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  1. Well, my LFS didn't have any BN at the moment so I ended up with a Clown Pleco, which is fine! He's staying quite hidden in the plants for now, but I can see his tail wiggle at times so I know he's there - he's hard to spot! Hopefully he'll come out more. I'm glad I recently splurged for the Marineland submersible LED that has the moonlight switch.
  2. Thank you for all the input! My goldfish is maybe 50 grams max, and it doesn't bother the cats or the minnows at all (yet) except to steal the cats food, so hopefully it would get along with a small pleco. I'm excited to feed vegetables, as I only recently read about feeding slices of cukes and zucchini. I currently feed my fish shelled peas about once a week, and they all love it! Also bloodworms once or twice a week. The goldie gets mainly Algae gel (NLS) one or two times daily and the minnows get tiny NLS pellets and I drop in a 'catfish' pellet daily for the cories, in a place the goldie can't get it. They're so much fun. My tank is usually kept at 72F but on warmer days it can get to 80F.
  3. Thank you for your great reply. I know that they also produce a lot, so I hope my LFS has very young ones to start with until I get the bigger tank. I monitor my parameters frequently and will try very hard to keep my nitrates below 20 ppm. I have Mopani (sp?) driftwood in there now, but I've read that that is too hard for them to rasp, so I will get another type of driftwood for it if I decide to get one. I soaked my plants in a mild bleach solution last week and I can't believe how well it worked - there's still no noticeable algae on them yet, but I have livestock and the warmer weather brings lots of outdoor work, so one less step in aquarium maintenance would be wonderful - even if I have to step up the water changes!
  4. Wow, that's not good. I also wanted to know if they will eat algae off of fine-leaved plastic plants (looks like hornwort) as that is the biggest pain to take out and clean, and they are right under the lights so they are the first to show algae.
  5. I have one fancy in a 29G (will be upsizing soon so he/she can have a buddy) with some WC minnows and cory cats. I have a lot of artificial plants that accumulate green algae over time, so I don't keep my lights on. I would like to have an algae eater to help out so I can keep the lights on at least in the evening. Please shed your experiences on the Bristlenose Pleco - I am very interested in getting one! Thanks.
  6. I just received the NLS AlgaeGel and the NutriGel - does anyone recommend mixing both together? or keep them separated?
  7. Thank you Troy - good info! Actually I've been looking at Eheims but they are pricey.
  8. The Filstar has a 2-yr guarantee - that's good!
  9. Tomorrow is my birthday, and the one thing I really want is a canister filter. I have a 29G with one fancy goldfish and some Corys and White Clouds. This spring I'll be setting up a 55G and hopefully getting my fancy a friend or two. So I'll definitely need a more powerful filter. So, I've been researching canisters over the past few months. I thought the Sunsun sounded like a good deal, but now that I'm getting a tax refund, I can afford to go a bit higher on the price. I can spend around $125 max, but less would be better. I've been reading so many good reviews and now I can't choose - PLEASE help me choose! I won't even mention which ones I'm interested in - I want your thoughts and reviews on what you have! Also, what GPH should I choose? I figured 370-525 range. Is that too much for the 29G? Thank you
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