 then bring it back up?
  9. Im getting it off slowly with a razor blade. I dont know what they used for glue but its on their pretty good Thanks everyone for your advice:)
  10. Thanks. Getting some anubias plants today also
  11. Thank you, I've been trying to scrape it off without anything but I did use a very small amount of rubbing alcohol on the outside I won't use it again. I'll keep scraping it off little by little it should come off eventually
  12. Thank you, I have so many ideas for it that I will be redecorating I had goldfish years ago when I was a kid. My father kept them in a huge tank, I can't remember what kind they were, then years later he did a salt water tank that's what I remember the most. So GF will be new to me as I am learning everything I can on how to care for them while my tank is cycling.
  13. Wow he is absolutely stunning!. Hope he gets better soon! Sending positive vibes and hugs your way
  14. I used rubbing alcohol with no luck and I forgot all about Goo Gone thanks
  15. Thank you on the tip with the rocks, also can you use any kind of glue on living plants? I was thinking of maybe trying to attach the plants with fishing line
  16. I really like the look and also the benefits from live plants. You can glue them? any glue you recommend? I was also thinking about getting those Marimo balls, they are so cute
  17. Hi everyone, I figured I would share what my tank looks like so far. It probably won't stay like this but while it's still cycling this will do. Eventually I would like some live plants instead of these silk ones, and I am not sure how I am liking the bubble wall I have the glass canopy top with one of my old tank light on top, and a few river rocks scattered about. Aqua Clear 70 and a 30 running. It's pretty plain and basic, but what it really needs is 2 in there, hopefully soon (hurry up BB's ) Oh and don't mind the manufacturer sticker on the top outside corner, still trying to get that stuff off which is a pain I'd be open to any suggestions on that one
  18. Ha ha ha no I trust you. It was just scary testing and it was gone lol. I thought about it and i was like duh stupid I'm actually cycling the filters media not the tank dumb dumb. Lol
  19. Ok I had time to do a 100% WC and added ammonia back to 1ppm. I checked nitrites and it was 0... Will this ruin my cycle or did it just help it keep going because nitrites were off the charts... Will check again tomorrow.
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