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  1. I just want to make sure everything is still stays at 0 by the time I get home from work.
  2. I was in disbelief that I actually tested it again lol..what im doing now is I added ammonia back in. If its gone by 8:00pm tonight and everything else is still @ 0 can I do 100% wc and add the kids in there with a salinity of .3 to treat them in the 40?
  3. Don't worry, I got rid of all the evidence....it never happened....... what is BB's?? LOL
  4. I know it I had to stress to him...it's GOOD bacteria lol... He's a police officer to boot. Probably was thinking I was up to no good lol
  5. Yes thank goodness. My husband who is not a "fish lover" said to me.. I didn't understand it before why you would want to be a subscriber to kokos but I know why now. Those people are pretty awesome, willing to help out a complete stranger, and they even sent you their bacteria through the mail....he cracks me up lol
  6. Salt is now at .3 so far so good. Everything seems well, and they had gel food for the first time today, priceless reaction to the sponge like substance in their mouth. It was too cute
  7. As long as Winslow goes with it... He is so cute!!!! I'll ask around. I have relatives in Jersey
  8. I have noticed that since I added salt the crazy chasing around the tank has stopped. Now he still likes being near her but not to the point which seems to drive her crazy. They are still active but seems to be at a slower pace. Could that be from the salt?
  9. Im doing 100% WC every other day but of course im testing the water everyday to make sure everything is good. So tomorrow I will add salt to .2 then 12 hours later add to .3 then ill wait I guess 12 hours then WC. Keep on my schedule for WC's and keeping salt to .3 for 2 weeks
  10. I only added .1 % and will continue to add .1 every 12 hours. Now when I get to .3% when should I do the WC. And we are only doing salt at this point correct?
  11. Oh good ok. I just bought a new pair of pantyhose for a wedding on Saturday lol... I have to keep myself laughing. This has been a crazy few days for me and the little girl.
  12. Um, let me check the params on the 40 again... I feel uneasy to put them in there so I think a colander for skipper for tonight until I can get a divider tomorrow. So I have the QT set up for 20 gallons... Now do I add salt to .1 then every 12 hours add more for .2 and so on.... Or do I put enough for the .3 all at once. I'll be using the Morton's canning and pickling kind
  13. RG just stated to quarantine new fish before putting in with existing fish. No warranty issues with meds or salt that was stated Oh I feel like an idiot. I didn't even realize they had a lateral line. Everything has been going wrong I figured it was something bad lol
  14. RG just stated to quarantine new fish before putting in with existing fish. No warranty issues with meds or salt that was stated
  15. I am doing a 100% WC on their QT tank and I found her scale floating around... This has not been a great experience so far
  16. It's just a missing scales, but if you look closely you can see a red streak from the largest missing scale going down to near tail
  17. I got home from work, and this is what I just found She could have banged into the filter maybe because Skipper has been chasing her. He hasn't been biting just chasing. What can I give her...
  18. Oh you are too funny. Auntie Aubrey would have to babysit
  19. I was thinking if it gets to much that I was put a divider in to give her a break . Also because she is a little piggy and steals all his food to. So I've been hand feeding him so that he can actually eat something. And last thing I need right now is little babies lol
  20. Water quality is still good. 0 ammonia-0 nitrites 5ppm for nitrates PH 8.0 and KH 107.3 dkh... Temp is 73F . Water quality has not changed since I put them in there Friday. I will be giving them a 50% WC before I have to go to work Sunday
  21. They were shipped together in one large bag. Not in separate bags, so it's not like this is there first time together
  22. All skipper does is chase her, they move so fast. I would put them in a bowl to take a video but I did that this morning and they both got really stressed out
  23. http://youtu.be/Iywqcx9wdbs I shut the air stone to get a better picture. I hope this is good enough, I tried my best with my camera
  24. I've seen prickly scales before from stress, especially after shipping. 2 other mods agreed with me (in the mod section. I'm not making that up. ) I believe it was Jenna's Blimp that had prickly scales right after she got him and he was purchased from a LFS not shipped . . . If it's worse I'd certainly like to see new pics. Or if behavior/eating has changed. I'm checking the water quality now. And I'm going to take a video from the top of the QT tub hopefully the quality is good
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