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  1. Just use baking soda.   Fill a bucket with water, measure the pH, add a small measured amount of baking soda like 1/4 teaspoon.  Measure the pH again.  Repeat until you get the pH you want, making sure you record how much you added.  Don't try to raise the pH to 8.1.  Try for ~ 7.5.


    If the pH goes from 7.8 at the water company to 6.8 at your house, the KH is probably very low.  Measure this.

    Baking soda won't harm goldfish, FYI I forgot to add I have a 60 Gallon

    It won't harm them. I have been using Baking soda for over a year now with excellent results. There is an article here on BS with very useful info and guides you how to measure it. Do you have a scale? Also a KH tester from API helps as well

  2. I have them strategically placed throughout the house. The 75 is in my kitchen, the 40 is in my living room, the 20 in my sons room and the 125 will be going in my remodeled basement once the plumbing is done... I can honestly say I have no more room lol

  3. I feel the same way (turning into a GF lady) I started out with a 40b and 2 GF now I have the 40 a 75 a 20 and just picked up a 125 and 7 GF in just a years time lol.... My husband also said no.... You can see how that turned out :)

  4. My blue oranda had a great first color change. He looked almost like a panda.....then...... It changed, he's got some weird funky orange white and black spots going on. He's still a cutie but I miss the panda look lol so I know how you feel :) your is soooo cute!!

  5. I recently had a ich problem. I had my tank at .03% salt and 79 heat for several weeks until it went away. Salt and heat did the trick. Some of my fish reactions differed from others. I would definitely keep up with WC's and adding the proper salt % back into the tank.

    What watt is the UV? A 9 watt won't cut it.

    Also I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your fish :(

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