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    4 MoJo, Moonshine, Bubbalicious in 75g and Sushi in 20g Long

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About Me

I am married to a wonderful man and We have 2 beautiful children, Sara 16 and Brandon 7. My kids are so excited learning about GF that my daughter wants her very own tank. My son has a 10 gallon with 2 guppies

and a snail that we adopted from our neighbor and LOVES them!

My obsession of goldfish came when I was at my LPS picking up dog food when I decided to walk around to the fish section where I saw and stared at this big beautiful oranda for 20 minutes. I wanted to know everything about this gorgeous fish so I started to search the internet and reading everything I could about GF. That's when I discovered kokos and my obsession kicked into overdrive.

Other things about me: I served in the Army as a combat medic for 10 years now since retired.... I am a nursing student and I am currently a manager in the crazy retail world. My family and my pets are my life. I drink way to much coffee :yikes , and if I'm not spending time with my family/pets I have been known to make a great batch of beer which my husband and I recently became more serious in, and I love crocheting and sewing




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