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  1. Aww, she's so adorable and tiny. I love the -iscle name theme you have going!
  2. I thought I'd carry on the theme! Oooh, what does yours look like? Where can I see it?!
  3. Thank you. I thought he was, but I thought I'd ask as I haven't see a fantail with a tail like that before.
  4. I recently got a new goldfish so I thought I'd share some pictures. Meet Seaking! And here he is with Goldeen. I hadn't realized how fat she'd gotten until I got Seaking. Also, I wanted some advice on his tail? I bought him as a fantail, but, unlike my Goldeen, his tail isn't split? I tried to get some pictures, but he'd rather mooch around for food than pose for me so these were the best I got.
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