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  1. He didn't grow this much, it's just the photos, the way they have been taken show him tiny and then big
  2. Cheesecake July 2011 August 2011 July 2014 Starlight August 2012 July 2014 Daisy January 2013 Daisy 2014 The 'before' pics have been taken little after I got them. They changed a lot!
  3. Thank you guys! I'm lucky to have him one in a million!
  4. He is a stunner.. He is about 13" with his tail.
  5. I bought him over 3 yrs ago when he was tiny fry. He is giant now. I did some research and it looks like he is koi/goldfish hybrid and he is non-fertile. I love him to bits but I have recently made the decision about giving him away to my boyfriend's mum. She has a pond...
  6. oh no, Journey stays with me no matter what but thanks! Space will not be an issue very soon
  7. So, I went to one of my fav aquatic stores with my friend about 3 weeks ago just to buy some plants and I ended up buying medium-sized Blue Oranda. I didn't want to buy it because lack of space in the tank but my friend was crazy about him and she also named him in the store. There was no way to go home without Marshmallow! And today I went to my other fav pet store to get some plants and I ended up buying two more Blue Orandas. They are tiny and their names are Joy and Sky. Joy is very friendly but Sky is still a bit shy. Joy has more brown patches than Sky (he is nearly all blue) Love them all! Upgrading to much bigger tank soon too Joy Sky
  8. All so beautiful! The blue one is the cutest
  9. Your aquarium is lovely and your fish so beautiful!
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