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  1. Aww, she's so adorable and tiny. I love the -iscle name theme you have going!
  2. I thought I'd carry on the theme! Oooh, what does yours look like? Where can I see it?!
  3. Thank you. I thought he was, but I thought I'd ask as I haven't see a fantail with a tail like that before.
  4. I recently got a new goldfish so I thought I'd share some pictures. Meet Seaking! And here he is with Goldeen. I hadn't realized how fat she'd gotten until I got Seaking. Also, I wanted some advice on his tail? I bought him as a fantail, but, unlike my Goldeen, his tail isn't split? I tried to get some pictures, but he'd rather mooch around for food than pose for me so these were the best I got.
  5. Great name choice; it really suits him! I can't get over how pretty he is!
  6. He's stunning! Reminds me of clouds in a summer sky. So maybe Cloud?
  7. Aww, he's gorgeous! My betta's name is Shadow too. He's a grumpy dude who likes to flare at pens and shares his home with two assassin snails. Congrats on your betta.
  8. Mine looks a lot like that. [emoji4] I really like the color. This is what I have except in a lighter colour. I almost chose that colour, kind of wishing I had now!
  9. Thought I'd let you all know I put a small amount in. She picks it up, but spits it straight out. Thanks for all the help!
  10. Thanks. t's definitely smaller than her mouth.
  11. The carpet's just been put down so I can finally set up my new tank. YAY! I bought a fine sand/gravel mix to put in the bottom, but now I'm having doubts. I'm worried that my goldfish is derpy enough to eat and choke on it. So my question is...am I worrying about nothing? Has anyone else used this? I'll either use that or leave my tank bare bottomed. Thanks for putting up with my newbie questions!
  12. Oh wow, they're stunning. The little fry is adorable.
  13. They're adorable! The shade of orange they is lovely. Love the black edge on your girls fin.
  14. They're gorgeous and those fins... I hope mine grows into a fins like that!
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