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  1. Fry update. These little guys are 11 weeks old and doing super good [emoji4]
  2. 3 week old babies [emoji4] they may not be perfect but I am keeping these 3.
  3. Thank you! it was good timing. I wanted to catch them hatching [emoji5]️
  4. Thanks everyone! It is lots of fun, but a lot of work with the bbs hatching and the water changes! I have 4 tanks right now... Like I said, lots of work
  5. Yes I do. This is Mocha, the mom: The dad is either Blu, or Mr Dottie.
  6. Hello everyone! So... My little Mocha laid eggs 2 weeks ago, and out of 14, 3 survived and are doing extremely well. Mocha decided that it was not enough, so she laid more eggs a few days ago! Well, the fry hatched tonight. 15 babies. Here are some pics. And these are my 2 week old fry
  7. Thank you Kiara! I use a Nikon D3200. No macro lens, I just zoom in and crop [emoji5]️
  8. ECR is amazing and I've received amazing advice from them. If the fry are doing well then keep up with the treatment. How old are the fry now? Any updated pictures? Fry grow quickly, so I wouldn't be surprised to see more tail and body developments since the two days that you posted pictures of them. Good luck with your trio. I don't think that's true. In my case, ich, yes, but not everyone has experienced flukes in their goldfish. I know what flukes look like and what it's like for my goldfish to act "off", so I'm pretty sure I would know if my goldfish have ever had flukes instead of them "having flukes and me not realizing". Not trying to sound rude, I'm just saying. Hi Kiara, Babies are doing great! They are 9 days old today. All 3 are still alive and very active. Hoping they'll make it. Here are 2 pics taken last night.
  9. Golden, I don't want to sound ungrateful because I always get great advice here, but you are assuming all sorts of things without getting all the facts. I do daily water changes for the fry, I vacuum the tank's bottom 2-3 times a day, I do not feed them egg yolk inside the tank (I feed that for only 2 days because I was having trouble getting the brine shrimp to hatch). Now, you say it was not flukes, but tell me how is it possible that right after I started treating with prazi, the 3 left started thriving? 2 of them were always at the top of the tank and would not come down at all, they barely swam or ate but the day after I started the prazi treatment they started swimming around and looking for food. I am just saying what happened and how well they got after I started prazi. I was advised to start prazi asap after most of my fry died by a breeder, ECR. The pic I uploaded here is of the remaining 3 fry, not of the other ones, and this pic was 2 days after I started the treatment. Anyhow, I was originally asking about prazi pro dose for a small tank, but I got no answer so I just researched it. I do not check the parameters for the 2.5 gal tank because I do water changes daily, sometimes 2 times a day, and also, there is no filter there. So... I already answered my own original question, but thank you for your input anyway.
  10. Thanks, but I only started feeding egg yolk 2 days ago... And I do not doing in their tank. I take them out, in a small container, feed them the egg yolk, wait 15-20 mins and transfer them back... I do it this way to avoid the mess in the water.
  11. Yeah I have 2 hatcheries going. I need better quality eggs. San francisco bay ones take too long to hatch.
  12. Well, I started the remaining 3 fry on prazi and they are doing great. 2 of them were staying at the top of the tank, and now they are not. They are a week old today. I am doing 100% water changes when I take them out to eat egg yolk. My bbs are not hatching fast enough,, so I have to supplement while I wait for them to hatch. So far, so good. They are growing so good! This is a pic taken yesterday of all 3 fry
  13. I only have one left. He looks good so far. He is swimming around and going down chasing the baby brine shrimp. There are two who I guess are dying? They are just staying at the top, and the tilt to the side. Right now I only have a 2.5 gal, which is where they are. Now that I only have one left I won't upgrade until I know he'll make it. They are so tiny it is kind of hard to really notice anything on them. The ones that died seem just the same size as the others. It was very sudden! They were all doing good and 4 hrs later 8 of them were dead. I am feeding them baby brine shrimp. I am cleaning the bottom of the tank,but after the 8 died I did a big water change of around 90%. They all looked dead, but a few were twitching. After the wc 4 started moving, but 3 of them stayed at the top laying on their sides. One died a few hrs ago and the other 2 do not look good. Only one is looking really good and swimming around the 2.5. I added prazi
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