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  1. Yes. there are big ones and tiny ones too.
  2. Growing well Nice and big tail fins.
  3. Thanks guys! I was hoping he will be chocolate but I like him anyway!
  4. Hi guys! I went to my fav shop where they sell nice fish to get some BBS for my fry and I spotted this guy. I bought him because of his colour. He is not quite orange and his wen is brown. Will he darken in time and become chocolate colour? I've always wanted to own a chocolate oranda
  5. One week old Snacking on BBS I moved them into a bigger box.
  6. I think you can get Interpet Liquidfry on eBay and amazon. I do mixed diet which is Liquidfry and BBS and so far so good. No dead fry yet
  7. Day 5.. all free swimming and started eating Liquidfry and BBS.
  8. So pretty! His fins are quite long..
  9. It looks like I miscounted. There are 40-50 or even more fry. I think many eggs were hidden in the plants yuppie!
  10. Beautiful fish! How old is your Blue Oranda?
  11. Thank you I have around 10 hatched at the moment..
  12. So, I checked on them this morning and... Taa Dah!! A few of them hatched already! So exciting!
  13. Eggs - day 2. Looks like they are developing well. Only 2 eggs on this pic but around 30 in total.
  14. Removed all the white ones, only clear ones left.
  15. Thanks for the tip! Removing now!
  16. Thank you for the info. I will do it right away!
  17. Hi Guys! I'm panicking here a bit because my fish spawned today and I'm not sure what to do as I'm not prepared for that. I always wanted them to breed but not today! So, what I did, as soon as I spotted eggs I scooped as many as I possibly could out and put them in a small container that is floating on the surface in the same tank. I don't have any spare small tanks to put them in there so I guess if they hatch I will try to raise them in the main tank trying to separate them from parents. I have read many posts in breeding section but still it is so difficult to manage Parents - He was after her all day and it still continues. Eggs - there are many more than the ones visible on this picture. And the floating container.
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