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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJrC4QpKkqA&list=UUS5x7VHoW9r5rhirsz85_1g
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJrC4QpKkqA&list=UUS5x7VHoW9r5rhirsz85_1g sorry. this is the better version (other one is glitched?)
  3. http://youtu.be/SJrC4QpKk this is the latest on moonlight
  4. im starting to think that it is normal. last night it looked like she was doing alot of gulping, but now it seems to have subsided. im just very worried because none of my other fish have this problem. they will occasionally gulp air from the surface, then swim normally around the tank. but i will upload a video.---
  5. wait. moonlight now seems to be doing a lot of gulping at the surface. do you know what this might be? thanks!
  6. ya. sorry about that moonlight, my blue oranda, seems to be doing better. i think it might just be something that she does because she wants to lol. It doesn't seem to me that it is something to be concerned about (yet, or at all), but it is good to keep an eye out for these things. If you start to see that your fish start dart more and more, or gulp more at the surface, then it might be time to see if we can do something. Until then, enjoy your tank, and have fun! thanks a lot!!!!
  7. ya. sorry about that moonlight, my blue oranda, seems to be doing better. i think it might just be something that she does because she wants to lol.
  8. ya crazy. it actually only took about a day for it to go away originally. p.s. youre welcome
  9. okay... here goes... nitrite level (tank) 0ppm ammonia level (tank) 0ppm nitrate level (tank) 30ppm ammonia level (tap) 50ppm nitrite level (tap) 0ppm nitrate level (tap) 0ppm ph, kh, gh (tank) 8.2, alkaline, hard ph, kh, gh (tap) 8.2, alkaline, hard API master test kit (liquid drops) tank temp: 76 degrees fahrenheit, {27 Celsius. (i think)} 30 gals, running for about a month. aquaclear 50, (200 gph) aqueon 10 (100 gph) weekly 50-90 % thursday, 90% 5, (i know, overstocked, i will hopefullly be getting a bigger tank soon ) all 2-2.5 inches aqueon water conditioner cherry, peas, bloodworms, sinking pellets, banana, spinach, kale- twice a day yes, the blue oranda (one that has been acting strange) yes, API melafix. melafix for 7 days, (as instructed) salt for 1 week when first stocking. no unusual findings no behavior of that sort, but as you saw in the video he occasionly will swim vertically in place, and then go back to normal. Hope this helped!
  10. Hey hun, the reason we ask you to fill in all the questions is so that the moderators can establish what may be causing the issue, and how to fix it everyone here is really nice, and no one is here to criticise you as soon as you can answer all the questions, the mods can help you out ok. Will do. ?
  11. That's a very long list, and I'm on vacation. Is there anything you can think of with the information provided? Also, he is the only one that does this. He was acting like this in the tank at the pet store so I don't believe the info would help anyways. Thanks and sorry, jack :\
  12. Thanks Lis! (And everyone) I can't believe you found my post lol.
  13. http://youtu.be/xIFP-HooK28 here. Sorry it's in black and white I must have pressed the filter on accident. (It was originally on Instagram). Thanks
  14. Hi, I am new to this forum, so if I posted this in the wrong area please don't get mad anyway, my blue oranda will sometimes swim vertically in place. After about 10-30 seconds, he will start swimming normally. I'm just a little confused. He does this every now and then, and not when I am feeding him. Maybe it's just his thing? Additional info~~ 0ppm ammonia and nitrite. 30 ppm nitrate.
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