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  1. Yes! That is exactly what I came out of the shop thinking. I don't know what it is like where you are but in the UK, goldfish standards are really low. Everyone is either into Marine or cichlids. People who keep proper goldfish are few and far between. I have often thought about starting a mail order fish farm. Like Orandas, Ryukin and Ranchu etc.

    I would order from you!!!!! Also about your starfishes comments, I have ordered from them in the past, one thing I would say is, if you can go in person I would. They are in Surrey. So depends where you live.
  2. I don't want to start worrying her with tests, even tho that would be amazing! I think it may be a case of over feeding possibly ????. I really hope it is what you say it could be. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be algea as I left the light off and it's in a pretty shaded spot. I'm going loopy! I just want to sort them out. I take such pride in my fish its heartbreaking when have a situation that's out of your control

  3. Hi,

    I am away and have been away for 9 days. I have 1 more day left which is today. I did an 100% water change the day I left. I have never left them this long with out a water change EVER! I then will do another big one when I get back.

    I have had a friend popping in and looking after my fish. She has been going in every 3/4 days. I gave her a detailed list of what foods and how much to feed. I get a message this morning saying the water has gone cloudy!!! And with the time difference she isn't going to see my reply for a while!!!

    I am really panicking! i have aksed if she can change 1/2 the water. But what if she can't get round to do it. Am I going to come home to dead fish???

    Sorry for my babbling I'm just really worried ????

  4. Hey guys,


    Thank you so much for your comments!!


    Here is an update. I have decided on the name Flare. I came up with this name because he flares at everything, even a new plant :teehee . And also because his colouring reminds me of a SOS flare with the bright blue and pink. I have had him exactly a week now! He is doing so well. Really active and has a good appetite. 



  5. Hi all, 


    Just thought i would do a picture update on my Orandas. Everybody is doing well. I am currently trying to help along the wen growth of my younger fish. Their wens are doing pretty well so far. I can't wait to see how well they come on in the next few months. Im currently feeding them Saki lion head, bloodworms, NLS thera a and veggies. I give them some alge wafers 2x a week aswell. They go crazy for them. Keeps them happy for hours pecking away at the wafer. Has anybody got any other good food options that will promote good wen growth?


    The younger guys








    The big guys






    Thanks guys


  6. My guess is that the water she came from was high in nitrates.

    I say this because I too adopted a fish. She had dark red veins in her tail.

    When I did a test on the water it was off the API scale in nitrates:NitratesWeb.jpg

    A better diet and a zero ppm nitrates enviorinment got her back to normal in about 2 months. I've read somewhere that one should take care not to reduce nitrates so quickly. Zero ppm nitrate water was added to her environment reducing the nitrate level from over 160 ppm to 0 ppm within 12 hours. The rapid change in nitrate levels did not apear to harm my fish.

    Your new buddy appears pale and looks like he could use some sunlight - but not direct sunlight because of the solar gain in temperature of the tank water.

    Take a look around on food options with vitamins.

    Thank you so much for your comment! You have confirmed what I thought so thank you.

    But I to put her in water with no nitrate, but seems fine. This morning she seems a lot perkier and more active. The red streaks have gone down a little so that's great!!

    Do you have any suggestions on what I can feed her to get her feeling and looking better. Is there any certain veggies that will help? I haven't started to feed her yet. She needs to bulk up a little aswell.

  7. I see only dark, not red, marks. Isn't that what makes it a Calico? My Calico Fan Tail( I think) has the same markings and has always had them. I have had it over 5 months.

    You can't really see them in the picture. But in person they are really pin striped and bright red. They definitely shouldn't be there

    Sorry, I was just going by what I could see. Best of luck to your fishie friend.

    I'm really sorry I didn't mean to make that sound blunt lol! Thank you for your replies! :)
  8. Hi guys,


    I have only had this fish an hour. So i don't really think i can fill out a d&d form.

    One of my friends is moving away. So i decided to take on her calico oranda. I hadn't really seen the fish properly before, only in bad quality photos. 

    When i saw the fish i noticed all the fins where blood streaked quite badly. It seemed to be quite active. I didn't ask her about her water quality or anything, maybe i should of done but she had already started to take the tank apart. She kept the fish in a tub when i said i was on my way as it was an hour drive, and couldn't wait until later due to plans.

    For the journey home, i double bagged the fish and put it in a box and closed it to keep it dark. we made the hour long journey home with hopefully not to many pumpy bits!! 


    The fish is now in a QT tank with air stone and cycled filter. I'm using prime. I haven't added anything else to the water. I'm planning on doing large water changes everyday. There has not been a lot of movement since we have been home. Just bottom sitting, but i hope thats just stress.


    Do you think the streaks where caused by poor water quality? Will fresh clean water sort it out?


    Here are some pics but you can hardly see the streaks.






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