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  1. Hi Koko! I wasn't notified of your last post so my apologies! Everything is going very well. Healthy fish and lots of water changes. I'm preparing to finally put my 75 gal back together and get my little guy out of QT. I have another Ranchu in QT so I can add them to the new tank together. I'll take a break after that, as I'm looking forward to not having to do water changes every day! I'll start a new thread when I start my tank decoration.Im hoping my media survived all this as I've been adding ammonia to keep them alive. We'll see! Thanks again for your help. Colloidal Silver is great stuff!
  2. Thanks Fish Tank, it's been a long road! Everything is going good so far. My 75 has been dry and empty for weeks. As soon as the silver treatment is over, I'll set it up again. I'll need to buy some new fish, so I'll be back to a QT with prazi. My Ranchu is a bully so I'll need to make sure I pair it up properly.
  3. So far she's perked up and looks fantastic! Keep you posted!
  4. Thanks Koko! I'll add 3 today. Then 2 daily for 4 weeks total based on previous post? Just let me know if I need to adjust anything. Thanks again!
  5. Just to clarify: I've been doing daily 100% WC because the water gets so filthy. The QT isn't cycled. How would I dose with 100% changes?
  6. Okay Koko, I got the same name brand in your link, but it's 250ppm. What do you prescribe and how do I dose? Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks Koko! The order is in. She perked up, but I'm still worried.
  8. I started clean, fresh water on Tuesday. Today it appears the symptoms are slowly returning. Bottom sitting and slight haze to the skin. The poo is normal color now, but it has a lot of air bubbles in it. I feed Omega One sinking pellets. I've been doing 100% water changes daily. I did almost 3 full cycles (9 days) of Quick Cure and the results were great. It seemed like there was a 100% recovery. I'm not sure if I should do another treatment cycle? I'm so bummed!
  9. My pearlscale died yesterday but the ranchu is doing good. I thought for sure she wouldn't make it, but her scales seem to be healing and she's okay! Woo! Hoo! I applied the last treatment today so after 24 hrs I'm doing a water change and assuming I'm done. I'll do a thorough inspection in the morning. Shakaho, since she's been in formalin for 6 days I'm assuming I'm done with all treatments? Or do you recommend I go back to the prazi quarantine procedures? Or are they sufficiently de-wormed? They pooped long, white poops the first few days on formalin so I'm suspecting internal worms. Their poop is normal now. Let me know. Thanks!
  10. The first 3 day treatment didn't eradicate all the parasites so I'm doing one more treatment per the instructions. They look much better today and I suspect this second round should take care of it. Unfortunately my beautiful calico pearl scale is laying on her side. She can right herself and eat, but then she goes back to the top and floats on her side. She appears to be gasping. She still has a slight haze to her skin so I don't want to stop treatment. She may be stressed from the drugs but I'm not sure. I'm at a loss as to what to do. They all pooped long, white stringy poo for a couple of days so I'm suspecting internal worms. The Ranchu looked like he was peeling in certain areas as he had the parasites the worst. He looks better, but it's almost like it was a ph issue?? Not sure. I feel like I have several issues swirling at once. Hoping they make it!
  11. Thank you!! They seem to be doing much better today. Hoping the regular 3 day treatment works for them but it progressed so fast they may need a second round. I haven't had a lot of fish disease so I've obviously been lucky over the years. Just a hard reminder that good husbandry is essential and QTing new fish is a MUST! Keep you posted Shakaho. I really appreciate you!
  12. I think my Little's have velvet. They've advanced quickly from a few spots on their tails to having that creamy, spotted coating all over their bodies. I googled some velvet images and it's spot-on (no pun intended). It looks much worse than ich. I bought some Mardel's Quick Cure this morning in fear I was going to start losing them. They were on the bottom gasping and my ranchu is now pineconing. I will admit that they look a little better, after sitting in the meds all day. On a happier note, I finally got some straight up bleach. My QT has been running with clear water and I'm going to bleach it tomorrow. My main tank has been completely broken down, scrubbed, rinsed, etc. and is fully drying out. I'll get around to decorating once I get a handle on my Little's. I expect it to be long dried out before I get back to it. I have the bio media in a bowl and I'll be adding a little ammonia every few days so I don't have to re-cycle. Wow, it was a busy, fishy weekend!
  13. I'll do a 100% WC on The Little's to remove the prazi and then I'll increase the salt. I'll keep this up daily and keep you posted. QT tank sterilization question: I bought Clorox Regular in the 'splashless' bottle, only to discover the 'splashless' comment was referring to the bleach itself. It's some nasty sort of thick detergent! I was SO MAD. Since it was too late, I just went ahead and scrubbed everything. I almost just threw it all away!! So I've rinsed everything well and now I have the tank full of clear water, and the HOB running for 1 hour. I'm going to drain the tank 3 more times and allow the HOB to run each time. Then I'm going to find straight bleach and finish off the task. If you think this is a waste of time due to the nasty clorox detergent, let me know. I'm willing to just chuck it all if needed. I'm starting the 75 gal now. Hoping the beneficial bacteria has survived a week without any fish.
  14. Oh I'm so sorry. I have haze and death too, but mine was brought on by my own lack of care. However, now my new little guys have it too, but it appears to be ich as well. Sorry you lost Nameless. I lost my black moor a few days ago, but he was double the size. RIP little guys.
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