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  1. Looking forward to watching your little Icicle grow and (maybe) change!
  2. Aww, she's so adorable and tiny. I love the -iscle name theme you have going!
  3. I thought I'd carry on the theme! Oooh, what does yours look like? Where can I see it?!
  4. Thank you. I thought he was, but I thought I'd ask as I haven't see a fantail with a tail like that before.
  5. I recently got a new goldfish so I thought I'd share some pictures. Meet Seaking! And here he is with Goldeen. I hadn't realized how fat she'd gotten until I got Seaking. Also, I wanted some advice on his tail? I bought him as a fantail, but, unlike my Goldeen, his tail isn't split? I tried to get some pictures, but he'd rather mooch around for food than pose for me so these were the best I got.
  6. Jen

    The lone goldfish

    9/9/14 Today I'll hopefully get my soil! Woo! This is the most exciting thing happening this week. I also need some stress coat and I want to get a variety of frozen veggies and bloodworms. Nom nom. My other worry is where to house Goldeen when I do her tank. I've been thinking of getting a large storage container. They're super cheap at the minute because of the new school term. I was thinking of putting water in it and letting it sit for a few weeks before testing it to make sure it's completely safe for my fish. I just need to figure out exactly how I test it? I've been thinking about a few things and decided to share here. My plan, when buying my new tank, had always been to have two fish. So when I discovered I'd miscalculated how big my tank was I was pretty heartbroken. (I bought it used.) It's 25 US gallons and I read somewhere that you need 20 gallons for the first fish and 10 for every other fish. That makes me 5 gallons out. 5 gallons! Buying a bigger tank is, unfortunately, not in the foreseeable future. Now, I'm religious with cleaning my tank. I do a 50 % WC change twice a week despite only needing to do it once a week. I figured I just needed to ask the question here and put it to bed once and for all. Is a second fish an impossible dream?
  7. Oh, Wow. I'm so jealous of all your goodies. Especially the kissing goldfish bubbler! Both Creamsicle and Dreamsicle look adorable!
  8. Jen

    The lone goldfish

    You should post a photo of your sons tank, I mean yours Susanne on a new thread. hehe I'd love to see it. You're welcome to post it here too. I don't mind. 8/9/14 Today was supposed to be fast day. I'd rolled out of bed, trudged down the stairs with my eyes closed to catch a few extra Z's and had fed Goldeen before I realized. So tomorrow shall be fast day! I'm going to have to start sticking a post-it or something to remind me on fast day NOT to feed my fishy!
  9. Jen

    The lone goldfish

    My fish tank is strategically placed in the living room beside the settee so I can sit with her. Well, Goldeen's had a 50% WC today. I get an immensely satisfied feeling from cleaning the tank. I really enjoy it; even in the past when I had to use a small bowl to bale out the water which took me ages! Tomorrow's fast day. I fast Goldeen every Monday. ( Although, I'm sure my lil pig fish will cheat by nibbling her plants. On Tuesday, I'm going to town and hope to come back with the organic soil. I also need some stress coat and want to buy some bloodworm's too. (Don't worry; not freeze dried. ) I'd love to get some plants, but they're cheaper online and hopefully better quality. A lot of them are dying in the pet shop and there isn't much variety anyway. (I'm going to have a gander anyway.) I really want a bigger tank because I want a black moor or another fantail (whom I would call Ponyo!!)
  10. Jen

    The lone goldfish

    I've already read that article and it was very useful and I have it bookmarked! My tank is cycled.
  11. Jen

    The lone goldfish

    I have a light on the hood. Another small UV strip light and indirect sun light. Yes, it's definitely going to be an expensive fun project! The plants I already have in there are growing well even without soil at the minute.
  12. I'm definitely not nervous making a blog for all you knowledgeable people to read! I've had Goldeen my fantail goldfish three months now. She's my first fish and I've learn a lot about goldfish and fish in general already. The biggest lesson would be how big a tank they need! Goldeen has a 21 gallon tank all to herself. I would've loved to have had another fish, but I'm unable to upgrade and unwilling to overstock my tank. Maybe one day in the future... Just recently I've decided I'd like to have a planted tank so with exciting things on the horizon I thought this was the best time to make my blog. I have a few Elodea Densa in Goldeen's and a marimo moss ball. She loves nibbling on everything. So along with that and seeing everyone else's amazing planted tanks I'm really excited to do this. Now considering I've had Goldeen and therefore any knowledge for about three months I don't know much so the planted project is going to take a little time. To buy: - Organic potting soil - Plants. (Which ones though?) - Sand (Or can I just use the gravel/sand mix I already have?) Some things I need to figure out are; If I have everything I need, can I have it all set up within the day as I haven't got anywhere big enough to house Goldeen for a long duration of time? Is there anything else I need? I was going to post pictures, but photobucket hates me right now.
  13. Mine looks a lot like that. [emoji4] I really like the color. This is what I have except in a lighter colour. I almost chose that colour, kind of wishing I had now!
  14. Thought I'd let you all know I put a small amount in. She picks it up, but spits it straight out. Thanks for all the help!
  15. Thanks. t's definitely smaller than her mouth.
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