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  1. ammonia is at 0ppm nitrite is at 0ppm nitrate is at 0ppm ph is at 7.6(tank) ph is at 6.8(tap) kh is 6 drops (tank) kh is 3 drops (tap) API TEST KIT (DROPS) 74 gallon tank (been running for 3 months) laguna 12000 filter just changed today 40% water change every 3 days 14 fish (size 3 1/2 inch and smaller) hikari lion head and tetrabits complete mixed (2 times a day) no new fish added no med added in tank (my black ranchu is in the hospital tank and i have added salt,melafix and pimafix for 3 day already but still no difference,she is not eating that well too,lost alot of weight)
  2. thank you so much for going thru all the trouble to help me Helen yes i have notice one fish with a little black dot on the edge of his tail! im going to get all the test done! will update you once i have done and i manage to post the picture of the white spots
  3. i cant upload the picture but i was able to post on my instagram account...look for aprilsgoldfish
  4. i cant upload the picture but i was able to post on my instagram account...look for aprilsgoldfish
  5. thanks Helen for responding so quickly.. i notice his lips had the 3 spots about 2 days ago at the moment i only have API KH test kit and API PH test kit.. readings from tank KH is 5 drops and PH is at 7.6 (i add baking soda to increase KH level) readings from tap KH is 3 drops and PH is at 6.5 water temp is at 24 celsius 74 gallon, has been running for 3 months Laguna 12000 (my dad had a spare filter that he gave me) API tap water conditioner i do a 40% water change every 4 days i just did a 40% water change today i have 10 gold fish in my tank and they are still small i feed them tetra bits complete and hikari lionhead sinking pellet i feed them 5 times a day in small amounts i had a PH crash abt 2 weeks ago...i learned to add baking soda to increase KH level to 5 or 6 drops to maintain PH. a few fish has red lines on their tail
  6. There is 3 white spots on my Ranchu's lips.. He does not look sick in any way, he is eating well..does anyone know what are the white spots? They are not fluffy or anything like that.
  7. Heyyy..thank you for telling me abt this forum babe!!! im still very new on this and dont really know how things work but i'll get the hang of it soon
  8. Thank You Lisa C Gold for replying..but im sorry i posted the wrong information, i am adding baking soda NOT baking powder.
  9. Hi there..i have a 282 liter cement tank that my dad builed..it has been running for abt 2 months before i put in any fish..i have kept goldfish in the tank now for abt 2 months already and didnt have any problem until last night. i had 3 fish in there that had a wound and it started looking like it had an infection..so i added baktapor in the morning after a 30% water change and by night time i came back to a tank filled with almost dead fish swimming ontop covered with a white coat all over their body..i panic and quickly did a 50% water change and check the ph level..it was below 6!!! i had a ph crash!!! i quickly went online and did a quick research on how to increase ph as i couldnt go to any pet shop cause it was in the middle of the night. so i read that to add baking powder..i took a 500ml water bottle,filled it up with the tank water and added a teaspoon of baking powder,shaked it up and poured it in to the tank and tested ph again..did this until the ph went up...in the morning i bought a kh test kit and tested my tap water..it is at 35.8..and then at night i tested the ph levels in my tank water and again it crashed!! i just added baking powder and its stabilized. why is my ph crashing and what can i do to maintain ph in my tank??? thank you for taking your time to read this,would really appreciate some help
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