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  1. Lovely fish! Your ryukin is really nice looking fish
  2. Your tank looks very neat and clean. Lovely
  3. Adorable fishies! Lula is so pretty! I have a "thing" for blue orandas
  4. Cheesecake Starlet Starlight and Square Belly - 6 months old fry by Starlet and Cheesecake. Magoi - he is currently living in a pond.
  5. This is Chokorēto. My new Chocolate Oranda. He is tiny and full of life
  6. Beautiful fish you have there!
  7. Charlie is chocolate turning orange
  8. Do you have pics?! I would love to see what yours looks like [emoji4] This is my Charlie
  9. Lovely fish! I have one that looks alike
  10. They are beautiful Kathleen!! I love them all!!
  11. Just a little update on my two fry, Comet and Square Belly They are 4.5 months old. I've noticed something interesting actually. Comet's behaviour is nearly identical as his/her mum! The moves are so alike! This fry is like a little copy of Starlet (the fish in my avatar). It's actually amazing to watch them. And Square Belly... eats a lot
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