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  1. Is Betty a calico telechu? Because she is sooooooo cute I would steal her! lol
  2. That's a really beautiful fish! I love the coloration and pattern the contrast is so strong in this one.
  3. Nope they are in a 30gal now will post pictures of that as soon as I can. I never put the lid on anyways, because of oxygenation.
  4. Found Kusuri Fluke (the gold bag) and dosed the first round according to the bottle's instructions. I haven't seen any more bottom sitting so probably they were just a little bit stressed yesterday. I have the tank filled only at half, because I feel like adding too much water at once would do no good to the baby chu (I heard they do better in shallow waters) so I think I will be adding more and more water with each water change so it's progressive. Still waiting for the test kit to arrive. Tested my water today with the strips and got 0nitrite 10 nitrate but that's also on my tap water so I put a small lucky bamboo in the tank (1/2 of the stem and leaves are not under water) to help with it. I love the look the lucky bamboo gives to the aquarium! I can definitely see them growing, the ranchu is bigger every day, they love the new space! will weigh them on sunday again. I can't wait to see the colours on this little chu, and have no idea when his eyes will stop being all black but looking into that too~ Overall they look healthy and happy and that's what makes me happy too!
  5. I haven't and looks it's not available here, but I'm looking into similar meds that I would be able to order online, for example Kusuri Wormer would that be ok? I set up the big tank today using 50% old tank water 50% new conditioned water, same PH same temperature, running the cycled filter along the new one and let the babies in. Will check water params tomorrow. I have noticed Marcella, the black moor, bottom sits but resumes swimming when I approach. She still eats avidly and is sometimes quite aggresive with food time (she chases the little chu if he gets a big chunk she wants for herself). This is all new behaviour, I hope they are just a little stressed because of the big space change.
  6. So far so good! The water is up to .3% and will keep it that way for a week. I'm still making 90% water changes every day before the night. I don't have a bubble thingy but I put the filter outcome like this: So there's plenty of air bubbles going inside the tank and nice water movement. Guess is OK, since they seem to love that. Every single time I peek into the tank the lovely Marcella swims all the way up and comes greeting me at the surface. My wife, who doesn't like fish at all, was very surprised of her behaviour and now she comes to my office room every now and then to talk to her just because the lovely moor swims to greet her! Now the good news!: I'm getting the new tank the thursday, so I have all the weekend to set it up! I will go bare bottom anyways, maybe put an anubia or two to aid with oxygen.
  7. I couldn't agree more with this. If the fish still has appetite and will to keep living, it has still a chance to survive. Just be sure to take great care of him, give him a chance and he may make it out of the illness. And if he doesn't...well, at least you tried your best.
  8. The fish without the dorsal fin, is there a wound where the dorsal fin should be? Or any traces or clues of that there was once a dorsal fin there? I know for certain that there are some goldfish (aside from ranchu) that do not have dorsal fins. Is there any chance you could upload a picture? If your goldfish lacks the dorsal fin and has a wound I would personally put it apart from the others to avoid bulling or nipping and treating the fish appart. You could get some big bucket to put him there, there is a thread on this forum of a technique called "bucket to bucket" you could use for him. Don't worry! People with experience and knowledge will come soon to help you Edit: wow Amanda was faster haha~
  9. Lol your're right! And indeed she looks like dancing whith the wiggle wiggle of her swimming, now everytime I look at her moving I can't help but playing some jazz music in my head I should definitely make a video on that! Thank you all for all the nice words to my fish!
  10. Thank you 4prettyfish! And thank you bodoba for telling me that! They like indeed love to graze at the stuff! It doesn't bother me at all, just wasn't sure what it was. It shows that I'm a complete newbie haha~ When I took the pictures this morning I weighed them. It's 9 grams for the moor, 4g for the ranchu! I swear I see them growing by the minute! Will do weigh time again next week! So far no changes in their behaviours. The moor certainly can get a bit aggresive towards the ranchu when the fast chu tries to steal all the food but I've seen no chasing or nipping, no hiding no bottom sitting, etc. I keep doing 90% WC, raising slowly to .3 salt.
  11. I would advise to try and take the pictures early in the morning when the sun isn't yet at the top and there's some kind of blue light, that will help avoid too much reflection in the water. If you're trying to get pics of each individual fish, you could also shooting at a low F value and raise the shooter speed to catch them even while moving. Some times auto-focus can help if the fishes are too fast. Of course no flash. I'm not familiar with your camera, maybe someone else can offer better help than me and say everything I said is wrong lol A stupid but useful thing to do is shoot 99999999 pics to get 1 good one Digital cameras are the holy grail to that method. No wasted films!
  12. The oranda really looks like a ping pong ball! Awesome
  13. The patterns on Gordon are astonishing! He has grown so much he thinks he still fits in the cave lol like a grown up dog thinking he still fits into his food bowl. Little nemo is so cute, he's all eyes! He looks indeed quite thin, but he will soon become a lovely happy fatty
  14. Hello everybody! As I said in my Quarantine thread I took some pictures in the natural lihght! I think you can see details pretty good. I first shot Marcela who always comes to my hands and she loves to be held somehow? The first picture I realized I had a lot of dust in my camera lens and made the poor girl's tail look like it was snowing I am so in love with her tail! I will probably tattoo her in a free spot of my tight if I can shoot a nice pic when she's bigger. You can see there's discoloration in one of her ventral fins. She was already this way when I got her, I'm treating the tank with salt anyways. The rest of her fins look fine: On the other hand, Danubio, the baby chu is so hard to take a pic of! Unlike Marcela, he's quite shy and just won't hold still! lol He came almost transparent then some black patches showed up. He has a silver gill plate now The other gill plate is still transparent: you all so much for watching!
  15. The white dots are still gone, so that's a nice thing I guess! I had no luck with the storage bin, so what I'm going to do is going to the workshop the monday and ask them politely to hurry up with my tank, and maybe asking them to give me the glass pieces and silicon them together myself. I've done such things before so shouldn't be a problem. That way I probably could have the whole tank set up by the weekend probably. Meanwhile I keep doing 85-90% water changes every day, and I started adding salt (99,95% NACl no iodine no caking agents I got it from a drugstore, they gave me the purest thing they had) yesterday to .1, today to 1.5 in the next 12hours will be up to .2 and then will slowly work my way up to .3 and keep it that way for a week, is that right? I see no stress signs from the fish. No darting or scratching, no bottom sitting or upstanding, no weird thing that I can see... they are happy swimming around and my moor comes to kiss my fingers if I put them in the tank! The two times I've fed them she came to steal the food from my fingers lol, I can't believe she's so tame! The little chu is a bit more shy, he prefers to hunt the sinking food. I feed them once a day half a 5mm stick for each fish, they eat in less than 10 seconds. I'm not sure if it's too little or too much, afraid of overfeeding at this point. The water tests are still the same. I bought a drop test kit from API on ebay, it will take some time to arrive though. I will put the fishes tomorrow in some little containers for just a minute to take some pictures from side & above so you can see them better in case there was something wrong I have not seen. Anyways I've noticed a slight layer of transparent slime in the suction cups & fake plants. You can't see it however you feel it if you run your fingers through it. I took one of the fake plants and let it dry and the slime turn into a white opaque crusty layer? it breaks just by touching it. Is this something to be concerned about?
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