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  1. I use plastic netting with large holes to get any debris out while still keeping my babies safe from getting sucked into the python
  2. I need my 125 up and running STAT Thanks for sharing this great info Sharon
  3. Article on baking soda http://www.kokosgoldfish.invisionzone.com/forum/index.php?/topic/110296-stabilizing-your-tank-ph-with-sodium-bicarbonate-baking-soda/
  4. Baking soda won't harm goldfish, FYI I forgot to add I have a 60 Gallon It won't harm them. I have been using Baking soda for over a year now with excellent results. There is an article here on BS with very useful info and guides you how to measure it. Do you have a scale? Also a KH tester from API helps as well
  5. Awe so cute. He looks exactly like my calico butterfly tele Kramer! Congrats on the new fishy
  6. I'm so sorry to hear about Whale Lisa RIP beautiful baby
  7. I have them strategically placed throughout the house. The 75 is in my kitchen, the 40 is in my living room, the 20 in my sons room and the 125 will be going in my remodeled basement once the plumbing is done... I can honestly say I have no more room lol
  8. I feel the same way (turning into a GF lady) I started out with a 40b and 2 GF now I have the 40 a 75 a 20 and just picked up a 125 and 7 GF in just a years time lol.... My husband also said no.... You can see how that turned out
  9. I did some impulse shopping too. I told my husband I had to run in a get one little thing. Came out with a 125g..... Oops and I forgot to purchase the one little thing ( my bottle of prime lol) Have no where to put it, might have to take a chair or two out lol or just sadly wait for my basement to be completed
  10. Lisa, you got a fish with a wen?!! I'm so proud of you LOL .... He's cute as a button....I'm jelly congrats!!!
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