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  1. I think so. Im still debating that one. Im just so un sure right now. Nitrite is still so high, but the small QT tub cant be good either. I just dont want to do more harm than good. But I will be adding .03% salt to the 40 which should help ease the high nirites. And citrus still looks a little prickly, not sure if its because Skipper stresses her or what. Both are still active and eating so idk what to do
  2. I'm thinking of doing a 100% WC on the 40 again tonight... Ammonia that I put in yesterday to .05 is completely gone but nitrites are still purple at around 2 although it's looking a little lighter...And nitrates are 40ppm
  3. I did a 100% WC on the QT tub and put the salt back to .03% it's late right now to do anything else. Skipper has been really active as the chasing is concerned. She seems to get a little stressed from him, because sometimes he literally face plants himself right between her tail fins.
  4. What's odd is that she does not look like this from the top off the tub, only when she's in the bowl when I'm doing 100% WC she gets stressed out, but maybe I am just not seeing it in the tub?? idk Should I just do a 100% WC on the 40B then add them in with the .03 % salt like I was doing for the QT, but have the proper salinity for the 40 now..And she is 68g... should I start her on MM's if so how much, and do I have to separate her from Skipper when feeding
  5. I got her in a bowl and I don't know if it's the stress from the bowl because she hates it but she looks prickly. Didn't look like that in the tub, buts she's a fast swimmer and hard to get pics
  6. I'm gonna do another 100% WC just to be on the safe side..... My husband came in the room and said why does it smell like fish funk in here... :0Can't wait for the 40 to hurry up. I think this 20 QT is just not big enough for these guys
  7. Is it normal for the water to stink... I just changed it yesterday... It's not an Earthy smell it just smell gross. Like stinking up the room gross
  8. Ha ha ha I'm going to get it then and just coat the bottom lightly. I love how it looks, but you know me being a Nelly...or is it a Nilly lol
  9. http://youtu.be/RD20z3ruGyk She didn't like it at all me hovering over her with my ipad. She's still very active and as always looking for food, as I was disturbing her dinner time
  10. Citrus seems like she is leaning to the right side when she swims. I'm getting a video uploading now. Still active and eating fine.just did. 100% WC on the QT tub yesterday. All params are still 0 She looks a little bloated maybe. She eats like a piggie and swims very quick to try and get all the food from poor Skipper
  11. I'm afraid of possible anaerobic gasses that might get trapped underneath lol. I get so paranoid listening to some people with their horror stories lolI might just do it anyway because so many people have it without any problems. I have to stop being such a nervous nelly all the time lol
  12. I have it in there for possible power outages because it works with an air pump, or if I actually have to use it in a fry tank lol... I might take it out, although it does give out a ton of bubbles. Not sure if it adds any real filtration amount since it's only rated for a 20 gal
  13. Have 3 anubias in there now, looking for a few more so I can finally get the other artificial plant out of there. Still debating on TMS, Anyway here is an update.
  14. Ok well I tested again. Nitrite is still around 2ppm. It's not as dark purple but it's still purple. Ammonia is 0 and nitrate is around 20-40.... Should I add more ammonia in?
  15. Here is the article I was talking about. It's a good read... And if you have any questions just ask away, there are so many knowledgeable people on here that will help you out http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/page/index.html/_/water-quality-articles/fishless-cycle-instructions-r509
  16. I know it does take time for a tank to cycle. Ive been doing mine for a month and a half. Sometimes those enhancer products dont always work. You need to keep the ammonia in there and let it do its thing. And then its a waiting game. There is a great article on here that will go into great detail. Keep us posted
  17. Sounds good. I'll wait and test again tomorrow:)
  18. I just weighed them. Skipper is 64g and Citrus is 68g....piggies
  19. Ok... Thank goodness my kids were not home when I tested again because I had a trucker mouth lol.... so I can still had them in there after I do a 100% WC? I thought that high levels of nitrite and then adding salt are really bad. ( well I know that high nitrite is bad but I thought with the added salt makes it that much worse) So I would have to do large WC's daily correct?
  20. They are messing with my head lol... I tested twice this morning and both tests read at 0.... I added ammonia back in to make sure it would still be at 0 and take care of the ammonia put in... I don't know why the nitrite would be at 2 again..... Makes no sense to me
  21. Yesterday was my ammonia skip day so maybe it's a cycle bump already? But it's purple so that's quite a I bump. I have no idea why both tests would be light blue and at 0 this morning to purple and at at least 2 ppm now. I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation. I guess the kids will have to stay in QT still. I'm doing a 100% WC on the tub now and I'm going to weigh the little piggies
  22. Well I think I celebrated to early. I got home tested the water and the nitrites are purple again. I tested this morning twice and it was 0 I added 1ppm of ammonia at 8 am so I could make sure the BB's would take care of it by at least 8pm ammonia is at .25 and nitrites are 2-5 and nitrates are at 5-10 auhhhhhhh
  23. Yay!! Awesome im so excited Thank you so much for all your cycling help. You are the queen of cycling and Thank you Aubrey for your "bacteria" ha ha ha u guys are the best <3
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