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  1. Nitrofurazone seems to be controlling it. One I moved the fish with any ulcers to one tank from two. In the other tank there have been no new signs of ulcers after the Nitrofurazone treatment. In the ulcer tank I am continuing treatment. I don't see them healing but they are not getting worse!
  2. I think a fish came with them and I have had it in my tanks for a couple years. I got them from a seller who had a fish farm and got many goldfish and Koi in from China. They are currently in nitrofurazone in the two main tanks which seems to be slowing down the spread.
  3. I am working with a fish vet and have furunculosis in my two oranda and ranchu tanks. It has been a long, tough road with numerous losses. My plan ris to do a pp dip and put the fish in a new tank with a new filter and use Stability bacteria. Nitrofurazone, hp and polysporin and even an injectable antibiotic did not work. I think this is the only way to possibly save my remaining fish. Please share with anyone you know that has has success overcoming furunculosis. Thanks.
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