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  1. I'm hoping to have both fish soon, but this cycling is making me crazy LOL I will be QT the both for a few weeks before they go into the main tank. Hopefully by then this process will be under control I would like to order the oranda by Monday, and they would arrive by Friday and go into QT for a few weeks. Do you think that is a good idea or hold off?
  2. I skipped the ammonia yesterday and I am currently doing the 100% WC now. When I tested before the WC nitrite was still high but didn't immediately go to dark purple right away it took a minute. But still ended up at 2-5ppm after waiting 5 min
  3. Also I heard the Cynthia from East Coast ranchu has really nice ranchu's if you are interested in them. I haven't bought from her but I hear she's great. I believe she is on Facebook. I hope the other fish is doing well
  4. Steve from raingarden is a great guy, I'm getting my ranchu from him and his shipping is the lowest I seen so far from other places
  5. Ha ha ha yes I want him in there too!! Ive been on my knees in front of the tank begging for it to hurry up.. ok im gonna do another 100% WC I if I can make time should I do it tonight or try to fit it in tomorrow. Also should I stop adding ammonia for a day?
  6. I know exciting. When should I do the next WC. Maybe a few days if I dont see it dropping anymore?
  7. I did a 100% WC change last night, wouldn't be able to do it today. Reading this morning were ammonia 0 nitrite still around 2-5ppm nitrate 40ppm PH 7.4 temp 78 I dosed ammonia back to 1ppm.... When I check the nitrites now, they don't immediately go dark purple on the first drop anymore..it actually takes a little bit after shaking the tube.
  8. I heard of black Oranda's changing color myself. If 1672 is still there by the time I figure out what I'm doing. I think I will go with her... I absolutely love her tail too. It looks so nice when she swims in the video. They are all a bunch of cuties
  9. yes he is a confirmed he I know I was worried I told Steve is this a good idea because they will be the only two in the tank.I was worried about aggression and also it's one oranda and one ranchu, that would be for some messed up breeding... He said it will be fine, they will get it out of their system and most likely eat the eggs anyway
  10. I agree, that's why I'm not sure if a black oranda would be good, she might get camouflaged on the black background I have
  11. Calico... A deep orange throughout his body, orange face with black spots, black tail, and white under his belly, he also has black spots all over...I saw a pic of him swimming and his little waddle butt was just the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  12. Thank you, still a lot of work left to do... searching for some anubias and java ferns. The one's I have seen so far looked bla lol Thank you
  13. Readings today using my glasses . Ammonia 0 Nirtrites back up to 2-5ppm Nitrate 20ppm PH 7.4 I put ammonia back up to 1ppm. I have checked my log yesterday made a month of cycling and nitrites spike is at the two week mark.... Hopefully I am almost there
  14. Thanks Mikey, I did read her QT instructions before just was unsure if it was mainly for sick fish OR brand new ones. Now I know lol thanks again
  15. I have a question on the QT process of new fish. I am currently in the middle of cycling my 40B and was thinking of getting 2 fish from Rain Garnen once my cycling process is done. Should I still QT the 2 even though there are no other fish in the tank? I have a new sterilite 26gal tub and an extra AC 70 and heater. If so for how long and should I medicate for flukes or anything else. On GF connection website it says I could use medi gold for new fish QT but meds like that for no reason scares me. Any input would be great Thanks guys
  16. I have been using their line this whole time but I thought I would use the 5ml on the syringe... that's until I saw the difference
  17. I'm going to do that and measure because now with my glasses on their line on their tubes are not exactly even
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