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  1. A good shot of Jelly Bean's face! She's really starting to look like an oranda these days instead of a silly baby fish with a square wen.
  2. Awh thanks guys. It's definitely been a road to get where I am today but I'm glad the results show!
  3. Certainly. Day I brought Candy Corn home, aka the start of serious fish keeping. He was out of this and in a 10g (I know, I know) within three weeks. Bad pictures, but I had them. Candy Corn finally getting his Ryukin belly. First day in the 20g. Compare to . Start of Jelly Bean's wen! Here is also a little Jelly Bean Vine, and a little Candy Corn one! Hope these are okay to link.
  4. Thank you! Candy Corn is a very perky fish, he loves to have his fins all alert. My mother says he looks like a shark all the time, aha. I wish I had a clearer picture of Jelly Bean's face for you, the part by her mouth is starting to look a little like acne since she has a ton of little bubbles right now. She's putting her growth into her head and Candy Corn's is all in the belly. I am very excited to see what colors Jolly turns into myself - I was willing to gamble on another orange fish because I loved his silly head too much.
  5. Here is my new baby Pearlscale, named Jolly like the Jolly Green Giant! He's currently living in a storage bin the other two were in before I got my new tank, and will be going to live in the 20g at school with me while he grows up! He's currently smaller than a quarter. Candy Corn would eat him for breakfast. Here is a link to him "mouthing off" in a Vine. He really hates floral prints. And to wrap it all up, here are two majestic pictures of Candy Corn, my "fantail" I got a year ago who used to be a fish bowl fish! Now he's happy in a 40g with my other baby Jelly Bean. And an angry Jelly Bean for being left out, hehe.
  6. ^^ This! It's like watching a kid on a slide...WHEEEEE to the bottom of the tank, shake it off, and enter the stream at the top again. And again. And again, ad nauseam. Aha! Also this. My fish seem to love water changes. I know it's too much or the water is too low or something if they go off to hide in their tube or the corner. Otherwise they don't even seem to notice.
  7. I have no advice to give but commenting so I can read the debate! I'm upgrading soon and was considering going to sand from bare bottom because it looks much more nicer and natural.
  8. Just started on round four. However, Candy Corn still has noticeable red veins and Jelly Bean's spots still persist. Yawning has ceased. Should there be more results by now, or is it not uncommon for the symptoms to still be around this long?
  9. I ended up buying an Aqueon 45 (I believe that's what it is) because PetSmart had a great deal on them this past weekend. Only dropped $24! Thank you for all the advice, I think my fish are really going to benefit from the upped filtration! That being said, do you guys typically keep the guts (the media filters/pads/scrubber) or have you personally swapped them ceramics? In my 20, I have the stupid carbon bags but I let them get super gunky and just change out the carbon since I have refills. When they're too caked, I replace one (I have two filters) and let it grow back up before even thinking of replacing the other but it's costly.
  10. It's a generic Sterilite tub I have seen others use for quarantine. I have no reason to believe a HOB would not fit as the lip is pretty thin - the gap on my HOB (Whisper EX20, not sure what the GHP would translate to without investigation) is actually too big for my 20g rim so I have a sock under it. Can't envision not being able to do that here. EDIT: According to Amazon the GHP is 110 GPH. My smaller 10g is an iWhisper 10 or whatever and should be taken as a grain of salt. I personally hate my Whisper, Fang. I wonder if there's a considerable difference between the versions. Mine is very loud and loves to spit out the media it's supposed to be holding.
  11. Hello everyone. Coming soon my goldfish will be transferring into a 30g tub. I have two goldfish, an oranda and a ryukin. I currently have a 10g filter and a 20g filter on their 20g tank. I wanted to use the 20g yet because it's got a good build up in it, but what would you recommend for the second? Size and brand recommendations?
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