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  1. oh and I tested spring water, came up 10ppm nitrates maybe 5ppm.
  2. I don't find this or any kit too reliable. Hard to tell which shade things are. Im bringing it somewhere tonight if I have time. We tested everything three times with his kit, same results each time. ill let you know what I find.
  3. If you guys know me by now, I had an apparent spike in nitrates from my tap, well at least according to the api test kit. I did 12 tests in 2 days and It kept reading between 40-60 ppm nitrates. Same as my tank. So I called the city, they came this morning and tested my water from the tap, and my tank. 5.6ppm @ tap 7.4ppm @ tank We even re ran the tests several times, same results. Even did the api test kit, came out 40-60 ppm. So I bought another one this morning. Same thing.
  4. So the city came out, tested my tap and my tank water for me...heres my results fe .03 cl2 free .92 total .96 ph 7.25 @ 22.7 C Nitrate 5.6 - sink nitrate 7.9 fish tank I used the api test kit again, with him present, and got different results. Im totally lost now
  5. im grabbing that first thing. Also grabbing some plants. Did I read correctly that the nitra-zorb is rechargeable?! This would be great to put in my canister!
  6. I just can't accept the fact that my tap water is this bad. I am luckily buying a house very soon, so hopefully when I move things will be different. But as of now, I feel like a bad parent giving them this crap water. But its my only choice. my fantail is eating, seems like a swim bladder issue. Hes having a very hard time keeping himself upright, and his dorsal fin has now become streaked with blood.
  7. thank you all. The city seems disturbed by this, they are sending someone out first thing in the morning to do some tests. any advice to my fantail? Ive cleaned the tank again, and hes just sitting on his side, swims around a bit, but ends up on his side in the corner. IF my moor makes it, I will be picking up pothos, bamboo and maybe some more java ferns to hopefully handle the nitrate issue. sorry all, my heart is broken and my responses may sound mean. I never thought id cry over a goldfish! lol Im so sad.
  8. ive contacted the city about high nitrate levels. They responded, sounding astonished. I guess its a southern thing. But apparently im one of many that are complaining about there water quality. Another fellow goldfish guy said his fish keep dying off as well. His nitrate levels are over 40ppm from the tap. im sorry but anything over 10ppm is high. My readings are well over 40ppm. That's considered a RISK according to the epas website. never had so many issues until this recent water change.
  9. the pearlscales passed away this morning and my black moor is barely holding on.
  10. well just wanna thank you guys for all your help. my gf can't stop crying, I bough him for her 3 years ago for a bday present. Anyways, since my fish are dying off, if anyone is In md, im giving away my tank and setup. themoeller@gmail.com cheers!
  11. i think im going to put him down. Im assuming clove oils the best option? http://youtu.be/eFM8Z9tZ9ZM
  12. the fantail is on his side. hes on his way out.
  13. im concerned. ive had a battle with asthma that went away, then returned when i moved to the eastern shore. A lot of fertilizers here. I see a lot of asthmatics this way. Our county site states their readings at 7.4 ppm. anyways, I have dosed with prime, and I see no change in activity. Phew that sulfur smell! I have hand fed the fantail a pea earlier. I just soaked some pellets, and hes eating. slowly, but surely. Like i stated before, I don't recall seeing any "bowel" movements today/most of yesterday. Nothing since hes been in QT
  14. sorry about all the posts... then i read this!!!! http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/showthread.php?t=184778
  15. and just for the record...lol http://1drv.ms/1qTklBr left is the main tank, the two to the right are the tap. seriously concerned at this point.
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