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  1. yeah, it was just where i sent the picture, it won't let me edit :/. its night now, ill work on a pic tomorrow but it looks the same.
  2. http://****-----.tumblr.com/post/93862743736/earthserenity-new-tank-is-ordered-for-the ^^ thats the tank. nitrates jump a tad every now and then but because I've been doing water changes more often because i have an overstocked tank they've stayed at 0 most of the time (my tap water comes out at perfect levels) I've had my oranda for about 4 months i think, i only got the rescues two weeks ago and she has always done this since i got her so the rescues presence isnt whats causing it. i use a master test kit (drops) and its temp sits at 18 degrees celcius usually, sometimes 19/20 degrees.
  3. i didn't have much a choice when it came to the rescues. i have one tank and they were being bullied in their previous owners tanks as well as tropical being the compete wrong temp for goldfish she was going to flush them because she couldn't watch the others bully them and so i said id take them. and they're not staying in this tank, i just got off the phone to my dad and my 6ft tank will be set up on the weekend. ultimately i just wanted to find out if anyone had heard of this before, she sleeps at normal times other than her peculiar way of sleeping she is a normal fish.
  4. water is all fine, my tap water comes out perfect. its a 20 gal with inbuilt filter, there is a few more fish than there should be in there because i was forced to rescue some from a friends tropical tank but they're going in a 6ft in a few days. i do a water change 25% every 3 days because it is overstocked and add water conditioner. I feed them sinking food by Spectrum, i added a half dose of prime about 2 weeks ago and a half dose of multi cure when i added some new fish as directed by the aquarium shop i went to just in case these new fish i got from my friend came with anything. but my oranda has always done this ever since i got her. she swims around normal all day, nothing odd about her at all, she just leans forward when she sleeps and i wasn't sure if someone else has heard this before or its just something odd she does.
  5. i can't work out how to upload so heres a link http://fishserenity.tumblr.com/post/95384199540 sorry its dark, i didn't wanna startle them by turning the light on in the middle of the night.
  6. its dark now but i tried to get a photo with a small light on and between the shadows and the other tank occupants i couldn't get a photo but ill keep trying.
  7. when she is sleeping or resting she leans head down. I thought it may have been coz her head was heavy having a wen and all but no one else's does it that I've asked.
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